Ryan Clark: NFL better not fine me for hit on Braylon Edwards

The latest Pittsburgh Steeler to complain about the NFL cracking down on illegal hits is Ryan Clark, who’s complaining preemptively in anticipation of a potential fine for a hit on Braylon Edwards.

Clark picked up a 15-yard penalty for the hit on Edwards Sunday, but he insists that the officials erred in throwing the flag, and that he’s not expecting to be fined.

“No, I’m not, and I will be [ticked] off if I get it,” Clark said, per the Tribune-Review. “It’s Christmas, man. There is a picture of it in the hallway, so if I do get one I am going to hold up a picture to my face so the NFL can clearly see it.”

Clark, who stuck up for teammate James Harrison when the league slapped Harrison with this season’s biggest fine, said he didn’t commit a penalty when he drilled Edwards.

“I didn’t hit him in the helmet,” Clark said. “There wasn’t any head-to-head contact. My arms are actually in front of me, and if I can’t do that then I can’t play football.”

And Clark said he’ll hit future receivers the same way he hit Edwards.

“Ten out of 10 times I’ll do the same thing,” Clark said. “Running up and hugging him or waiting for him to get on the ground and jumping on his back is not going to give me the opportunity to dislodge the ball. That is what it is coming to now. Any hard hit and anything like that they are going to throw the flag.”

When NFL players are fined, the money goes to charity. Clark doesn’t like that, saying fine money should be set aside to take care of players if there’s a work stoppage.

“How about it goes to families and these kids who won’t have insurance after the March deadline?” Clark said. “You want to take money and give it here and give it there, but how about us having no insurance? Families of five? Three kids? Put money there and take it when it is supposed to be taken.”

I have a feeling Clark won’t be getting much sympathy from fans on that front — even if plenty of fans agree with him that his hit on Edwards shouldn’t have been penalized.

80 responses to “Ryan Clark: NFL better not fine me for hit on Braylon Edwards

  1. Steelers Rule!

    The rest of you are just a bunch of sissies.


    I despise Roger Goodell and I hope the Steelers defense keeps laying those nice hits on opposing players. They are legal and knock those chumps into next week:)

  2. “How about it goes to families and these kids who won’t have insurance after the March deadline?” Clark said. “You want to take money and give it here and give it there, but how about us having no insurance? Families of five? Three kids? Put money there and take it when it is supposed to be taken.”

    Save your money, Ryan. Even with a work stoppage you’re still better off than those out there with real jobs in the real world. You’ve known this was coming, so you should have been saving for a while now.

  3. insurance for a family where the breadwinner makes millions….kiss my ass, what about the single parent who supports three legitimate kids on 100k in a rental…

    arrogant ass. no wonder hes a steeler….

  4. Yeah, we all know that nfl players can barely afford to live. Here’s a suggestion, if there is a work stoppage, put a mortgage on the house, move to some place cheaper, invest in stocks and other things of the nature to hold you over. My parents are 100k in debt right now and are holding up ok, im sure that nfl players will do fine if they only have 1 million in their pockets.

  5. I loved the first part of this article, and anyone who smacks Braylon is good in my book. However, you couldnt keep your mouth shut and now you just remind me of Latrell Spreewell (How am I supposed to feed my kids?!?!?!) You sir are an a$$. Maybe you and your nfl friends can get your kids on some state-run insurance program for people living below the poverty line since you arent paid very well [End Sarcasm]

  6. I’m not a steeler fan or hater, always thought it was a top notch organization, but there sure is a lot of whinning coming out of there and both Clark and Harrison threating to quit. Get a grip guys

  7. Another player that is 100% correct… and of course happens to be a steeler speaking out.

    When are the fans going to get this issue, its impossible to play football the way the NFL/God Del wants them too. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that hit, and it was flagged flagrant.

  8. Yeah, he should have just stopped talking after the flag comments (which were right on the money). He’s a pretty good safety but I think charities probably need the money more than the kids of millionaires.

  9. NO Fine, that was a hard but ‘good’ hit. He was not hitting a defenseless WR. And it produce a 30 yard play for the Jets, since it was a 15 yard pass – and the penalty yardage tacked on.

    The NFL has to do something about these calls and how the Refs are simply looking hard hits which are deemed as personal fouls. These same Refs are starting to miss a bunch of pass interference, holding, and illegal blocks because of waiting to penalize hard hits.

    Steeler Fan

  10. He CLEARLY was launching himself at the offensive player, which has been a rule for years. Two feet off the ground, missile style towards Edwards…

    How can the Steelers know so little about the actual rules of football??

  11. Yea why should he be fined he just launched himself headfirst, clear penalty.


    I still dont understand this quote… how does any player run in a forward motion not lead with the head??

    I know that Napolean Dynamite can run straight up and down, however its impossible not to when on the field of play. Would you prefer him to drop kick his opponents, or maybe he should clothesline the receiver down. On that play, edwards was turning up field, was not defenseless, Clarks head is to the side of edwards and his arms hit first…… clean as clean can be but of course not for the pansy fantasy football league with only offense that this league is trying to indoctrinate upon us

  12. Maybe he didn’t hear.

    The money is going to the “James Harrison/Latrell Sprewell Millionaires with no money to feed their kids charity”

  13. cheddarbob20? It’s not the fault of any NFL player if your parents are in debt. That is their failure.

  14. iluvwikileaks says:
    Dec 22, 2010 11:52 AM
    Steelers Rule!

    The rest of you are just a bunch of sissies.

    Just because you root for a certain team doesn’t make you a man.

    Just because you love to see people bigger, stronger, and faster than you hurt other people that are bigger, stronger, and faster than you doesn’t make you a tough guy.

    Just because you wear a jersey, paint your face and have a Steelers fathead on your wall, doesn’t mean you have anything to do with them, and rooting for them doesn’t mean you aren’t a sissie.

  15. Hello….launch. By the rules this is a fine. Easily. This is a violent game, a high collision game. But when you launch and connect it’s going to be a fine. Period.

    Tomlin sets the tone……when he agrees with (Harrison, feeding the fam) him then all bets are off…. launching is acceptable, to be whined about at a later date.

  16. He JUMPED UP and tried to hit him high- there’s not much difference between that and the Merriweather hit on Heap (except that Clark couldn’t jump high enough to hit the guy in the head). He should be thankful the NFL doesn’t suspend him (and we all know they won’t- they’ve been rigging steelers games for YEARS).

  17. Oh for heaven’s sake!

    Shut up, Ryan!!! You’re not helping yourself, the Steelers, or having a positive impact on how the league handles hits or fines. I don’t like Goodell, and don’t think he’s handled this situation appropriately. But at the moment, he’s the commissioner and you’re an NFL employee who’s being insubordinate. If the NFL fines you, here’s exactly what you’ll do: You’ll pay the fine or you’ll be suspended and miss the playoffs and ruin your career. Welcome to the real world where you are not in charge.

    Dan, Art II, and Tomlin can speak for the team on these issues or select a couple of rational people like Polamalu to act as the voice of the players. Kids running their mouths aren’t going to accomplish anything other than antagonizing the league. Time to tell the employees to mind their tongues before their grandstanding ticks off officiating crews going into the playoffs. I don’t believe in conspiracies. But officials are human and as capable of tossing a flag at a guy they don’t like as anyone else. Clark does not want these guys watching him like a hawk because of his BIG MOUTH.

  18. The first thing I thought of when I saw that hit was that he should be suspended for the rest of the season. This is the same guy who tried to decapitate Wes Welker last year. Mark my words, Ryan Clark is going to end someone’s career one day. He needs to be disciplined and fast.

  19. Considering that Hines Ward took a helmet to helmet shot in the Saints game, by a safety who launched himself head first without putting his arms foward, it should surprise everyone if Clark gets fined.

    If he does get fined for a hit that was nearly identical to the hit put on Hines Ward (except for the fact that Clark didn’t hit him in the helmet and Clark had his arms forward), then I think it should clear up any linger sentiments that there is not an anti-steelers bias coming from Ray Anderson.

    Antonio Brown was hit the same way later in the game, with no flag (how typical). Let’s see if there’s a fine coming for that defender.

  20. realitypolice says:
    Dec 22, 2010 12:15 PM
    iluvwikileaks says:
    Dec 22, 2010 11:52 AM
    Steelers Rule!

    The rest of you are just a bunch of sissies.

    Just because you root for a certain team doesn’t make you a man.

    Reality, your hand must hurt after that spanking.

  21. Got a question. Seems like its Steelers and Patriots defenders that are most-fined week in
    and weekout. Merriweather gets fined, James Sanders, Myron Pryor, Devin McCourty…but you
    don’t hear them or the Patriots organization
    whine about it week in and week out. Now why is that ?…hmmmm.

  22. Well…as a factual matter, they called him for a helmet to helmet hit, when there was absolutely zero contact of helmets.

    That’s the second time this season that’s happened to him. The first was of course when he hit an Oakland receiver square in the middle of his back and was at least a foot away from his head, and he was promptly called for a helmet to helmet hit…

    A lot of the calls this year in the NFL are a bunch of BS.

  23. I can’t stand the Steelers but have always respected Clark and his play, but the end of this article is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Has he been living monster paycheck to monster paycheck? I afforded insurance while working part time for 8.25/hr. Somehow I think Clark and his family and the rest of the players will somehow make it!

  24. I’ve said it before – the NFL has GOT to check that Stealer locker room for lead – I know most of these guys weren’t that bright to begin with but come on there’s got to be some kind of ongoing damage being done, that can be the only explanation for the moronic comments coming from the top down.

  25. #
    mjdkid100 says: Dec 22, 2010 12:05 PM

    He CLEARLY was launching himself at the offensive player, which has been a rule for years. Two feet off the ground, missile style towards Edwards…

    Since its obvious that defensive players are not allowed to “launch” then why are offensive players allowed to jump?

    At what point is the league going to blame the qb’s for throwing passes that lead to these hits? Why doesnt God del just outlaw gravity or better yet, make gravity stronger??? This game is violent and at this point, the officials are flagging hard hits… not flagrant ones. Again his head was to the side, his arms made contact first.

  26. Ryan, statements like these make me wonder how you lasted so long. I remember when Mike David beat you in a race at Archbishop Shaw High School. I’m amazed you’ve lasted so long in the NFL.

  27. His comments about insurance are too stupid to even comment on, but he is spot on with the flag comments.

    The NFL is so ridiculous with this stuff now. Look at this hit from 2008.

    Clark LAUNCHES himself against a defenseless WR, way after the ball is over his head. Its also a boarderline blow to the head. NFL reviews it and says he isnt defenseless, launching is not illegal and he gets no fine. Two years later he would probably get fined and suspended for the same hit.

    The NFL seems to lock onto these “hot topics” and completely over react to it, this years its hits to the head.

  28. “…he just launched himself headfirst, clear penalty.”


    Clark led with his shoulder. His head is attached to his shoulder. What does the league want these guys to do, lead with their a$$? Would it have been better if Clark leg swept Edwards, flipping him head over heels (shouldn’t that be heels over head?) so that he came down to the ground on his head? I guess Clark should have just grabbed Edwards and gently set him on the ground so he wouldn’t get hurt coming to the ground.

    Protecting defenseless players is a good thing. A player who jumps for an errant pass and secures the ball in his hands, even while in the air, should not qualify as defenseless.

    By the way, the referee announced the penalty as helmet t0 helmet, which it was not.

  29. this clown should have been thrown out of the league for his gutless, cowardly cheap shot on Wes Welker a couple years ago. what a disgrace.

  30. ccoolahan14 says: Dec 22, 2010 12:25 PM

    He JUMPED UP and tried to hit him high- there’s not much difference between that and the Merriweather hit on Heap
    When I saw this hit happen that was my exact thought as well. And almost 100% of us Pats fans felt that Meriweather deserved every bit of that fine he got.

    I have stuck up for some of the Steelers when I felt they had a case with their public whining(like the Harrison hit on Fitzpatrick for example) but Clark is being an assclown here. I wonder if he grew up rich and never working for anything? Because it’s hard to believe any well off, middle class, or poor WORKING person would say such dumbass things about money juxtaposed together.

  31. What a turd! How about that money going to REAL families with REAL problems like losing their jobs or homes?
    Not some retard who apparently knowing that the lockout has been coming for quite some time but still wants to buy his kids new cars for Christmas while the fine money goes to his childrens insurance.
    Poor, poor Multimillionaire NFL player with bills. Ya gotta feel for him!

  32. There goes the Steelers crying again
    What else can you say but cry cry cry
    Big mouths. He is not going to change the way he plays just like harrison was not going to.
    You see how fast he changed. Because nobody stuck up for him so he had to change.

  33. unbreakable02215? The Pats always have cheating to fall back on. That’s why. Anymore questions, punk?

  34. Ok, I am not a Steeler fan, clearly seen in my name, but come on. These penalties and fines are getting out of control. Even if they make a lot of money, $25,000 is a lot either way! Let’s say Ryan Clark makes $4 million, which I believe is accurate if memory serves me. That means after taxes he probably taking home 2 million or so. (due to his tax bracket, and it makes it easier for mathematical purposes for the intelligence gap on PFT) That is 1.25% of his income. So if you make $100,000, that is still $1250. tell me that someone making that amount is not effected by that? It hits your wallet. And given he has had issues with it in the past, it could be as much as $50,000 or $75,000. Which would be equivalent to $2500 or $3750 in my example. That hits your wallet! Come on people!

    It is just ridiculous what Goodell has done to the league we love, where now defensive players are going to start recoiling before hitting, which can cause even more injuries. Let the guys play. No one is forcing them to play, and they know what is at risk. If they can’t take the hits, I’ll gladly step in and play for them and make the millions offensive players make. How about the hits/blocks offensive players make on defensive players? Chop block, clipping, crack back blocks, all of these are MUCH more likely to cause serious injury than a safety or linebacker making a tackle from straight on, albeit not to the head. You can’t control yourself at that speed. Yes, some are blatant and need to be penalized, but most of these are ludicrous. Most of them the two are running full speed and connect. You can’t control what parts of your body connect at that speed. You just can’t. If you think you can, you have never played the game of football and have no right to comment or formulate your own opinion. Period. I have had it with Goodell, and I hope he is removed as Commish sooner rather than later…

    And you idiots on here ripping the Steelers, there is no question they are being singled out. No question. And if these comments had come from any other player of the 31 other teams, the comments would be under a lot less scrutiny. Get over yourselves and take his comments for what they are, and that’s a lot of truth. If your boss took %1.25 or more of your paycheck and did with it as he pleased every time you messed up, you’d be pissed to. Every time a Dr misdiagnoses, a lawyer messes up a case, an insurance agent doesn’t protect his clients properly, a waitress spills drinks or messes up an order, a fireman doesn’t save every one, a police officer arrests the wrong guy, etc. If all of you had that happen the b*tching would be unbelievable. So shut up and lets unite and get rid of Goodell. Good God.

    PackerRube, out.

  35. peytonwantsaflag, they’ve been bright enough to win 2 Super Bowls in the past 5 years. What has your team done during that time?

  36. Oh and I forgot to mention.. now it seems the Steelers are the leagues biggest whiners even before anything “conspiratorial” happens.

    I’m honestly worried about these guys.. the next defensive holding non-call they get hit with may result in a mass suicide. I wonder how massive the collective whine from Steelers fans would be if that were to happen?

  37. “Every time a Dr misdiagnoses, a lawyer messes up a case, an insurance agent doesn’t protect his clients properly, a waitress spills drinks or messes up an order, a fireman doesn’t save every one, a police officer arrests the wrong guy, etc.”

    Wow you are quite an idiot. People lose their careers or get seriously sued for those kind of screwups.

    I say fine his ass!! He led with the helmet. Still hasn’t learned his lesson. And maybe he’ll break the Guiness world record for world’s largest public whine afterwards. LMAO

  38. iluvwikileaks says:
    Dec 22, 2010 1:27 PM
    unbreakable02215? The Pats always have cheating to fall back on. That’s why. Anymore questions, punk?

    Yeah, how come they never have to resort to it against your team ? LOL.

  39. Iluvwikileaks sure loves to insult posters. How about adding something to the conversation besides personal attacks. As a PHD in psychiatry, I know this type of behavior is a result of SPS.(Small Penis Syndrome)
    There is a personal attack for ya.

  40. The facts:

    The ref specifically said “helmet-to-helmet contact” when he announced the penalty during the game.

    The replay clearly shows no “helmet-to-helmet” contact was made and the anouncers pointed this out during the game.

    Therefore, we can conclude that the ref made an error in his assesment of what he thought he saw.

  41. Silly NFL not taking the outlaw’s word. I think the NFL, like the rest of the world, we believe what it see on the tape.

    The Steelers’ coach has clearly said these types of fines are wrong. Let’s get rid of these outlaws.

  42. Iluvwikileaks I’m glad you know how to type, it takes your mind off the wet diapers you have on. Steelers sure seem to be the one team clearly making all the issues about being fined is that the “Steeler” way? They complained all off season about Ben R. not acting the “Steeler” way, what a bunch of phonies since Ben is the one who is making plays, do we here about those issues now? BS. Where’s the high and mighty Dan Rooney, how come he can’t get his players straightened out? Seems like the rest of the league got the message. Not all their players are whine babies, hey, change your tunes the games go on with or without you.

  43. crying about the fine and giving them to charity has got to be one of the most selfish juvenile things i have ever read. seriously? ryan? you need a fund to help in case of a work stoppage? isn’t there already a fund for such circumstances? it is called unemployment. check the internet. i am sure there is an office near you. hell in most states you can even apply online

  44. @goodellwearspanties:
    take your gravy stained yellow towel, wipe the french fry crumbs from your wife beater t-shirt and calm down. There’s nothing wrong with being the #1 whiner in yellow whiner nation.

  45. The NFL will fine him because they have a concern “player safety”. Really then why would they want to extend the season to 18 games?….. The only reason is because they want to make it less violent so women will watch. James Harrison was just the poster child for this. And the NFL doesn’t care about player safety. Ben Roethlisberger, Micheal Vick and Aaron Rogers constantly get hit late and take shots to the head. That hit that the Ravens committed on him had was clearly a shot to the nose that broke his nose and Harrison would have been fined 125,000 for that. Then in the Bungles game, he was hit 7 times late and 3 of them to the head and one sack that was high. No penalty. Revis and Cromartie, held the Steelers receivers the whole game and they have done it to every team they have faced this year with no penalty. They are over rated and they would have lost if the Steelers would have got one pass interference call. But no instead the NFL insist on only making it a point that the Steelers got a 9 yard first down.

  46. @packerrube13 …. good post! compelling

    WE can all agree how Refs are not being consistent even in the Pat/Pack game – the head Ref was reported as looking at the jumbotron to confirm a ‘late’ personal foul call on Patriots …???

    I get that Clark’s hit was basiclly borderline, but why does Clark draw that foul/flag when Edwards does make the catch – and McClain (Ravens) doesn’t when Miller doesn’t and is helpless – NO Flag…or Ben gets his nose broken when Ngata (Ravens) punches him in face and doesn’t -NO Flag….and Ward is knocked out with a helmet to helmet hit by Patriots Safety (launched into him) and doesn’t -NO Flag…. or when Hines was basically grabbed in facemaske & attacked by 3 Titans including Courtland Finnegan ?? but the flag was thrown on both teams – offsetting ….remember Flozell Adams pushed a Jets DB helmet …??? in last game. I can go on and on …

    By the way why were 3 flags picked up in Steelers/Jets games? AND before anybody starts posting the Steelers made a first down on a 9 yard carry ….I’ll take the personal foul on Ben when is nose was busted which was the start of the Ravens / Steelers game and Pittsburgh had the ball at midfield [no score], I’ll take the pass interference on Sanders in the last game vs Jets when Sanders was in the end zone – but missed the catch …so ball would have been placed at the 1 yard line [score than was Jets 22-17], I would take the Miller personal foul +15 yards when the game was close [very] close ….and I’ll give up the 9 yard run that was turned into a first down … SEE – all the others added up gives the Steelers field position – momentum – and more

    (Yes) Steeler Fan

  47. The rule is:

    “If a WR has made a catch, but has not had time to defend himself a defender can not launch himself into the WR with his helmet, shoulder, or forearm in a way that strikes the WR’s head or neck area.”

    So lauching into a WR with a shoulder is LEGAL as long as it’s not into the head or neck.

  48. Crysteelerscry – first off – there are no stains on my terrible towel – only screen prints of our six superbowls. Second off – who is your football team? Let me guess, they are either from Ohio and/or got beat by the Steeler’s this year, it’s alright man, let it go, there’s always next year. Third off – There’s nothing wrong with being the #1 Steelers hater, you are good at it, I enjoy the hate, have fun rooting for you’re pathetic team, loser.

  49. I DON’T care about fines really, just the field position and momentum that is created DURING the game with all these bad call & non-calls.

  50. I’m a Steelers fan, and while I feel the hit was not a “helmet to helmet hit”, I cringed when he jumped and launched to hit the guy when he just as easily could have hit the guy in the hips/lower back. In this climate of penalties and fines, it was a foolish thing to do.

    That being said, there are (in my opinion) 2 things the League can do to actually make the games safer for the players and better for the teams/fans if “safety and integrity” are what they really want.

    First of all, hold the refs just as accountable for horrendous calls as players are when they get penalized and fined. Players are called out (by jersey number) when penalized, and there is always some sort of press release or report with who got fined what for each week….yet when the officials make bad calls, and the league acknowledges that after the fact….to talk about it is a no no. Why? Why not make the refs just as publically accountable? I can virtually guarantee you that if a ref knew his name was going to be in a press release for making a bad call (or not making a good one) they’d be a bit more precise and accurate with officiating.

    Second, if the above were to happen…then instead of fining players after the fact GET THE CALL RIGHT ON THE FIELD. While hitting players in their wallet may not stop dangerous hits, I can easily see a coach grabbing a player by the facemask and giving him hell if an opposing team ends up getting a number of free 15yd segments of field cause his defender wants to play a human projectile.

    If all these rules were, as the League is saying…”on the books for years” and just not enforced, then it’s the League’s fault for the situation they’re in. Get the officiating right and other things will have no choice but to fall in place.

  51. Any word on whether the NFL will issue a fine to Winfield of the Vikes for the helmet leading head butt on Cutler Monday night? I could not help but notice that no flag was thrown.

    I thought hitting a QB square in the head (in this case chin) was illegal? I thought it was a matter of concern for player safety. But I guess since Winfield is not a Steeler he gets a pass.

  52. Clark is right. Goodell is fining players because he’s reacting to hard hits instead of toughening himself up and learning what actual football is. The player safety argument is timeless bosh, not credible concern, and it’s affected the game in a manner that isn’t positive – watching the Patriots-Packers game there was a play (I think it was inside the Patriots 5) where Brandon Meriweather could have hammered a Packer with the ball and forced a turnover but backed off out of fear of a fine.

    What players need to do is ignore Goodell altogether and insist on hitting opponents to where the league has so many such hits it cannot possibly fine anyone.

  53. What Ryan Clark is trying to say is that Roger Goodell, the lawyer, is ruining the game of football for the players and the fans. Not that Roger cares. As long as the game looks good and the special quarterbacks are protected then in his mind, everything is just fine.

    Fire Goodell.

  54. iluvwikileaks says:
    Dec 22, 2010 12:35 PM
    Deb? You seem to be quite a big mouth, too. Put a muzzle on it. k?


    If you don’t like my posts, skip them. Otherwise, find another site because I’m not going anywhere. k?

  55. @iluvwikileaks …

    Omigosh, you mean you’re a Steelers fan??

    That’s just embarrassing. You’re an idiot. Please … don’t speak.

  56. for all of you who believe that we’re the only team that’s getting fined and “every other team seems to understand the rules except the steelers”, you might want to look at the league’s recent fines (you can even limit it to this year). there are players from just about every team in the league. many of the fines aren’t announced or reported on (wonder why they seem to publicize all steeler comments/fines/punishments on the subject?) and to some of you, i know that means its not really happening and i’m making this up. its a joke. its about as subjectively objective as anything you could imagine. it’s happening all over the league and until fans start to put their team alliances aside, unite, and send a clear message to goodell about the product we want to see on the field, he will continue to run the league in any way he sees fit.

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