Woody Johnson apologizes to Kraft, Ross

Last week, the biggest story in the NFL arose from the placement of Jets strength coach Sal Alosi and others on the edge of the sideline on punting plays.

Gone and largely forgotten thanks to the latest Jets-related distraction, owner Woody Johnson provided a post-script during his Thursday remarks with reporters.

Per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Johnson said that he called Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to apologize for the fact that Alosi’s antics tripped Miami gunner Nolan Carroll on December 12, and Johnson also called Patriots owner Robert Kraft to apologize for special-teams coordinator Mike Westhoff’s accusation that the Patriots engage in similar tactics.

The league is investigating both aspects of the situation.  Whether any action is taken remains to be seen.

41 responses to “Woody Johnson apologizes to Kraft, Ross

  1. Give me a break, this is the action Goodell required for it to all go away. This is not punishment. Goodell should be embarrassed for his obvious favoritism toward the Jets.

  2. hey woodrow…please go back to selling q-tips and sell the team. and take snyder and jerruh with you. all 3 of you guys are a joke.

  3. “Per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Johnson said that he called Dolphins owner Stephen Ross …”
    He still needs to call Jeff Fisher and apologize for ripping him on a Nashville radio station.

  4. This is not enough for the attempt to injure a player of the opposing team. A #1 pick and at least $2 million in fines should be imposed on an organization that the league has protected for years.

  5. What’s the big deal? The Panthers had a player come off the bench and tackle the opposing team’s gunner, and no one seems to care.

  6. The Jets sure are apologizing a lot this season.

    Apologizing for the Ines Sainz controversy (BTW, Rex was checking out her feet)

    Apologizing for Braylon’s DUI

    Apologizing for TripGate

    Apologizing for accusing the Patriots of similar tactics

    Apologizing for the Feet Fetish distraction

    Stay Classy NYJ

  7. Now Woody should aplogize to the rest of us for Rex’s foot fetish. That’s info we wish we hadn’t learned.

  8. jimmy1smith says:
    Dec 23, 2010 2:22 PM

    Hey Jimmy, it’s time to deal with the fact that the Jets have just always sucked, and from what I can see, they will continue to suck.

  9. woody really needs to apologize for that gollum-looking photo at the top of this article. damm woody you are one ugly dude.

  10. To jimmy1smith
    It is common knowledge for those who know how to read that the Pats were heavily fined and had first round draft slot taken. This for an act that any one in the stadium could have done. This for an act that numerous Super Bowl winning coaches stated they practiced themselves and stated almost every team in the league did. The rehashing of this issue prior to the Super Bowl was proved false and the accusation made by a liar seeking attention. Many like you (Jets fans)who are too stupid or ignorant to understand the facts and continue to use this as a excuse in order to rip the Pats re-enforce the need for special -education funding.

  11. @cliverush,
    i wouldnt bother. anyone that doesnt understand how overblown spygate was, doesnt understand football. and to be clear, the penalty was a SECOND round pick…. bumped up to a first if the Pats made the playoffs. so essentially goodell penalized the Pats for being successful.

    oh, and the jets were caught doing the same thing in 06-07 but lied about it.

  12. Woody is old school…………. no cheating, no ratting out. From that time in America when an engorged johnson was still known as a “woodrow”.

  13. Likely the Jets will get a slap on the wrist, and the league will find some way to punish the Patriots, because it looks like they might win another SB with all their rookies, and then next year have 2 1st round, 2 2nd round, and 1 3rd round pick in the draft. Goodell MUST find a way to stop them from creating yet another dynasty.

    Meanwhile, the Jets were turned in for videotaping the opposing sidelines, but it turns out the video is all of people’s feet.

  14. “I’ve spoken with Rosser…uhh, Steven Ross, I’ve spoken with Krafty…uhhh, Bob Kraft, and I’ll speak with Krusty….uuuh, Jim Irsey…….”.

  15. …and during the Belichick/Brady era, the Pats winning percentage has been better after spygate, than it was before spygate…..true story.

  16. jimmysmith – it’s true. Jimmy Johnson said he did it with the cowboys. Pats were the only ones careless enough to do it out in the open after the memo.

    Rex Ryan, then D-coordinator with the Ravens, said (when the pats got nabbed) that he knew there were still 8 or 9 teams doing it.

  17. woody apologizes for them doing that?

    how about swearing on hbo?


    for sending penis photos by phone to reporters?


    wanting to smell bare feet?

  18. “jimmy1smith says:
    Dec 23, 2010 2:22 PM
    Any word on whether Kraft offered a return apology for 7 years of illegal video taping?”

    So now Idiot Jimmy has exaggerated the video taping from once to 7 years! Yay for Idiot Jimmy’s imagination!!

    In other news- IdiotJimmy’s response was due to Thighgate and Toegate and the fact the Jet’s SUCK!!!! Jet’s, playoffs LOL

  19. So the NFL investigated Brandon Spikes fir making a porn while in college. Yet for Ryan the nfl says its a personal matter. That sounds right. Jets West, Braylon DUI, Favre situation, TripGate, SniffGate…yet nothing happens to the team.

  20. I think Jimmy is just pissed of that someone in the Jets organization took responsibility for something and/or did not blame it on someone else.

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  22. jimmy1smith says:
    Dec 23, 2010 2:22 PM
    Any word on whether Kraft offered a return apology for 7 years of illegal video taping?

    He’ll apologize when you rats are fined $750,000 and lose a first-round pick.

    In the meantime, grow up and get over it.

  23. I love how every article on here about the NYJ there is always at least a dozen people who say the Jets suck..

    We have a 10-4 record this year and made it to the AFC championship game last year..

    wtf are you people talking about.

    we probably would be 12-2 without all these freakin distractions..

    so shut up…already ,,,and same something with substance…

  24. Note to Pats fans!!! Please ignore any reference to replying on any subject to include, camera’s video’s and cheating!!!
    Be glad that you have a great team, coach and owner!

    Realize that it’s usually a poster that is trying to piss you off with non-sense! Based on jealousy that in fact thier Team Sux….Merry Christmas!

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