Favre-Sterger decision apparently coming next week

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said on multiple occasions that he hopes to render a decision regarding the Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger situation by the end of the 2010 regular season.

With the 2010 regular season ending in nine days, Goodell is running out of time.

We thought that a decision could come on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.  It didn’t.  Now that Christmas Eve has commenced, we’d be surprised if the rare sense of nearly-universal calm and quiet that will unfold this afternoon is disrupted by the release of excerpts of a letter in which Goodell wags a finger at Favre for photographing something other than a finger and texting it to Sterger, allegedly.

So why the delay?  We have a theory.  With Sterger’s camp claiming that she won’t sue if Favre is found responsible for wrongdoing, delaying a finding of no wrongdoing until after the deadline for filing a lawsuit has passed prevents a viable lawsuit from being filed.

Sterger’s lawyer, Joseph Conway, told PFT earlier this month that the last communication between Favre and Sterger while both were employed by the Jets occurred on December 28, 2008.  In New Jersey, the statute of limitations for filing sexual harassment claims is two years.  Thus, the deadline for filing a sexual harassment claim under New Jersey law comes and goes early next week.

Other claims with longer deadlines could be filed, and Conway could try to extend the deadline based on a call made by Favre to Sterger in June 2009, after their employment with the Jets had ended.  (The only flaw with this approach being that, you know, their employment with the Jets had ended.)  Thus, the safest course for Conway would be to file the core claim — sexual harassment — before the two-year anniversary of the last act of alleged harassment that occurred while Favre and Sterger were employed by the Jets.

As a result, we now think a decision will come on December 29 or 30.  And that the decision will be that no discipline will be imposed on Favre because it’s too difficult in this case for the league to determine whether sexual harassment as defined by the law occurred, and that the situation would better be resolved in a court of law, where Favre’s lawyers would have a full and fair opportunity to develop evidence regarding the possibility that Sterger wasn’t offended by any of the alleged communications.

Which may never happen if a lawsuit isn’t filed by December 28, 2010.

56 responses to “Favre-Sterger decision apparently coming next week

  1. Isn’t it fitting that GODell waited until the last week of the regular season to announce a decision on the golden boy??? What’s he gonna do … suspend a guy who is retiring? It would have been nice if the Commish waited that long to act on Big Ben.

    But some people are treated differently ,,, even when the evidence is in front of your face.

  2. whatever, this story has been dragged out so long it bores me….wake me up when Goodell makes a decision….these ‘updates” really aren’t updates at all….. and Fave is all done anyway

  3. The new Sheriff at work! Justice by????
    Interesting timing….I get the feeling somehow Madden is involved???

  4. Brad Childress and the rest of the Viking management team have verified that the pictures in question are definitely of Brett Favre.

  5. Goodell can’t make a ruling on this after knowing all the facts?? Its been months Roger, If you can’t make a decision, you are the wrong guy for the job. Do the fans and the entire NFL a favor and quit you loser.

  6. Goodell should tell Sterger to forget about working as hostesses, playboy poser, or gold digger.

    What she needs to do is start going to church, find a good man, take cooking classes , homemaking classes so she can be a good wife and mother to his children.
    A womans best work is not done in the classroom or the boardroom. It’s done in the kitchen and the bedroom.

  7. Roethlisberger + Lofty, unsubstantiated accusations = 6 game suspension (reduced to 4)

    Favre + direct relation to an NFL team employee + visual evidence = we will drag out the investigation nearly an entire season then suspend you after the season lol. What a joke…

  8. Perfect timing. he will maybe get a suspension after he is finally retired. Which means he gets rest of the 20 mil he stoled from the Vikes. His last year will be one to remember with everything that happen to him, and the poor Viking team this year. Kind of almost feel sorry the Vikes.

    Na I don’t.

  9. The NFL has delayed any decision on Favre as long as possible so even if a suspension is coming it will be only for one game at most. Big deal! If Favre’s consecutive games streak were still intact Goodell and the NFL wouldn’y address this at all as they didn’t want to be the cause of the streak ending.

  10. Chauvinistpig has it completely wrong. Sterger’s best work isn’t done on any place but the street corner. Or in the club where I’m sure she distributes BJs to multiple random guys in exchange for compliments on how wonderful her traumatizingly plastic hooters look. I can only imagine how many guys have heard “you look just like Brett Favre!” from this gold-digging two-cent attention whore.

  11. grpatriot says:
    Dec 24, 2010 10:24 AM
    The new Sheriff at work! Justice by????
    Interesting timing….I get the feeling somehow Madden is involved???

    The pictures where actually supposed to go to Madden in exchange for his picture on the front of the game.

  12. Truly ridiculous that the NFL has waited this long to release a decision on this. It’s the old double standard. They don’t want to embarass an NFL hero and a surefire Hall of Famer. There’s obviously something to this story or they would have declared him innocent before this point.

  13. And immediately after the decision is handed down by Commissioner Gordon. BrettMan will be offering signed text image copies of his “robin” on his website. For the fair price of 400 bucks, which equals out to 100 bucks an inch…..

  14. .
    the whole thing is retarded.
    obviously there was a conversation going back and before between 2 adults.

    if he is fined then toe asaurus rex should be fined too

  15. .
    Favre + direct relation to an NFL team employee + visual evidence = no evidence she didnt ask to see his man wand.

    she probably wears green #4 underwear

  16. Hey Goodell, man-up and make a decision! Whether its yay or nay, just make it….your seemingly endless delay is an insult to the common sense of everyone as you coninue to blah, blah, blah that a decision is forthcoming.

  17. Another theory: A decision against Favre comes, he has appellant rights that extend past the season, he’s already paid, he puts in his retirement papers, the appeal is denied and of course the league no longer has jurisdiction to fine him!
    The commissioner complies with Sterger’s request of wrong doing on Brett’s part but CAN’T discipline him= win/win!

  18. Favre did not do anything wrong! She only started yelling SH after he told her to take a hike…..she ain’t getting any money. Now she is trying to make herself look good by saying we want justice! For what? Only the Favre haters thinks this chick is the virgin Mary!

  19. Sterger’s next hussle will be for Larry Flint…..

    In the immortal words of Iron Mike Tyson. Jenn just “fade into Bolivian”…..

  20. So basically what you have here is yet another case of PFT’s RANK speculation and endless conspiracy theories.

    Sorry, but *IF* Goodall is telling the truth, and he *HOPES* a decision happens before the end of the regular season doesn’t mean squat. Hope in one hand, crap in the other, see which fills up first!

    Not to mention that PFT has also pointed out in the past that any decision the NFL has would have no bearing on any legal case!

  21. There one BIG problem with your thinking. The commish doesn’t have to issue a ruling based on whether Farve legally committed sexual harassment, he has the “for the good of the league” argument for going after Farve. It’s in the league’s best interests not to appear to condone this kind of behavior, it could open them up to lawsuits for anything similar that happens after this.
    One thing that is curious, if I’m Farve and the league is told “punish him or we’ll sue him” I’d be telling the league to throw the book at me. Missing the last two games will be nothing compared to the damage a lawsuit would bring.

  22. Bring the suit. A good lawyer gets that whore in a deposition and we’re going to find out that Farve’s pee-pee is just the “tip” of the iceberg. You cannot play the slut card and suddenly turn into mother Mary.

  23. I suspect that charges will be brought against him on the 27th. If they aren’t, her lawyer is worthless.

  24. Crooked NFL…just like they wont hear the Haynesworth case till the season is over. As big a selfish baby that he was the Redskins probably dont have enough cause to suspend him.

  25. And, we all finally realize what I’ve said all along – this was nothing more than a fishing expedition with absolutely no bait.

    Wasted time and emotions.

  26. Why even write this as a topic. The biggest joke of all the garbage that has come out of God-del’s office this year. They aren’t kidding anyone in NFL land with all the wishy washy talk of the comish office. This proves beyond a doubt that the NFL league office likes to strut there power but are hypocritical in all there actions from fines to addressing Farve crap.

  27. wtf2812 says:
    Dec 24, 2010 10:12 AM
    Isn’t it fitting that GODell waited until the last week of the regular season to announce a decision on the golden boy??? What’s he gonna do … suspend a guy who is retiring? It would have been nice if the Commish waited that long to act on Big Ben.

    But some people are treated differently ,,, even when the evidence is in front of your face.


    Yeah, because what Big Ben and Brett Favre did are similar.

    Hmmmm….rape or send pictures of your privates. Similar offenses.

  28. wtf2812 says: Dec 24, 2010 10:12 AM

    “Isn’t it fitting that GODell waited until the last week of the regular season to announce a decision on the golden boy??? What’s he gonna do … suspend a guy who is retiring? It would have been nice if the Commish waited that long to act on Big Ben.

    But some people are treated differently ,,, even when the evidence is in front of your face.”

    WHAT!?!? Okay, 1 more time for the braindead. The Rapenstein investigation was well underway when Pig Ben’s lawyer met with the victim’s lawyer for a day. 2 days later – SHAZAM! – victim and her lawyer withdraw all charges and refuse to discuss the case with anyone ever again.

    Yes, some people are treated differently. And some choose to pay off the people they have wronged (that would be the guilty).

  29. there will be NO DISCIPLINE b/c it’s too difficult for the league to determine whether sexual harrassment as defined by the law occured??? … he wasn’t reluctant to slap Ben with a six game suspension, when there were NO CHARGES brought against him, [not that a suspension of Ben wasn’t justified}, the double standard here is nauseating …the NFLPA needs to go after GODells authority in the next collective bargaining aggreement, there needs to be some type of committee that players can address & challenge greivances, fines & suspensions when this Commissioner shows no consistency in his discipline & FAVORTISM to certain players.

  30. Steelers qb is named ben rapingthefurburger for a reason and who cares about favre his wife will divorce him and take all his money soon as he done making money just like michael jordans wife did so basically she is just pimping him out right now get out there and make her money betch

  31. Wow, Roger. Fantastic timing. You sir, have made a mockery of yourself. This is pathetic. Any other player would have been fined, suspended or had the case against him to be proven false. But not Brent. No, he’s too precious to leagues best interests………money. Ridiculous. I don’t care if Brent is guilty or innocent, just make a decision for Christ sake. You spent what, like 2 seconds deciding on Rothlisberger, but this case CANNOT be cracked. What a joke of a commissioner.

  32. Wasn’t this decision supposed to come in October? Yeah, the decision will probably come Jan 3…the day after the regular season ends.

  33. Here si a theory. Goodell never wanted to punish the “great Favre”! Why..The commish is SOFT! He has a text message and photos and does NOTHING! Ben gets “accused” with no evidenve and gets suspended?? Goodell is makign a mockery of the NFL and is the worse commish in any sport! This man and his hencemen need investigated for there doings!

  34. There is no wrong doing in the first place! Punish him for what? Being a cheater? Give me a break! Then you have all the Favre haters screaming for blood! What a joke this whole thing has become…the good ole American way!

  35. Wait for it. This means poo slinger was w wr wro wrongggggggggggggg. Love when i-tie justice comes thru. And remember the cast of judgement time was reported on the. Nothing But Crap Network first.

  36. The statute of limitations runs out on the 28th. Look for a response from the NFL on the 29th.

  37. @stellar performance.

    and thats when that should happen

    like I told you before. 1 game for fratenalization. No admittance of guilt.

  38. It was Bens second problem in 8 months. What part of that do the steelers fans not understand. Ben didn’t do anything except be stupid. Why if you accused in something like that would you get involved with another chick like that. Big Ben suspension was a reminder not to screw up again. Kind of like when you did something in the sandbox, then did it again after an adult told you not to.

  39. This isn’t complicated. They are giving Favre a free pass because of who he is, nothing more and nothing less. They aren’t going to discipline him prior to his last game.

    And you don’t need to violate the “law” to be punished under personal conduct.

    If sending pics of your @#$@$ to a team employee/contractor and asking the lady to send you texts back of her #@%$#@%# isn’t something warranting a personal conduct violation, well, then I don’t know what is….

    Free pass for Favre.

  40. Not next week but the week after is when the decission will be made. Or a non decision because Farve won’t be playing anymore.

  41. Goodell would be doing Favre a favor to give him a 4 game suspension after the season is over. Just so no teams get any funny ideas.

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