Kyle Orton is third quarterback for the Broncos, Andre Johnson inactive for Texans

Last week, Kyle Orton was the third quarterback for the Broncos because his rib injury was too serious for him to play behind Tim Tebow.

Orton insisted this week that he is healthy enough to play, but he is the third quarterback once again. Brady Quinn will back up Tebow against the Texans.

Based on Orton’s comments about the current situation earlier in the week, that’s likely to cause some upset with the guy the Broncos gave a big new contract during the 2010 season. Consider it all more fuel for the fire of what should be quite the offseason soap opera in Denver as they decide what to do with Orton and his $5.5 million in guaranteed salary for the 2011 season.

Andre Johnson won’t be leaving Houston after the season, but he also won’t be playing on Sunday. Despite optimism earlier in the week, Johnson’s ankle hasn’t healed enough to allow him to play on Sunday. Jacoby Jones will start in his place.

The other Broncos inactives are wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, running back Laurence Maroney, defensive back Chevis Jackson, defensive back Darcel McBath, guard Stanley Daniels, guard Eric Olsen and offensive lineman Jeff Byers

Matt Leinart is a less intriguing third quarterback for the Texans. Their other inactives are cornerback Brice McCain, defensive tackle DeMario Pressley, guard Shelley Smith, defensive end Jarvis Green, tight end Anthony Hill and tight end Garrett Graham.

7 responses to “Kyle Orton is third quarterback for the Broncos, Andre Johnson inactive for Texans

  1. My favorite line of this post… “Matt Leinart is a less intriguing third quarterback for the Texans” I love it!

  2. I hope Kyle Orton gets traded to a team that appreciates him next year. He’s easily the most underrated QB in the league this year.

  3. Clear lack of respect. They know how much Kyle hates carrying the towels and handing out water bottles.

  4. Orton is BY FAR the most underrated player in the league.

    That said, if the Broncos trade him, what can they expect in return? 3rd rounder? 4th rounder??

    Nice guy – not a ‘winning’ QB, he’s a ‘not lose’ QB.

    Today – Bronco fans saw a TRUE NFL QB effort.
    Tim Tebow went out a WON a game that the Bronco’s had NO business winning.

    That was an impressive effort. It made me want to go out and buy a Tebow jersey. This may not be a big deal to most, but keep in mind that my closet is currently graced only by two:

    #12 Brady
    #9 Howe

    I LOVED what I saw, and I’m not even a Bronco fan.

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