Move of game raises issues for Vikings, Eagles

The first-ever Sunday Night Football game to be played on Tuesday night raises big questions for both of the teams involved in the game.

Both could hurt the Eagles.

With two more days to recover from his concussion suffered on Monday night, Brett Favre could supplant Joe Webb.  (We assume that facing Favre would be a bad thing for the Eagles.  That could be the subject of a reasonable debate.)

Also, the Eagles will now be faced with a short week to get ready for a key home game in Week 17 against the Cowboys.  Since they play both games at home, the Eagles won’t have to travel, which saves more time.

But the practice week has been dramatically disrupted. Wednesday will now likely be an off day.  By Thursday, the Eagles may not be ready for a full-blown practice.  Their only solid day of work for the week may come on Friday, a day when most teams are winding down in preparation for Sunday’s game.

And the stakes are high for the Eagles.  They’re trying to hold off the Giants in the division, and they’re hoping to leapfrog the Bears for the No. 2 seed in the NFC.

The good news for the Eagles is that, by avoiding the snow, they’ll be better suited to unleash the full potential of players like Mike Vick and DeSean Jackson.

49 responses to “Move of game raises issues for Vikings, Eagles

  1. If the drama queen was ruled out for the game today, it should carryover for the rescheduled game on Tuesday.

    This effing guy just won’t go away.

  2. I heard Andy Reed complained to the NFL that has star qb could get a sniffle and that just wouldn’t be fair, so they moved the game.

    When did the NFL become such a bunch of babies!

  3. Who cares about the playoffs or the Eagles or the players?

    This is all about NBC’s investment.

    They own this game, and nothing aside from their profits should be a consideration.

  4. That and the stadium will be bare. Our whole group has to eat our ticket purchases and can’t do a mid week late game. Thanks NFL for screwing our week as well as a possible division win. Go pack!

  5. I’m not much of an Eagles fan, but fair is fair.

    If they are going to move this game until Tuesday, they should at the very least consider moving the Eagles game against the Cowboys to Monday or Tuesday as well considering the potential playoff implications it could have.

    The wuzzification of the NFL continues!
    Release the SnowKraken

  6. buzmeg says: Dec 26, 2010 1:04 PM
    If the drama queen was ruled out for the game today, it should carryover for the rescheduled game on Tuesday.

    That’s great. Good thing he was never ruled out for today.

  7. I bet NFL wants to experiment with NFL ratings on a Tuesday. You know how much NBC would pay for midweek primetime ratings that NFL generates? A lot more than Leno at 10 did.

  8. Hey Aceven
    The city is under a State of Emergency which means you can not be on the road.

    So tell me this how would the players get to the game?

    How about the fans as well
    God knows those epuke fans are all in there row houses wishing they lived in New Jersey.

    The day off gives vick more time to explain to his kids why daddy can not own a dog

    Here is something escum fans can do read a book or have someone read it to you its called the Lost Dogs
    Read it and then tell us all about your great QB

  9. You would almost have to treat this game as a practice. You would have to run up the score, if possible. Then, you mix in some 2nd-stringers to play. Vick will have to sit some, which all but places the MVP honors into Brady’s hands.

  10. This game was originally scheduled for 1:00 PM before NBC decided to flex it. They would have been able to get it in a 1:00. Thanks a lot for ruining our season, NBC.

  11. it’s a scheduled game. it should be played as originally scheduled.

    yes the snow disfavors the vikes. but a clean field also favors the vikes; they have some speed merchants too.

    the delay probably helps philly a little more (vikes short of clothes etc?) but favre helps the vikes even if it is snowy and extremely cold.

    i would think a lack of wind favors the eagles as they would then be more likely to air it out.

    phily may not be at a disadvantage against the cowboys. kitna may not be that available. philly is still clicking offensively.

    i see a delay killing the vikes chances next week as they return to one of their onetime home stadiums.

  12. greggyd717 says: Dec 26, 2010 1:05 PM

    You couldn’t find a better picture to use for this post? Hank Baskett? Really?

    Hahahah I hadnt even noticed that. Way to go PFT…

  13. To move the game straight to Tuesday is clearly a TV ratings move. NBC and ESPN don’t want competing games tomorrow night. Otherwise there is no reason for this game to be moved 2 days!!!

  14. If I was the Eagles coaching staff, I would be studying the Dallas film a little today and tomorrow, having already prepared for Minnesota. I’m from Philly and this was a smart decision to move the game…thought it would be Monday night though.

  15. Kendra’s husband isn’t on the team anymore. So you might want to update your files.

    The NFL in their infinite wisdom should have kept the game at 1 PM and everything would have been fine. Why did they move it? So we can see Bret Favre laying on the ground in another city? He needs to go away now, he’s ruining the game.

  16. Philadelphia = city of weak minds and backs. Can’t get the game on…Hope Favre starts and scorches you guys Tuesday

  17. The Eagles should be fined $500k for this idiocy and banned from hosting any prime time games for all of 2011…

  18. All good points, particularly the part about Favre. He’s currently listed as doubtful, but those extra 48 hours could make the different in terms of the concussion and being cleared to play. Is it just me, or does the whole world seem to want Favre on the field, including Mother Nature … and even the Almighty one himself? This is ludicrous. I’d put my money on Favre playing now and I think the odds are in his favor now that he’ll have a week to clear his head

  19. For all of you blaming the Eagles for this decision, it’s not their choice. The league tells them whether they are playing or not and when they will be playing. The league did not want people driving to the stadium or sitting in the harsh weather that is being predicted. Get the facts straight.

  20. miamipatriots says:
    Dec 26, 2010 1:34 PM
    The Eagles should be fined $500k for this idiocy and banned from hosting any prime time games for all of 2011…

    –Idiot. The NFL decided, not the Eagles.

  21. I was initially against postponing, but they are predicting 20″ of snow and whiteout conditions. A State of Emergency is effective at 3:00 p.m. Guess it had to be done. But postponing until Tuesday is horsesh*t. It’s grossly unfair to a team trying to lock up a #2 seed.

  22. “We assume that facing Favre would be a bad thing for the Eagles.”

    One hit and he’s out again. Based on the season he’s having so far, they should just leave him in and let throw INTs to to their DBs all night. Webb can run and won’t lay immobile on the field if you breathe on him. Vikes quit on this season after the Buffalo game. Philly should use this chance to rest their starters.

  23. #
    stevemcguigan says: Dec 26, 2010 1:43 PM

    Pervyharvin, it was the NFLs decision, and WTF would your piss-poor, dome-residing squad know about playing int the snow?
    NFL let MN pull out a game while we were having a blizzard that day. Why? Because we can! You guys couldn’t pull it off. We in MN know weather,live in it.Work in it. You guys are like L.A. panzies….thanks for letting us Vikings fans down by being afraid of wind and snow!

  24. birdbrainsnj – I will happily drive up from DC and take your tickets since you guys can’t do a midweek late game.

  25. Do you all really think the Hank Baskett picture was a mistake…..C’mon this guy has a JD!! Kendra’s husband as one of you slyly called him is a Vike (that’s not a Brett Favre Addiction reference either) so his pic was obviously used on PURPOSE!!

    As for the move……Ratings yes, and FTR I would surmise that the league has some contractual obligation to ESPN to ask how they want the postponement treated….I for one would watch the NBC broadcast over the ESPN broadcast regardless of teams playing (within Reason of course) because I hate the ESPN Broadcast team more than a bad case of Crabs!

  26. Pervy,

    Before you show your ignorance some, please get your facts straight. The game was moved after the Giants couldn’t get into MN (the airport was shutdown) and the humpty dumpty dome fell down.

  27. packercpa says: Dec 26, 2010 3:03 PM


    Before you show your ignorance some, please get your facts straight. The game was moved after the Giants couldn’t get into MN (the airport was shutdown) and the humpty dumpty dome fell down.
    Listen up Pecker fan, this is a Viking issue. We don’t hang with your sleezy type, buzz off.

  28. Pervy, your team is trash and they play in a dome…your ownership, management, coaching, and 75% of your personnel are a running joke. Adrian Peterson is mired on a terrible, mismanaged squad in a poor state with poor fans, and you’ve been 5 minutes away from losing your team to a real market for some time now. No one takes any part of the Vikings seriously, except for feeling sorry for AP and his wasted career.

  29. @ stevemcguigan…….You smell a mile away. Another loser jealous of the mighty Vikings! Poor state? lol Where you from scrub??

  30. Pennsylvania. 6th rank in State GDP. Minnesota, the somewhat mouldering breadbasket of the USA comes in at a paltry 17th, right next to Tennessee, where it belongs. I hope you are still a fan when they’re the Mighty Vikings of Los Angeles.

  31. Pennsylvania is a dirty, old state. I’ll keep my blonde Norwegian gals, clear fish filled lakes and forests. Choke down another Rolling Rock and STFU…

  32. Minnesota is full of backwoods methlabs and pregnant 13 year olds. What would you toothless flannelhounds be doing if you weren’t out spending your welfare checks on icefishing supplies?

  33. stevemcguigan isn’t winning jack. Pennsylvania is the rear of our country.The people are cheesy, old fashioned, miserable, and fat. The weather is horrible. Everyone is behind the times.Pennsylvania is dying, decrepit, dirty and dilapidated. Pennsylvania has only one growing industry: imprisonment. The men in Pittsburgh sound like a bunch of dumbasses with the way they talk. No one takes care of their appearance (did I mention everyone is FAT). And I have never seen such a large group of hairy hicks obsessed with shooting deer. I think that place is about 20 years behind the present time.

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