Polamalu plans to practice Friday

The Steelers need a win in Cleveland on Sunday to ensure getting a playoff bye, so they will do everything necessary to win.  That includes possibly playing safety Troy Polamalu despite his Achilles injury.

We’re going to practice him on Friday and see where that takes us,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said on Tuesday via Scout.com.

The Steelers will face Browns rookie Colt McCoy coming off his worst game as a pro.  Tomlin disputed the idea that McCoy struggled last week, though.

“He really didn’t struggle. Playing against Ed Reed is something that all quarterbacks gotta learn how to do. There’s no manual for playing against Ed Reed and I’m sure it’s a lesson well-learned.”

There’s no manual for playing against Polamalu either, and that’s why the Steelers would love to get their defensive leader back.

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  1. The Steeler D just isn’t the same without Polamalu (or Aaron Smith, but most people don’t pick up on that). I don’t think any player means as much on either side of the ball than America’s favorite Head and Shoulders spokesman.

    I’m curious as to how the Steelers will match-up with New England if Smith is back by the next to last weekend in January.

  2. There is a manual on how to attack a defense with Polamalu…NE has written every chapter in it. Use his aggressiveness against him…look him in one direction, then go the other way…tossing it to the open spot where he should have been.

  3. I don’t think the Steelers need Polamalu to win the game. I know what he mans to that defense, but going back over the past few games, the only one they lost – Jets – defense was definitely not am issue.

    Unless Polamalu can score on offense in the red zone, he should sit this week and hopefully have two more weeks to heal up.

    The Steelers’ biggest issue is scoring TDs in the red zone. Their defense is solid enough for Cleveland and most any other team. Now, you talk about NE, Indy, Baltimore, NO, Philly, well, you need Polamalu.

  4. ytsejamer1 says:

    There is a manual on how to attack a defense with Polamalu…NE has written every chapter in it.


    Chapter 3: Use hidden video cameras to steal your opponant’s defensive signals.

  5. @wtf2812 –

    I think you’re right, that they don’t need TP to win this game, but part of me says keep him on the bench to rest for the playoffs but part of me wants him to play (if he is healthy, of course). Jets’ offense is better than the Browns and Steelers kept them down for the most part w/o him. Gotta get the 2 seed and that bye week.

    As a Steeler fan, I’m curious – who do Browns’ fans hate and want to beat more, Steelers or

  6. The Steelers should let Troy rest. This game can be won without Troy. In fact, it would be good practice for the defense to perform well without Troy.


  7. #
    heyzeus143 says: Dec 28, 2010 5:11 PM

    see you in Foxboro

    Both teams have a legit shot at being there…be it the AFC Championship game. Anything less from either franchise would probably be a disappointment. Here’s to good football over the next month and change!

    Re: Videotaping…that might have been funny like three years ago. But whatever makes you feel better about your team… Happy almost New Year to all!

  8. ytsejamer1 is cool by me and I’m a lifelong Steeler fan. What he said wasn’t unreasonable.

    What he basically stated was that New England rightly considers Troy a player so special that he needs to be specifically accounted for.

    And the counter-measure principle he noted makes sense. Troy plays by his instincts and impulses to great effect – so New England recognizes this and tries to use it to their advantage. Marshall arts is the same way.

    Bottom line is we haven’t fared particularly well versus the Patriots – considering we have had a wide body of success against nearly every other team. You gotta tip your cap to Belichick and Brady.

    Sidenote: Glad Richard Seymour is gone – that dude could play, and with nothing but back-ups playing offensive tackle — it wouldn’t have been pretty.

  9. If Troy can play, he should play. The whole team needs that bye. And we can’t take Cleveland for granted. They clobbered us last season, and beat New England and New Orleans–two teams that beat us this season. Never never count unhatched chickens.

  10. Sit him, Mundy did pretty well against the Panthers. He can play the underneath routes that McCoy throws. If it were Sanchez/Brady/Flacco at QB then I’d say play him but not this week.

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