Sterger faces key date, if lawsuit is looming

We pointed out last week that we think the NFL has decided to delay its decision regarding the Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger investigation until after December 28, because December 28 is the two-year anniversary of the last text message sent by Favre to Sterger while both were employed by the New York Jets.

On December 28, 2008, Favre played his last game for the Jets, a loss to the Dolphins that knocked New York to 9-7, a 1-4 slide after an 8-3 start.  Earlier this month, lawyer Joseph Conway told PFT that the last communication from Favre to Sterger while both worked for the Jets came on the day of the last game of the 2008 season.

In New Jersey, as in most states, a two-year statute of limitations applies to workplace sexual harassment claims.  Though Sterger could choose to pursue other theories that may have a later deadline, her strongest theory (assuming her allegations are true) is that she suffered sexual harassment from a coworker who subjected her to repeated, unwanted advances and propositions.  Thus, if she’s going to file a potentially viable claim that focuses on her best claim, suit needs to be filed today if at all.

It remains to be seen whether a lawsuit is indeed filed today.  But with the NFL committed to resolving its investigation before the end of the regular season and with the end of the regular season coming in only five days and New Year’s Eve coming in only three, it’s a safe bet that the NFL will wait to see if suit is filed today, and that the NFL then will render a decision at some point in the next two.

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  1. stop updating this in the jets section..for the love of one cares…where’s janet jackson’s nipple when you need it??

  2. I think it actually shows some integrity on the part of Goodell if he is waiting to make a decision until after the lawsuit deadline, one way or another. Sterger’s crew put him in a tough spot by saying publicly that a suspension would stop them from suing. He shouldn’t have to give a damn if they sue. Playing sleezy extortion games with a gold digging ho is not setting a very good precedent. Just let her make the first move, then she can’t hide from her decision.

    On a side note, I hope Jenn and Brett can someday put this behind them and be friends again. Heck, maybe even start texting. I really truly think someday they’ll look back on this and have a good laugh.

  3. Ummm. . . . . . wouldn’t she had to of spurned his advances or tell him “NO” for someone to even consider this a sexual harassment case.

    I don’t remember reading or hearing anything about her telling him to ‘beat it’

  4. I don’t remember reading or hearing anything about her telling him to ‘beat it’

    No, that’s what she texted him after he sent the pics.

  5. This whole mess played its role in distracting the Vikings in their loss to the Jets earlier in the year. Now its just a footnote in Favre’s sorry fall from grace and just yet another embarrassing episode that pales in comparison to the Love Boat, Whizanator, and Stringer’s death for the Viking’s franchise.

  6. Who cares, God-del and his cronies dragged there feet all the way through the season on this one. Farve is done and will be held high above all NFL players for life. Farve and the Jets have had a few nicks and scrapes and league office seems to be fine with it.

  7. Jenn and goodell are dragging this out like one of brett’s retirement decisions. Long past the point of relevance.

    Either her attorney is in way over his head, or she is a dope, or Goodell is hoping this story buries itself, or

    D. all of the above.

  8. Farve is used up and every adult male has seen Jenn naked. Although, most of us admire their work, for the love of god, can this story please go away?

    Amazing, the attention seeking girl in the low cut top and short skirt got hit on at the office by the creapy old guy and now can’t understand how she gave him the wrong impression!

  9. @Jimmy1Smith

    a) Get a job – you’re all over these boards, so you can’t possibly be employed
    b) Favre’s actions in 2008 do not reflect on the Vikings organization, no matter how much you want them to.
    c) Favre’s drinking, drug addiction and behavior while a member of the Packers, however, does reflect on your organization. We’ll just add it to your Johnny Jolly ‘purple drank’ scandal and charges of sexual assault that occured against one of your other team members. Amazing how much trouble people can get into in a dinky little town like Green Bay. Or – maybe that’s what drives them to that behavior.

  10. Woahh, let’s not forget that Brett isn’t all that great.. He has a lot of records but most come from that he’s been in the league for twenty years.. More than likely Peyton and Brady will break his td passes and most yards in a couple years anyway and we will forget all about mr. Favre

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