Clinton Portis: “I got good football left”

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Redskins tailback Clinton Portis landed on injured reserve with a torn groin muscle in late November. Now 29 years old, Portis will finish the 2010 season having missed 19 of his last 32 possible games. Only four active running backs have more career carries: LaDainian Tomlinson, 31 years old, Fred Taylor, 34, Thomas Jones, 32, and Ricky Williams, 33.

Portis told the Washington Post Wednesday that he still believes he can be a “top-flight back” in the NFL.

“I know I got good football left in me,” said Portis. “I think being fresh, having been really in the last two years not having a lot of contact, I think the two injuries — going out with a concussion, and then the torn groin — was really fluke injuries. I don’t think that’s wear and tear, like ‘oh his body broke down.’ I think that was just fluke injuries.”

Portis did show a bit of spark with 32 yards on five carries in Week Eleven at Tennessee, but ultimately didn’t exceed 13 rushing attempts after receiving eighteen in the Redskins’ opener. Odds are, his body has broken down.

Portis also reiterated that he would like to play another year in Washington, but not with a pay cut.

“I played for pennies in Denver,” said Portis. “And I guess would be considered awesome [in his time as a Bronco]. And I gave everything I had in Washington, D.C., and was supposedly overpaid. … So that’s up to them. I can’t sit here and say, ‘ooh, I want to take a pay cut.’ I really want a pay raise, to be honest.”

He was apparently joking with the last comment.

Portis is due $8.254 million in 2011 salary, none of which is guaranteed. Rather than speaking to the local rags, he might be better off pushing his wares in running back-needy cities like Indianapolis, Miami, Cincinnati, and Seattle.

Because he won’t be back in D.C.

23 responses to “Clinton Portis: “I got good football left”

  1. ““I played for pennies in Denver,” said Portis”

    Portis has always been an a-hole and this statement confirms he hasn’t changed. Even if he played for NFL minimum to say he “played for pennies” is an outright insult to every fan who pays his salary.

    I hope he never plays another down in the NFL, let the greedy little pig go play in the UFL or CFL.

  2. Unfortunately for Portis, the best football he has ahead of him is sitting on his couch with his XBox on.

  3. Portis has good football left? Whatever crack Clinton Portis is on, can I please have some? He has a lot of miles on those tires and not much tread left, if any.

  4. Clinton Portis, “I got good football left.”
    Okie-dokie P-man take some time and heal then, put up or shut up. Ummm, you might want to take some English lessons from a reputable educational institution while in that healing process. Just a thought. Don’t worry about the money, just play the football OR go home.

  5. Clin-ton Portis is a complete moron. The “U” needs to remove any evidence that he was ever a student there. He is an embarrassment to mankind, his university, his family, the city of Washington and anything else he is associated with. When I teach my children life lessons one day I will use Portis as an example and then play nearly ever interview sound byte he has ever had to prove “It is better to be thought a fool then to open your mouth and prove it.”

  6. He does not need to put it out there in other cities as you suggest because you have done this for him. I believe this site is widely read by everyone in the NFL media as a clearinghouse for info. Good job.

  7. Do people that post here even watch football? Im convinced they just watch Fox News and then come here to be loudmouths. Portis was a great back in Washington and always gave everything he had. Love that he speaks his mind. He may not have anything left, but he was always a solid player when healthy. Good luck 26.

  8. Paid pennies in Denver? That’s a slap in the face to every fan that has ever purchased a ticket or even flipped on the tube to watch this boob play.

    Pennies!?! Who does he think was responsible for paying him his pittance? Schmoes like me making salaries in the $40-80K range at jobs that they bust their tails at 365 days of the year. And unlike Portis, most of us had to actually attend classes at our universities, learn the material, pass the classes, and graduate to make the “penny (what’s less than pennies?)” that each of us make.

    What a jackass! I know it’s in poor taste to wish injury on people, but seriously, $8 mil a season for being a loudmouth idiot that didn’t come close to producing….???? What did the team get for their money? $8 mil + poor performance + his moronic rants = 2 torn ACLs + torn groin + multiple concussions + a torn achilles.

  9. Portis did give everything he had here in D.C. and I respect him for that. He has always been a blow-hard jackass with a giant ego, but he HAS sacrificed his body for this city and seems to have a decent heart.

    Next year, he deserves to split time with another back on some other playoff caliber team in need of an RB. Please don’t come back to Washington though; we are in rebuild mode and don’t need you.

  10. If Portis doesn’t appreciate his “pennies,” he can send them to me. I will accept them in cold hard change, checks or money orders.

  11. Glad to see another Skins fan appreciated him when he was healthy. His preseason tackle that knocked him out for the first few weeks in 07 is stikk one of the best football plays I have ever seen. Incredibly stupid, but great.

  12. @chapnastier

    And while your at it tell your kids that Portis has done, seen and will have more than you ever will in your life.


    So your saying Portis did nothing in Washington? If so then you really need to learn the game. And to be pissed because he got 8 mil a year. You think he held a gun to Snyder and made him write the contract? Is it his fault he didnt have to go to class and makes millions and you dont. But like everyone else on here that just loves to bash everything I’m sure you would be first to run up to Portis if you see him out somewhere and tell him how great he is and what a big fan you are.

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