Jed York wants to talk to Bill Parcells

San Francisco 49ers president Jed York would like to have a word with Bill Parcells.

But before 49ers fans get excited about the prospect of Parcells coming in to turn their franchise around, we should add that those discussions aren’t likely to go beyond York getting a recommendation from Parcells about candidates for general manager and head coach.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that York intends to contact Parcells, who’s currently a Dolphins consultant, and get his opinion of 49ers V.P. of player personnel Trent Baalke, who is likely to be promoted to general manager.

Parcells hired Baalke as a scout for the Jets in 1998, and Peter King of Sports Illustrated tweeted last night that Baalke visited Parcells in Florida yesterday.

York also plans to ask Parcells for his thoughts on where the 49ers are and who they should bring in — both as general manager and as head coach — to get to where they want to go. But as King also tweeted, Parcells isn’t likely to go back to running an NFL team. He’s more likely to head back to Bristol and back to working for ESPN.

18 responses to “Jed York wants to talk to Bill Parcells

  1. First of all, why would York be allowed to consult with someone who is still under contract with another NFL team?

  2. I give Ireland a passing grade.

    After all it was Sparano that shattered Hennes confidence. And it was Sparano that allowed Henning to kick all those field goals or allow him to run a conservative offense.

  3. richm2256 says:
    Dec 29, 2010 12:11 PM
    First of all, why would York be allowed to consult with someone who is still under contract with another NFL team?

    I thought he was out of his contract and merely a consultant now?

    But talking to Parcells can’t hurt. Talk to people that know, get multiple opinions and then make a decision based off of that.

    Talk to Parcells, Marty Schottenheimer, Gil Brandt, etc, just pick their brains. See if maybe you can get some sort of consensus about what to do. Pay them for a week as a consultant and be done with it.

  4. Parcells is an arrogant carpetbagging turd. The game passed him by 10 years ago. I would’nt let him “shop for my groceries” if my goal was to make my team better. He can’t do the job anymore plus he’s a major league prick. Good luck with that SF fans!

  5. Funny thing about that groceries comment is that it was with respect to Terry Glenn, who Parcells even had playing for him well past her prime in Dallas.

    Maybe Parcells shouldn’t be allowed to shop for his own groceries.

  6. Jed also want to speak with Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, the Dahli Lama, and the Pope, but those will have to wait a bit until he establishes himself as an NFL owner.

  7. I’m a Steeler Fan, and even I can see that the ability of prior Big Names is over-rated. Parcells for all his success, has just as many failures. And now you would have to factor in his lack of energy and day to day operating practices ….he isn’t prepared to put in the hours, miles, and time to get the 49ers turned around.

    Examples in the league are how Pioli hired Haley and the Chiefs have turned around. Dimitroff took the reins over in Atlanta and now Falcons are on pace for winning seasons.

    Look at the Saints, Colts, Steelers, Ravens, and Chargers ….find that cap guru or Asst Draft specialist, maybe the Business Development VP who serves the President (owner) of the team.
    Ozzie Newsome with the Ravens seems to have the Ravens ready & competitive every year.
    And what about Loomis or Harley with Saints? Give / Offer one of these people the chance to mold the team from Coach, QB – Draft, to Team development.

  8. dcfinfan says:
    Umm, SF, have you seen the current state of the Dolphins? Why would anyone hire Parcells after the mess he created in Miami?


    I think a better coach could do something with the tremendous talent down in Miami.

  9. Two years into his gig and Jed finally seems to be realizing that he doesn’t know what he’s doing and needs to consult with someone who actually has experience (hopefully Matt Millen won’t be next on the list). Maybe Parcells can also give him some “surprise” plays for the next coach.

  10. well up here north of daytwa, i can tell yall henne wasnt really the answer. long was a good draft pick, obviously. he is a fixture for 10 more years.

    henne never could handle pressure. and with long there, there isnt as much as there could be.

    at this point they need to bring in competition if they dont want to make thigpen henne’s competition. thigpen actually looked good for a lousy kc team a few years ago.

    and unlike henne, thigpen can move. real well.

  11. So Parcelles hires Sparano, lets Jason Taylor go and doesn’t even go after a decent QB and Miami is where in the standings? Oh wait, that sounds like a perfect fit for SF. I hope they pay him 4 million a year, then they’d be really really good.

    Maybe the Raiders will make a counter offer and Bill can go after Moss, and then……well you get the idea.

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