Niners claim they won’t lay down for higher draft pick

Last week at this time, the 5-9 49ers remained very much alive for the NFC West crown.  Indeed, if they’d merely beaten the Rams, San Fran would be playing for a playoff spot on Sunday against the lowly Cardinals.

Now, at 5-10, the Niners are playing for pride.  But real pride in the future would be more easily attained if the Niners score a higher draft pick.

And as Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury News points out, the Niners could land anywhere from No. 2 to No. 13 in the 2011 draft order.  But with a strong incentive to not win this week, the Niners don’t plan to try to lose.

“Whenever we step out on that field, it’s our job to give 100 percent at whatever we do,” offensive coordinator Mike Johnson told Brown.

The easiest way to justify such an approach would be to explain that the 49ers want to evaluate their young players.

“No, absolutely not,” interim head coach Jim Tomsula said.  “It’s crystal clear where our approach is here. . . .  The evaluation process is ongoing always.  Yeah, I understand all that and where we are with our record.  But what we’re preparing for is to go in and compete to win.”

It’s easy for guys like Johnson and Tomsula to focus only on the next game because it very likely will be their last game with the 49ers.  Why should they care about San Fran’s draft position in 2011 if they’ll be washed out of town with the rest of the coaching staff?  It’s in their own best interests to go out with a bang, and so they’ll try.

Whether owner Jed York or G.M.-in-waiting Trent Baalke are actually rooting for them to succeed is another story.

8 responses to “Niners claim they won’t lay down for higher draft pick

  1. 49ers will beat the Cardinals, making Jerry Jones even more MAD.

    Sadly Jason Garrett is a sideline puppet and relatively fair student of the game at best. When he doesn’t get the HC nod, he’ll be gone.

    Frankly, that will be good for Dallas, since Jerry has kept him on for sentimental reasons.

    Let’s hope such misplaced sentiment and JJ’s ego both take a hit with the next hiring, getting Dallas back on top.

  2. No one plays for a draft position because coaching staff can be replaced for poor performance, they don’t have job security, and players don’t want a high proced rookie taking their job so they play hard to keep theirs.

  3. Um this really is not newsworthy. When the Niners or any team come out and say we are going to throw the game so that we receive a higher draft pick, than right the story.

  4. “We won’t lay down for it……Hell, we’ll come to your house in a Lil Bo Peep outfit, get down on all fours on your kitchen table and let your buddies from work watch!”.

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