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Merriman hints at “exciting news” for Bills fans

After the Bills claimed linebacker Shawne Merriman on waivers, Merriman suffered an injury during his first practice with the team, and he never played in a game for the Bills before landing on injured reserve for the second time this season.  Most assumed he’d become an unrestricted free agent in 2011 and leave Buffalo in his rear-view mirror.

On Friday, Merriman posted a new entry on his Twitter page that has Bills fans buzzing about the possibility that Merriman will be staying.

“Since I said #2011 is about accomplishing its also about proving and if your a #Bills fan I have some exciting news coming!!!” Merriman writes.

The obvious inference is that Merriman will be signing a new contract with the team, which would get him paid now in lieu of having to wait for the 2011 league year to commence and the free-agency period to begin.  With the labor situation unsettled, Merriman may not become a free agent until July, August, September, or even later.

It also would mean that Merriman’s agent has explored the potential market for Merriman’s services and decided to accept whatever offer the Bills are willing to make.  (Technically, it’s tampering for other teams to talk about what they’d pay, hypothetically and for example, a pass-rushing linebacker who has been riddled with injuries and ineffective play for the past several years.  But it happens all the time.)

So even though Merriman presumably had no interest in staying with the Bills and even less interest in signing a contract without first becoming an unrestricted free agent, he may be realizing that, under the unique circumstances presented by the 2011 league year, it’s in his best interests to re-up with the Bills, possibly on a short-term deal that gives him a chunk of money now and the rest of it when the 2011 regular season begins.

Whenever that may be.

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33 Responses to “Merriman hints at “exciting news” for Bills fans”
  1. dolphindad says: Jan 1, 2011 2:24 PM

    actually, the news is that the Bills are moving to L.A. and fans in Buffalo will finally be put out of their misery!

  2. dirtdawg55 says: Jan 1, 2011 2:25 PM

    It would be more exciting news for Bills fans if they didn’t sign him. I wouldn’t tie up $1 of cap money in this clown.

    Maybe his exciting news is a reconciliation with Tia Tequila? And she’s going to move to Buffalo? That should sparkle that crap hole up a bit.

  3. lennydpocketqb says: Jan 1, 2011 2:25 PM

    Bills fans have suffered so much, I can’t see how this is a good signing.

  4. jhorton83 says: Jan 1, 2011 2:36 PM

    Yes Shawne, I’m sure Bills fans will be incredibly excited at the news that they’ve re-signed a player who hasn’t played a down for them this season and hasn’t been any good since 2007.

  5. cuzz4169 says: Jan 1, 2011 2:45 PM

    The exciting news would be he’s leaving….scrub.

  6. raiderapologist says: Jan 1, 2011 2:48 PM

    Must be some hard times in Buffalo if “exciting news” is a tease from this bum.

  7. pooflingingmonkey says: Jan 1, 2011 2:49 PM

    I think Bills fans would be more excited if he said he wasn’t coming back.

  8. ampats says: Jan 1, 2011 2:55 PM

    Maybe he is announcing he is going to sign with a CFL team.

    My bet is most Bills fans could care less if he signs with the team. Everyone saw how well that turned out this season or last with the Chargers.

  9. gixrider says: Jan 1, 2011 2:59 PM

    I’m curious Bills fans…..would signing him be considered “exciting news”?

  10. carryingweight says: Jan 1, 2011 3:06 PM

    I hope they get what they paid for at some point.

  11. kegpack says: Jan 1, 2011 3:10 PM

    Exciting news??? Dick Jauron sleeping would be more exciting. This has-been idolizes himself too much.

  12. bravin4evr says: Jan 1, 2011 3:11 PM

    He’s retiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. pervyharvin says: Jan 1, 2011 3:23 PM

    The only news that would excite Bills fans is that Merriman is leaving town. Now that he found out other teams give a ratts ass about him,he wants to stay. Is there enough juice in Buffalo to make him good again??

  14. jamie54 says: Jan 1, 2011 3:23 PM

    Yea, and if I come back I might even stay upright long enough to make a tackle, for once.

  15. xli2006 says: Jan 1, 2011 3:26 PM

    Wouldn’t the “exciting” news for Bills fans be that he’s leaving the Bills?

  16. jameswestphal says: Jan 1, 2011 3:30 PM

    Wow. This dude is a clown.

  17. tominmilwaukee says: Jan 1, 2011 3:32 PM

    Maybe the “exciting news” is he finally found the “juice” man in Buffalo……

  18. macker1283 says: Jan 1, 2011 3:32 PM

    The ego on these pro athletes is hilarious. A washed up “hanging by a thread” player like this should be thankful that a franchise in the NFL would even want him.

    “So even though Merriman presumably had no interest in staying with the Bills…”

    Oh what, he doesn’t like the city of Buffalo? Its too cold? He can’t party it up on South Beach like he could with a team like Miami? This guy has a chance in the next year or two to be out of football for good and hes worried about what team he plays for. Friggin hilarious. Ask a guy like Jamal Lewis right now if he would play for Buffalo.

    And believe me, i’m from New England and am no Bills fan, but stories like this just make me laugh.

  19. harrisonhits2 says: Jan 1, 2011 3:39 PM

    ” Most assumed he’d become an unrestricted free agent in 2011 and leave Buffalo in his rear-view mirror.”

    Yeah, and headed for the UFL or CFL.

  20. dcpatfan says: Jan 1, 2011 3:40 PM

    I thought the “exciting” news was for Bills fans…not for Patriot fans.

  21. dublniklz says: Jan 1, 2011 3:42 PM

    He’s going to re-sign with the Bills and start taking steroids again so he can be a good football player.

  22. canadianvikingfaniii says: Jan 1, 2011 3:43 PM

    Free Roids for everyone who buys his jersey!

  23. nygiantstones says: Jan 1, 2011 3:52 PM

    Are there even any Bills fans left to care? Do people still live in Buffalo? I just assumed it was one of those post-apocalyptic towns where industry left and the population followed. You know, like Cleveland.

  24. george1859 says: Jan 1, 2011 3:53 PM

    Easy dolphin dad.
    Your team is even worse, you are just too stupid to see it.

    Take your weak, steroid bones and bring them back to SD.
    Buffalo isn’t your kind of town. If you knew that, you wouldn’t have mentioned “exciting” and yourself in the same sentence until you prove it here..

  25. bodybaggame says: Jan 1, 2011 3:59 PM

    Nobody else is willing to pay for my 16 game salary, of which i will probably play 4 or 5. So, I’m stayin….Aren’t ya excited?

  26. skoobyfl says: Jan 1, 2011 4:13 PM

    Bills are owned outright with no debt, so why they would move after 50 years and nearly a sellout every game seems beyond me. Link on that?

  27. help me says: Jan 1, 2011 4:21 PM

    Merriman has an inflated sense of self-worth if he thinks Bills fans would be excited to see him signed to a deal.

  28. nokoolaidcowboy says: Jan 1, 2011 4:24 PM

    Wow, Merriman really thinks highly of himself.

  29. Robert says: Jan 1, 2011 4:30 PM

    Who’s Shawn Merriman?

  30. wallacejay says: Jan 1, 2011 4:57 PM

    Doubt it. Just shut up and try making it thru a full practice

  31. cadidliac says: Jan 1, 2011 6:39 PM

    It’s a low risk signing and a good one. Even if he isn’t the player he once was he will provide veteran leadership to the young Bills D. Something they lack along with tallent so there is plenty of work to be done here.

  32. steelers6pack says: Jan 1, 2011 8:32 PM

    Excitign news is that Tila Tequila will be a Bills game next year and serve Merriman with a law suit!

  33. wwwmattcom says: Jan 2, 2011 12:17 PM

    DolphinDad, haha, moron, too much sun.

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