DeMarcus Ware wins NFL sack crown

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After a huge game in a season-ending win against the Eagles, Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware is the NFL’s 2010 sack leader.

Ware recorded three sacks today against the Eagles, giving him 15.5 for the season. That puts him in first place in the league, ahead of Kansas City’s Tamba Hali (14.5), Miami’s Cameron Wake (14.0) and Green Bay’s Clay Matthews (13.5).

Ware also led the league in sacks in 2008, with 20.0. He now joins Mark Gastineau in 1983–84, Reggie White in 1987–88, Kevin Greene in 1994 and 1996 and Michael Strahan in 2001 and 2003 as the only players to lead the league in sacks more than once since the NFL started recording individual sacks in 1982.

As a pass rusher you always want to be No. 1,” Ware said. “Hopefully it ends up that way. That way you know that hard work really paid off.”

Ware, who also scored a touchdown today on a fumble return, has 80.0 sacks in his six-year career.

21 responses to “DeMarcus Ware wins NFL sack crown

  1. He’s also the only player to have 10+ sacks in his first 5 years, ever.

    Face it, the guy is amazing.

    Thanks to the Eagles for putting their BU LT on Ware all night.

  2. Ware has had a great season! And he’s just getting started. I can’t wait to see him playing in the Super Bowl in Jerry’s new pleasure dome!

    Oh wait! You say the ‘most talented team in the NFL’ finished 6-10? How did that ever happen?

  3. Where’s the post pointing out the absurdity of Tamba Hali leading the AFC in sacks yet not even making the Pro Bowl?

  4. mimitaroo says:
    “Helps when all three division rivals have sieves for O-lines where he likely recorded over half those sacks”

    In two games against NY, he had one sack total.

  5. Oh, look at all the haters.. A sack is a sack. He got 3 against the Sheagles. just another day at the office… Oh which by the way are headed to the play-offs. And the rest off everybody else they played. He’s been putting QB’s on their butt since his 1st season. Don’t hate, congratulate. Face it, the boy is bad…

  6. Have fun at the 2011 NFL Draft Dallas Cowboy fans! That’s about all you have to look forward to, for awile!


    “Sheagles” huh….well your team almost lost to a bunch of back-up “Sheagles”! We already know what happened when you played the first string “Sheagles”(12/12/10).
    It’s funny to see Dallas Cowboy fans, grasp for any sort of trash talk during a 6-10 season. I also like how Dallas Cowboy fans are “shocked” they went 6-10. LAST SEASON was the shocking season…they actually overachieved. A 6-10 season fits right in with the Dallas Cowboys 15 year plan!
    What a joke of a franchise!

  7. @rickah8888

    “…almost lost to a bunch of back-up ‘Sheagles'”…. or did the Eagle’s lose to a 3rd string QB??

    I love it. The Cowboys have their worst season in 6 years and end up a only 4 games behind the division winning Eagles. Hell, if you consider the ridiculous losses vs. N.O. & Ari, they’d only be 2 games behind. Not to mention the Eagle’s didn’t even have enough respect for themselves to play a division opponent with their starters, Just to rest so they can have yet another season with no SB to fit in with their “45 year plan”! Talk about a joke of a franchise!

    Yea genius, the Cowboys last year record of 11-5 must have been a real shock to Philly fans after they dismantled the Eagles 3 times.
    (11/08/09, 01/03/10, 01/09/10)
    Come to think of it, the Eagles haven’t beaten the Cowboys in consecutive matchups since 2006. And with last nights win, the Cowboys still have 3 wins over the Eagles in the last year.

    While I’m disappointed the Cowboys didn’t end up with a higher draft pick, I do relish in the idea that even in the lowest of Cowboys seasons in some time, they split all division rivalries. So Eagle’s fans, enjoy your 1 (MAAAAYBE 2) weeks of playoff football. Considering the unimpressive 2-2 record against playoff teams in the regular season. and an even more unimpressive 8-4 against non playoff teams, i wouldn’t expect it to last too long.

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