Jason Garrett the “likely choice” in Dallas

Owner Jerry Jones may be “mad as hell,” but apparently he’s not mad enough to tell his interim head coach to go there.

Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Jason Garrett is the “likely choice” to get the permanent job.

Hill points out that, although Jones has not yet interviewed receivers coach Ray Sherman for the job, Jones will interview Sherman and one other outside minority candidate to double-comply with the Rooney Rule.  Even though some may think it looks like a sham, John Wooten of the Fritz Pollard Alliance isn’t crying foul.

“All we want them to do is to follow the rule they accepted and voted on,” Wooten told Hill.  “Just follow the procedure.  If there is an opening, a team has to interview a minority.  We don’t want the interview by telephone.  We don’t want any shenanigans.  We want those guys interviewed.”
So interviewing a guy in person automatically ensures that there will be no “shenanigans”?
It would be different, as we pointed out recently, if Sherman were a guy who was moving toward the fringes of the “A” list, like Leslie Frazier in the recent past.  But Sherman isn’t regarded as a legitimate head-coaching candidate; heck, he isn’t even regarded any longer as a legitimate offensive coordinator candidate.
Perhaps Sherman thinks that getting his name out there could create for him another shot at being a coordinator again.  And perhaps that’s the trade off for participating in what some may think is a sham interview.

2 responses to “Jason Garrett the “likely choice” in Dallas

  1. The Rooney rule is an absurdity in any case. I have no idea why you seem to think its such a big deal. I don’t recall PFT having this kind of orgasam over it last year when ‘The Danny’ made a mockery of it (by conducting the phone interview you refer to) on the way to hiring Shanahan. Guess its just something else for you to throw in Jerry’s direction.

  2. Another Jerry Jones ‘yes man’. If Jerry is still going to be the GM, then expect the same results. Jones will be so stressed out this time next year, that he will have to have another facelift and double botox treatments. Way to go Jerry.

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