Mora denies rumor that he’s on the Niners’ radar

There’s a rumor making the rounds that the 49ers will augment their search for a new G.M. via a smattering of men who currently are working in an NFL front office with a coaching search that includes a guy who isn’t currently coaching an NFL team.

As the rumor goes, former Falcons and Seahawks coach Jim Mora will interview for the job that will be vacated later today, after Jim Tomsulo surrenders the “interim” label and gets back to worrying about when and if he’ll be fired with the rest of the staff.

Mora says the rumor is incorrect.

“Not even close,” Mora told PFT.  “Just here to do their game for FOX.”

Mora previously served as defensive coordinator of the 49ers before becoming the head coach in Atlanta.  He currently works for NFL Network and FOX.

10 responses to “Mora denies rumor that he’s on the Niners’ radar

  1. This guy thinks he is better than he actually is. If not for his dad, he would have been working outside the NFL.

  2. as a defensive coordinator yes. Head Coach he has burned that bridge for a good 5-10 years before he could be given a chance again.

  3. Hiring Jim Mora wouldn’t be that stupid, even though he is old. Hiring Jim Mora JR. would be moronic. He sucks!

  4. If the Niners are looking for a coach who blames everyone except himself when things go south, Mora is the go-to guy – otherwise, keep looking.

  5. Jim Mora, Jr. Yikes.
    If my grandfather was Vince Lombardi I would automatically be a better HC candidate than that incompetant “analyst”.

  6. Mike you seem to think Tomsulo is worried about being fired when he is on a one week calender period. Coaches like him don’t have to worry about being fired good teams will pick him, and like him up in a second.
    Hopefully a new GM and coach will look at how they can build a new program for winning, without throwing the baby out with the wash.

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