This one’s for John: Elway set to run Broncos

John Elway is ready to run the football operations of the Denver Broncos.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Elway and the Broncos have reached agreement on a deal that will make Elway an executive VP of the team.  The Denver Post reported all week that Elway’s hiring was imminent and wrote Sunday morning that Elway will get the title of VP of football operations.  That’s the same title Mike Shanahan held in Denver when he wielded total authority over all things Broncos for more than a decade.

G.M. Brian Xanders will reportedly answer to Elway and Schefter reports the first order of business for Elway will be to try to hire Jim Harbaugh from Stanford.  (Wonder if Elway has any connections there?)

Everyone around the team insists this is more than a P.R. move and Elway will truly be running the show despite no NFL experience.

That’s exactly what has the rest of the NFL smiling and nodding.

28 responses to “This one’s for John: Elway set to run Broncos

  1. “Everyone around the team insists this is more than a P.R. move and Elway will truly be running the show despite no NFL experience”
    Maybe no NFL front office experience, but I think John Elway may qualify as having a little more NFL experience than your average Joe…

  2. I guess Denver has taken a page from the Detroit Lions debacle… “MATT MILLEN”!!! Enough said!!!

  3. It’s funny those who know nothing about John Elway’s life growing up around football more than the normal football player combined with his ownership of an Arena Football League team, he’s definitely heads and shoulders above Matt Millen for which most of you guys are comparing him to. He has more experience than a lot of former players and is more than qualified to be in the Executive VP position.

  4. i just had fried polish sausage, scrambled eggs and rye toast for breakfast….boy was it good.

  5. Elway has performed well at everything he has been involved in. He dodged the colts at the draft won a couple rings and started and sold multiple businesses in Denver other the. The arena league went south but it’s hard to pin hat one on him

  6. P.R. move. And one that could backfire horribly.

    remember Dan Marino? Any chance he makes a run at Houston offensive coordinator Rick Dennison?

  7. “growing up around football more than the normal football player combined with his ownership of an Arena Football League team”

    Arena Football League?!? (fighting back laughter to the point of tears..)

  8. This is great news. I live in Denver, hate the Broncos, and this should keep them in the basement for years. Elway doesn’t have the business smarts (see him get bilked for millions in a ponzi scheme a few months ago) like Marino did when he figured out he was in over his head. Elway will be stupid enough to stay in it and sink the ship.

  9. OH I get it now!! I always thought when the owner was holding up the trophy he said “This one`s for the John” Meaning he was going to display it in his bathroom.

  10. Robot! Robot! Robot!
    Quinnbott! Quinnbott! Quinbott!

    Wonder how long it will take JE to run the Quinnbott out of town and perhaps out of the league?

  11. This should work out well. I look forward to Denver making all the wrong decisions over the next few years

  12. What gives anybody the right experience for a job that has only a handful of openings in the world. My guess is that Elway will not just be capable but exceptional.

  13. Everyone comparing Elway to Millen and Marino, but what about Ozzie Newsome? He has done a superb job in Baltimore. Elway will have a GM, and hopefully some scouts that aren’t afraid to disagree with him. Give the guy a chance. How many qualified people that become GM’s fail? I bet it’s more than 50%. Time will tell, but give him 2-3 years to right the ship.

  14. Cueball07

    Usually VP of Football Operations start as scouts, then work their way up to Assistant GM positions, then GM positions, and finally VP of Football Operations.

  15. Elway is not picking players.

    “Football is what I know the best,” Elway said. “I’m not interested in being a head coach. I’m not interested in being a general manager. I don’t have that kind of experience to be able to pick those players day in and day out and such.”

    also look at Jack Elway, his dad…he was director of pro scouting for the broncos 93-99. Did anything good happen in those years? Just saying he might have learned a thing or two…

  16. Hope Horseface is getting paid in oats. If he and Celine Dion would mate we could have a triple crown winner! I don’t think that Elway is suited for this role; he has zero experience in the front office. This could be the NFL’s version of Michael Jordan’s stint as GM or owner. Hey Donks enjoy looking up at the Raiders! HAHAHAHAH

  17. if he goes after Harbaugh he is a dummy. The Broncs do not need another experiment at the helm. The should grab somebody with expericence…Fisher, Singletary, Nolan, Malarkey etc

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