2011 NFL Draft order set

The NFL has officially announced the 2011 draft order, with the Carolina Panthers on the clock and the Broncos, Bills and Bengals coming up next.

Only the order for the first 20 picks can be determined until the playoffs. The Super Bowl winner picks 32nd and the Super Bowl loser picks 31st. The losers of the conference championship games will choose 29th and 30th and the teams that lose in the divisional playoffs will pick 25th through 29th.

The first round of the draft takes place Thursday, April 28. The second and third rounds are Friday, April 29 and Rounds 4-7 are Saturday, April 30.

The draft order is below.

1. Carolina Panthers
2. Denver Broncos
3. Buffalo Bills
4. Cincinnati Bengals
5. Arizona Cardinals
6. Cleveland Browns
7. San Francisco 49ers
8. Tennessee Titans
9. Dallas Cowboys
10. Washington Redskins
11. Houston Texans
12. Minnesota Vikings
13. Detroit Lions
14. St. Louis Rams
15. Miami Dolphins
16. Jacksonville Jaguars
17. Oakland Raiders
18. San Diego Chargers
19. New York Giants
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
21. Seattle Seahawks*
22. Kansas City Chiefs*
23. Indianapolis Colts*
24. Philadelphia Eagles*
25. Green Bay Packers*
26. New Orleans Saints*
27. Chicago Bears*
28. New York Jets*
29. Baltimore Ravens*
30. Pittsburgh Steelers*
31. Atlanta Falcons*
32. New England Patriots*
*- Subject to Playoffs

43 responses to “2011 NFL Draft order set

  1. I’d love to know why the NY Giants had the playoff tiebreaker edge over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yet somehow also get to draft ahead of them.

  2. The top two teams have Clausen and Tebow as their QBs, but the Bills, Bengals, and Cardinals all look like prime candidates to lure into a bidding war if they want a franchise QB. Mallett and Luck could go 1-2 (not necessarily in that order) if that happens.

  3. It should come as no surprise that Mike Vick is back in the league. Most of the 20 teams that didn’t make the playoffs are completely hopeless at the most important position in the game. With the exception of San Diego, St. Louis, Tampa, Dallas and Houston, the teams that missed the playoffs did so primarily because their QB’s should not be playing the position professionally. No wonder Favre keeps coming back, he sees that the majority of these guys stink. Plus the jury is still out on Romo, Sanchez, etc.

  4. @raiderredleg – Belichick isn’t trading down. I would be shocked if he actually uses that draft pick. He’ll trade out of one of those 1st round picks for a first next year and maybe another second or third. He never blows all his picks in one draft – thats why he has more than 10 picks every single year.

  5. Giants got the edge due to strength of Schedule tiebreaker… Same reason they had tiebreaker over them in event for playoff spot

  6. Tampa Bay has the higher draft pick because strength of schedule (opponent win percentage) is the ONLY tiebreaker used to determine draft order. Playoff tiebreakers don’t apply.

  7. why is it with this not being the Official line-up since the playoffs and SB haven’t yet to be played does this list reflect NE at 32 ….. did somebody purposefully put them there due to the best record currently – or possibly since they would like to believe it’s a forlone conclusion NE will win* the SB** ….. despicable !!

    * playoffs are just about to begin – nobody has won anything!

    **Ha – sorry I had to post at least one borderline rabid fan – conspiracy theory rant, so anybody who just took those other lines above seriously – I’m simply kidding.

  8. facebook.com/joesimmonscomic AKA Slow Joe (Bucs fan) says:
    Jan 3, 2011 11:46 AM
    I’d love to know why the NY Giants had the playoff tiebreaker edge over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yet somehow also get to draft ahead of them.


    The tie breaker in the draft is Strength of Schedule. The team with the weaker schedule drafts first. I guess in the NFL’s eyes those are truly the “worse” teams because they had the same record with a weaker schedule….

  9. Giants draft ahead of Bucs because they had an easier schedule based on this year’s final records.

  10. Tiebreaker for draft position is strength of schedule.

    There are a myriad of tiebreakers for wildcard playoff spots before strength of schedule. Conference record, common opponents, etc.

  11. @Slow Joe & krycek

    The draft tiebreaker starts with (reverse) strength of schedule, whereas the wild card starts with games in common & conference record. Not saying it’s fair, but that’s why.

  12. I’m more excited about that #33 (first pick in second) than the 17th…odds are they’ll actually use the 33 pick with the 17th traded for a 2012 first round and a 2011 late second/early third.

  13. BREAKING NEWS……………The Lions aren’t even in the top 10 of the draft! Take note Millen you Jackhole!

  14. in another bold move by NE – and questionable move by Oak., NE will switch their first round pick w/ Oak. …how? NE will give Oak the #17 pick (originally Oak’s) and than take the 2011 1st Oak pick – and get Oak’s 2010 2nd rd pick or 3rd rd pick.

    giving NE more picks and leverage for next rounds and next year’s draft. and Oak will just continue to supplement NE’s choke hold on the Draft.

  15. The #33 pick may have more trade value than picks 28-32: with the first round picks you will only have 15 minutes to consummate a trade knowing who all the available picks are, with the 33rd pick you have something like fourteen hours to find the best deal knowing who all the available players are.
    The Patriots will trade the 33rd for a 2012 first rounder and possibly something as high as a third rounder.
    They just lucked into that scenario though.

  16. My prediction: Panthers cut their losses on Clausen and draft Andrew Luck. Clausen wasn’t a first round draft pick, so it isn’t a huge mistake. If the Panthers decide to go forward with Clausen, they might exchange places with the Cardinals for an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick. In either case, I don’t see Andrew Luck being available for the Bills at #3, and frankly, I hope he isn’t….the Bills need a solid left tackle so Bell can go back to the right-hand side. Fitzpatrick proved his worth this year….especially after seeing what Brian Brohm was (wasn’t) able to accomplish with all the same tools.

  17. @Slow Joe – because the playoff tiebreaker came down to conference record which the Giants had a better one, and the draft order came down to strength of schedule, which the Giants played against a tougher schedule, so they get the benefit of the higher draft pick.

  18. Vikings # 12 ? Are you sure how can a team that wins the Super Bowl be # 12 without a trade?
    Oh that’s right they are the only team from the conference Championships last year not to make the Playoffs !!!!!
    Well at least they didn’t finish last in their division.
    Wait it looks like Detroit picks after them that means the Vikes were in last place. That’s ok they are sure to pick up an quality QB in the draft. Naw BrINT will be back next year better than ever
    Ted Thompson’s Manchurian QB worked just the way he wanted give the enemy a glimpse of hope then a few years of misery MWHAHAHAHAHAHA

  19. @jpmelon — I forgot that th Patriots get the Panthers 2nd round pick. That’s one of the best picks in the draft.

  20. Winning the NFC West is a mixed blessing for the anemic Seahawks.

    They dropped like 15 places in the draft!

    That has to hurt.

  21. The Patriots do not luck into anything off the field. It is all planned and done with purpose. On the field all teams who play hard receive their share of good bounces. Off the field it is all hard work and planning. Dan Snyder is proof of a reactionary front office. Oh, I like that one because…well I just do. Kind of similar to a ten yer old.

  22. I can’t call it entirely luck for the Patriots. BB has always been a genius at stacking the deck in his favor for the draft.

    And no, I don’t mean that as in they are cheating in some way to get picks, I mean that as in he sets himself up to be in the best possible position to maximize his number and quality of draft picks. Just ask Randy “They’re Holding Me Back, No Seriously” Moss.

  23. The Pats have 2 picks in the first round….2 picks in the second round….and 2 picks in the third round.

    The additional pick in the second round came via trade with Carolina who finished a the very bottom of the league and as such is the 33rd pick in the draft.

    BB has often traded out the current years draft for a higher round draft pick in the next years draft. He’s been executing a very deliberate policy of adding value to his draft pick endowment by trading time for position and/or additional picks. Most teams are foaming at the mouth to pick their golden boys. Belechick plays it a little bit more like a shrewd investor.

  24. Bucs fan- The tie breaker for the draft order is the strength of schedule while the tie breaker for playoffs is head to head, then conference record, then strength of victory. Since the Giants and Bucs never played each other and their conference record is the same, the Giants win the tie because their strength of victory is better than the Bucs. The Giants in turn get the higher draft pick because the Giants strength of schedule is worse than the Bucs. Meaning the Giants schedule was easier but they beat tougher teams than the Bucs did.

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