Pete Carroll doesn’t know his quarterback for next week

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has a high class problem for a 7-9 team: He doesn’t have a plan for what quarterback he’ll start in the playoffs.

“We just figure it out,” Carroll said via the Seattle Times.  “I don’t even know. You’re asking about next week? It’s not next week yet.”

It will be soon enough.  Charlie Whitehurst played solid football against the Rams Sunday night, but Hasselbeck’s experience would seemingly give him an edge against a Gregg Williams-coordinated Saints defense.

Hasselbeck looked close to ready Sunday night and the Seahawks seem to believe he gives them the best chance to win if healthy.

“I think even up until the final when we were going out, [Haseselbeck] was hoping I was going to give him the call,” Carroll said.  “But just the way the whole thing came around, his injury, I just thought he would be too vulnerable. If we didn’t have to play him it would be the best thing for us.”

7 responses to “Pete Carroll doesn’t know his quarterback for next week

  1. .
    he would have to be a complete idiot to not play hasselback at home…..
    of course u go with the guy that got u to 7-9 DUH….

    bob costas still crying about all this?

  2. Best Stat of the week:
    12 Playoff teams, 8 starting QBs taken in the 1st round, 4 starting QBs not taken in the first round.

    Those four? 2 drafted by New England, 2 drafted by San Diego…..

  3. In a moment of “stark” clarity, Seahawk’s Carroll will start Hasselbeck at QB for the game against the Saints, thereby insuring a “successful” 7-10 season.
    Whitehurst played “solid” football Sunday night and sort of pointed out the obvious flaws in Seahawk football strategy. Pete Carroll may be any number of things BUT, he is not capable of thinking outside the box. You know, that losing box?

  4. bspurloc “hasselback at home…..
    of course u go with the guy that got u to 7-9 DUH”

    .. well, Hasslebeck got the Seahawks to 6-8. Whitehurst won one game for us and lost one game for us. It took Hasslebeck AND Whitehurst to get us to 7-9.

  5. Pete Carrol should go back to California and bring Mike Singletary to Seattle to put the fear of God into non-performing Seahawk players.

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