Texans confirm Gary Kubiak is coming back

The Texans were smart to leak the news about Gary Kubiak’s return to Houston early.  That way, today’s announcement that Kubiak would return was met with disappointed acceptance in Houston rather than red-faced rage.

Owner Bob McNair made the news official at a press conference Monday, also indicating that the team will go after a “big name” defensive coordinator.  Kubiak said he’ll start talking to candidates as early as tonight, including Wade Phillips.

It’s widely believed Phillips is the favorite for the job if he wants it.    The new coordinator will have to build almost an entire staff because the Texans deposed three defensive coaches Monday in addition to coordinator Frank Bush.

Thanks to the unidentified Twitter use who used the image above as his avatar. Inspired.

8 responses to “Texans confirm Gary Kubiak is coming back

  1. That image is pretty funny. Texans fans, get ready for another year of mediocrity, crushing disappointment, late-game collapses, and failed expectations (otherwise known as Gary Kubiak football).

  2. Got an awesome facility, a team with some very big talent and yet they keep a proven loser of a coach that will guarantee the team underachieving.
    It’s bizarre
    One must ask, who does Kubiak have pictures on?? The guy flat out sucks as a HC. Why is he back?

  3. No change for the Jags. No change for the Titans (yet). No change for the Texans.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you your 2011 AFC South Champions…The Baltimore…err…Indianapolis Colts.

  4. It’s funny…Bum Phillips gave his endorsement of Kubiak. Next thing you know, not only are we stuck with Gary as the head coach- now Baby Bum is rumored to be our next defensive coordinator. So…Gary Kubiak gets to keep his job, even though he’s only had 1 winning season (9-6) in 5 years. Our defense was HORRIBLE…historically horrible. So, it makes sense to bring in a coach that was just fired in large part because of the poor play of his defense (remember- “Baby Bum” Wade Phillips acted as his own defensive coordinator in Dallas). This is turning into a real slap in the face to Texans fans. This stinks…we have an awesome stadium; we have tons of talented players (on offense). What we don’t have is an owner with the “footballs” needed to fire a nice guy that isn’t getting it done as the head coach.

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