UFL players still wait for final paychecks

On December 10, we reported that UFL players were still waiting to be paid their final game checks.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, they’re still waiting.

Players were under the impression they’d have their money by Christmas.  We’re now told that they’re being told it will come by the middle of January.

We assume that’s January of 2011, but at this point who knows?

9 responses to “UFL players still wait for final paychecks

  1. It was late in the season before most players learned that “UFL” was text message shorthand for “you fool”.

  2. first guys trying to make it in to or back to the NFL lose the chance due to high ransoms, now their meal money is being messed with.

  3. A decision was made in 2000 to make this country into another version of Mexico. Workers get screwed, no one cares or does anything about it.

    This is the America you wanted – “free market capitalism”. The kind that says employers don’t have to make good on their commitments, all jobs can be moved overseas, and speculators can artificially drive up the price of gas to over $3 on a whim. Oh, and your taxes will cover any losses they incur since the government will bail them out.

    As Bunk Moreland would say – “ya happy now, bitch”?

  4. The owners and executives of this league have lied to vendors AND players. Many people and companies doing business with them have not gotten paid. Check hotels, credit card companies and contractors.

    Wonder how Mr Polosi explains this to his wife?

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