Here’s today’s edition of PFT Live, with Goodell and Dungy

We’ll be posting specific blurb-worthy clips from today’s edition of ProFootballTalk Live later today.  For now, here’s a way to watch the entire show in three parts.  (Or you can click the box in the top corner of the page and watch the whole thing.)

Segment one looks at today’s developments in the quickly-churning coaching carousel.  Segment two features an interview with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  In segment three, Tony Dungy of NBC’s Football Night in America joins the show to break down this weekend’s wild-card games, and to talk about the labor situation.

Tomorrow, we’ll visit with Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik, and maybe another guest.

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5 responses to “Here’s today’s edition of PFT Live, with Goodell and Dungy

  1. The lack of discipline take on Tom Cable is flawed. Yes they were penalized alot. But more penalties doesn’t show up as a negative on their record.

    0-4 record with 8 or less penalites
    7-3 with more more than 8
    1-1 with 8

  2. You need to look at the camera. All we see is the side of your head and it looks like you are talking to someone in your garage.

  3. Goodell pretends the fans don’t want preseason game. We don’t want FULL-PRICE preseason games but we want the keep the format as it is.

  4. Harrison is full of hot air (Among other things) He pulled that discipline nonsense out of thin air. Cable was not picked up because he wasn’t a good puppet for Al Davis. Think about it. He BENCHED the great Al Davis QB pick…TWICE !! 1st JaMarcus, then Campbell. Campbell played well at times, especially late in the season, but he deserved to be yanked out of that Ram game, and Cable had the stones to do it. Same thing with sitting DHB a lot of the time. I also read that Al was mad that Cable didn’t play an injured DMAC in the meaningless KC game, I would have liked to see what Bruce Campbell could do, BUT since Cable is the O-line guy, MAYBEin his opinion Bruuce Campbell wasn’t ready for NFL play, and what if he misses a block and gets Jason Campbell seriously hurt. Cable did an excellent job, he deserved to have his contract picked up for 2 more years. Unless Al has Jim Harbaugh in his pocket as the nest HC, letting go of Cable is a HUGE mistake. Oh…and when does the Vince Young to Oakland speculation start ?

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