Holmgren still a Colt McCoy believer

Browns President Mike Holmgren is expected to bring in a West Coast offense disciple to coach the Browns, an offense that should suit Colt McCoy’s skills well.  Holmgren wasn’t dismayed by McCoy’s slow end to the season.

I think you see the potential there,” Holmgren said at his season-ending press conference.   “I certainly do.”

Jake Delhomme told the Akron Beacon-Journal he’d love to be back in Cleveland next year and plans to continue playing football.  There’s almost no chance the Browns will bring him back at $5.4 million.

That leaves the Browns with McCoy and Seneca Wallace.  It wouldn’t surprise us if Holmgren added a veteran to the mix and possibly a late-round rookie, but McCoy did enough as a rookie to be the early favorite to start in Cleveland next year.

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  1. “It wouldn’t surprise us if Holmgren added a veteran to the mix and possibly a late-round rookie.”

    After Hasselbeck leaves the Seahawks, he’ll start next year for the Browns.

  2. McCoy played as well as the other rookie QBs this year. His final two games were a bit of a bummer, then again they were against two of the better defenses in the league. I think a WC offense would allow him to flourish.

  3. Colt is The man in Cleveland for sure. Now, can someone find a way to put some play-makers on this team for heaven’s sake? Offence MUST be the priority this draft.

  4. Considering he was not even supposed to play i think he did more than enough to start next year. If the plan was to sit him and then work in him next year then why are we discussing this. Now if we did not get to see him play that would justify this blog a little better. Going absolutely blind into the draft would have been an awful awful choice.

  5. “Holmgren still a Colt McCoy believer”


    So is Gruden, so stop interviewing the bozos already and get the deal inked with him.

  6. fumblenuts says:
    Jan 5, 2011 11:01 AM

    After Hasselbeck leaves the Seahawks, he’ll start next year for the Browns.

    That won’t happen…and even if it did, Hasselbeck would be healthy enough to play in about 6 games…Max. He’s the anti-Favre.

    McCoy will be the man, and Holmgren has gone All IN in Cleveland and will stick with developing him…unless Mike eyes up another kid that he thinks has it….and Mike’s not good at doing that. His eyes have let him down.

  7. He didn’t look good down the stretch though. I’m just worried he doesn’t have a big enough arm to throw the ball in the cold weather games. I do like his poise though. The kid never did seem rattled.

  8. It’s way too early to annoint McCoy – but he did as well or better than most rookies and more than earned his keep for now.

    Holmgren will bring in anyone and everyone he can that fits his system (and the new HC’s system) to see if they can do better.

    Teams that win SBs have elite QBs – usually through the draft. It’s far too early to think the Browns hit that jackpot with McCoy.

    Teams with great Ds and good QBs have won their fair share of SBs as well – much will depend on the caliber of the next HC and what luck and skill Holmgren has in the draft and free agency.

  9. McCoy actually made some big time throws against New England, Pittsburgh (first game) and Jacksonville.

    But Cleveland better get a dome if they want him to throw in December. His noodle arm showed up in the Baltimore game.

  10. previous comments:
    “Colt is The man in Cleveland for sure”

    2010 Delhomme is the man
    2010 Seneca Wallace
    2009 Derek Anderson
    2009 Brady Quinn
    2008 Bruce Gradkowski
    2007 Charlie Frye
    2006 Ken Dorsey
    2005 Trent Dilfer
    2004 Jeff Garcia
    2004 Luke McCown
    2003 Kelly Holcomb
    2002 Tim Couch
    Ty Detmer, Doug Pederson, Kevin Thompson, Spergon Wynee

    wow… I have a lot of Quarterback jerseys in the last 10 years… I’m finally broke, won’t buy a Colt jersey… won’t buy a Browns hat, nor a ticket.

    a human being has finally applied ‘thinking’ skills to the terrible money oriented NFL and won’t support it anymore.

    Lerner WILL NOT GET my money.

    now.. what team is deserving fan support, got to steel town oriented, blue collar, nice to be close by… no… not Chicago, Not Bengals they are just as bad….. Buffalo… think not though they sure were close in many games this year…

    some fan support at the stadium sunday, everyone left at the half.. thats support… then i’ll take the next step too…

  11. nflfan877 says:
    Jan 5, 2011 1:36 PM
    Anyone else think Holmgren and Hasselbeck are reunited next year. I could see the Browns winning 8 or 9 games with that combination.
    No way. This team is not bringing in a broken down qb to try and win an extra game or two. Colt McCoy starts from game one next year and takes his lumps.

  12. I like what I saw from McCoy. Did he get victimized the final two weeks? Yea he did, but those are two of the best defenses around, and on top of that…most quarterbacks struggle when facing Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu. I really love his mobility and accuracy, he obviously needs better weapons. Right now in the passing game the tight end Watson is his best option, that has to change, we gotta get a true #1 receiver on roster. But for a guy who wasn’t supposed to play at all this season, I think he surpassed many’s expectations.

  13. Great news! Pencil in these two wins for the Ravens next season. McCoy doess NOT have an NFL quality arm…well, I’ll at least qualify to say that he doesn’t have an arm for the AFC North (and a lot of other places). That cutesy west coast offense won’t fly here! He’s a more polished version of Tim Couch.

  14. Seneca Wallace is a UFA, Delhomme is way overpaid. My guess is Delhomme renogiates to stay and Seneca leaves via free agency. Wallace possibly stays now that Man-gina is gone though, depends on free agency. Still gonna need a real WR on this team though

  15. I ll give Colt Mccoy credit. He played better in one season than Brady Quinn played in 3 seasons combined. He believes in himself and works hard. I still don’t think he is a starting QB in the NFL Maybe if he has have a real OC and some half decent receivers around him, he will prosper.

    The Browns aren’t going to go after a QB in the first round. I would love to have Locker or Mallett. Hell if you can get Vince Young to come to Cleveland take a flyer on him. Kiss Wallace and Delhomme good.

  16. Colt McCoy played some very good and efficent footbal during his first few games. He wasn’t an overwhelming game changer but he kept mistakes to a minimum and moved the football. During the last 3 games of the year his play took a significant drop off, but bear in mind he is still a rookie that played in a spread style offense, and has still got alot of learning to do. Also during the last three games the running game was relatively ineffective compared to early in the season. It made the team much more predictable.

    The best thing McCoy had going for him was a solid running game and good defensive play, neither of which happened during the last few games of the year.

    I don’t think you pin all the hopes on McCoy, but I think he will start next year, but he has given the Browns the luxury of not needing to spend a 1st or 2nd rd pick on a QB. The Browns need to unload Delhomme (the human turnover machine) and look at a QB with some upside during the middle rounds of the draft. I think Seneca Wallace is a more than adequate backup QB and spot starter.

    I think the worst thing the team could do is bring in a distraction like Vince Young that would create a controversey. Young isn’t even a polished QB himself. If they do bring in another veteran QB it should be as the clear #2 and as a mentor.

    Mission #1 unload Delhomme… trade him for a 6 pack of beer, a foot long sub, what ever you can get for him or cut him.

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