“Vince Lombardi” gives a playoff pep talk


I’ve seen Lombardi, the Broadway play featuring Dan Lauria as the former Packers head coach.  And I liked it.

But my first reaction to the news that the league had enlisted Lauria to provide playoff monologues in his Vince Lombardi character seemed a little hokey.

Until I watched the first one, devoted to Saturday’s games.

After a little bit of a slow start, goosebumps are induced from the moment Lauria says, “And now it’s time to get better.”

There may be no football at all next season, but the playoffs are upon us, and if you’re not ready for them, you will be after watching Coach Lombardi do his thing.

14 responses to ““Vince Lombardi” gives a playoff pep talk

  1. I preferred listening to Bill Belichick on SoundFx on NFL Network the other night. THAT was inspiring, and REAL.

  2. dublinpacker says:
    Jan 6, 2011 11:13 AM
    Lombardi gives a speech and doesn’t mention the Packers, give me a break.

    Promo was for Saturday games only. When the one for Sunday’s games is released (if there is one) you know the Pack will get a big shout out.

  3. Why is it still called the lombardi trophy? If the patriots win another superbowl this year will they finally change the name to the Belichick trophy?

  4. “Why is it still called the lombardi trophy? ”

    Because his teams won the first two and he helped the leagues merge into what it is today. Or maybe because he isn’t a cheater?

  5. I’m going with he wasn’t a cheater. But at least Belichick won the game he cheated in. Apparently, Josh McDaniels didn’t get the follow up memo.

  6. I’m really sick of the overproduced, flashy monologues preceeding prime time games and playoff games. I will make sure to grab a beer and munchies during these spots, so I don’t have to be made a fool of by the NFL actually thinking I like such a unnecessary waist of time preceeding the games.

    Even worse, are the fancy player introductions. Just flash me the names and lets get on with the game. Stop all the flashy crap already!

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