Colts lead Jets after low-scoring first half

The Seahawks and Saints played a classic on Saturday afternoon. The Jets-Colts Saturday night game? Not so much.

The Colts lead 7-0 at halftime in Indianapolis in a game that feels like something of a letdown after the early fireworks in Seattle.

That’s not to say the game hasn’t had its moments: Peyton Manning threw a beautiful pass to Pierre Garcon for a 57-yard touchdown for the game’s only score. And if you like strong play on the defensive line, both teams have given you plenty to enjoy through the first 30 minutes.

But this game features more punts (eight) than points (seven).

The difference has been the quarterbacks: Manning made that one big play and has avoided costly mistakes, while Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez hasn’t made the big plays and had a costly interception at the goal line late in the first half.

If Sanchez can turn things around in the second half, maybe we could see another classic. Or maybe we’ll see the Colts cruise into the next round of the playoffs, and the Jets stumble home.

UPDATE: On the first drive of the second half, the Jets’ offense started to look like the Jets’ offense again, and the Colts’ defense started to look like the Colts’ defense again. LaDainian Tomlinson scored on the final play of a 10-play drive, and the score is now 7-7.

UPDATE 2: Both offenses are now starting to get in the groove, as the Colts drove down for a field goal to take a 10-7 lead.

UPDATE 3: With 10 minutes to go, the Jets have taken their first lead, 14-10.

26 responses to “Colts lead Jets after low-scoring first half

  1. Mark Sanchez is a terrible quarterback. He’s overthrowing everyone. And Holmes might be a very good wide out but he’s a freaking idiot. How bone headed do you have to be to let the ball go between your legs on a punt that you told everyone on your team to get away from. And everyone thought Pittsburgh dumped this fool just to prove they weren’t soft when it came to disciplining star players. Looks like they may have had more reasons to part ways than we thought

  2. Asa Patriots fan I have such mixed emotions on this game. Onone hand, I’d love to see the Colts lose so New England can spank the crap out of the Yets next week, and on the other, how insufferable will Ryan and Yets fans be if they beat Indy?

    Just watched the Yets open the 4th quarter with an amazing ball-controlling drive that made Indy’s defense look pathetic. Thought Manning – the greatest quarterback the world’s ever seen – would come in and say “enoughof this crap!” and take the Yets defense to school, but instead HE got shutdown.

    Four minutes left and the Yets have the ball, after they just killed nine minutes. Doesn’t look good for Indy, maybe NE gets another shot at the Yets next week?

  3. And the Oscar for Best Actor goes to… Weatherford – can’t believe the refs fell for that… incidental contact – inexcusable to flag that.

  4. tobiasjodter says:
    Jan 8, 2011 10:44 PM
    And the Oscar for Best Actor goes to… Weatherford – can’t believe the refs fell for that… incidental contact – inexcusable to flag that.
    incidental my azz. he left his feet on his own after being pushed…he jumped at the punter. don’t let bias blind you.

  5. What a terrible timeout call by Caldwell. What the hell was he thinking? The Colts were not getting the ball back, so why use the timeout and basically give the Jets an extra play? I don’t understand.

    Jim, from now on, do what you do best: Stand there like a statue and don’t do anything.

    He has to be the worst coach in the league.

  6. Wow!!! Will be hard for tomorrow’s teams to live up to today’s games!! What a great start to the playoffs!!

    BIG congrats again to the Seahawks! Nothing against the Saints, but happy for Hasselbeck. And what a thriller! Loved the Lynch run.

    Feelings are more mixed on game two. Was looking forward to getting the Colts in Pittsburgh next week. No offense to the Chiefs, but expected the Ravens to handle the Pats. Not so sure the Jets are up to the task after their last meeting. Being perfectly candid, if we should win our division game, I don’t want to go to Foxboro. The Jets talk a good game where the Pats are concerned, and they beat them once this year. Let’s see if they can live up to their hype.

  7. If the New Orleans-Seattle game was a day at the amusement park, the first half of New York-Indianapolis was the nap during the car ride home.

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