Some Browns will be looking for other jobs

In the old days, when NFL players didn’t make as much money in relation to the rest of the population and they hung up their cleats in December and pulled them back out in August, they had second jobs.

Those days could be returning.

“The reality is a lot of guys will probably work second jobs,” Browns cornerback Sheldon Brown told Scott Petrak of the Chronicle-Telegram.  “If you were a smart man, you would go get an offseason job.  It’ll keep you out of trouble for one and then it’ll help prepare you, because you never know when your last down is.

“If there is no offseason for this job to demand of you, what are you going to do with your time?  The best thing for you to do is get a job.”

Browns defensive end Brian Schaefering already is looking for work.

“Tell your readers I’m willing to take any job,” Schaefering said.  “I’m not picky.”

It’s a smart move by the players, since it will provide them with cash flow at a time when there otherwise would be none.  Of course, for many players the amount of money earned on the side won’t come close to paying a mortgage and supporting a lifestyle otherwise premised on the ongoing receipt of hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, in annual income.

Still, it’s good preparation for that day when each player no longer can play the game at all.

“There’s a lockout coming for all of us,” tight end Benjamin Watson said, in reference to the concept of retirement.  “This shouldn’t be something that all of a sudden we’ve got to be scrambling to save money.”

He’s right.  But the idea that one of the years for prime NFL earnings could be disrupted if not eliminated should have players very worried — and they shouldn’t have to actually miss multiple game checks before they realize how much it will hurt if/when they do.

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  1. hmmmm….wonder if Sheldon would be interested in helping out with my high school football team? Hit me up Sheldon, our d-backs could use some work.

  2. HELLO:

    I don’t think you’ll get much sympathy from ‘fans’….. (overpaid players !)

    I have been struggling in this economy and few years before that… 3 kids through college… less salary… less work…

    NO… live within your budget…. live within your means….

    and I sure didn’t buy Browns Quarterback Jerseys the last ten years… I would have gone BROKE !!!!

  3. I could live comfortably for the rest of my life on a few million bucks. Are these guys lifestyles so over the top that a couple million couldn’t tide them over a the few months of a lockout? I should have such problems!

  4. Sounds like the practical, hard-working spirit of Cleveland is rubbing off on some guys. Glad to hear it.

  5. That really is a great idea. Nothing would scare the owners more than seeing the players get by without them, not to mention it could be a humbling/bonding experience for the team. It also won’t hurt the browns’ appeal in the fans eyes to know they can bust their hump like one of us. The fact they would be making pennies lile the rest of us might even help them appreciate the serious dough they actually rake in.

  6. They should become garbagemen. You think im kidding…it’ll keep from goin out late most nights, they can stay in shape, and it doesnt require much experience in anything.

    DO IT.

  7. So you’re telling me, after all of the paychecks that these guys receive, they need to go find an off-season job bagging groceries now that a lockout is looming? That is absolute garbage. Ever heard of saving your money? Quit living beyond your means with all of these huge houses, lavish cars and other stupid “needs” just because you’re in the NFL. Unless you’re making a superstar’s salary, you should at least be hesitant to even consider such riches.

    You can bet your arse, that if I made the league minimum for a couple years, I’d be set for life. The spirit and integrity of playing in the NFL is a reward. It’s not a given. The money is just icing on the cake and obviously a lot of these guys love to blow it. I’m just astounded that going broke is even a reasonable assumption when they make AT LEAST $285,000+ a year. If you can’t keep your head above water making at least twice what a doctor makes per year, you deserve to be broke. Ridiculous.

  8. If interested I need a new housekeeper, and if they speak English I’ll pay a little extra.

    No 1099 required, Cash paid daily.

  9. So how does this work?
    Say I resigned last year to a 4 year deal. Year 1 is the 2010 season. Im assuming I wont be paid for 2011 if I dont play. Lets say its locked out for 1 year. Resume play in 2012. Is my contract now 3 years or 2 years left?

  10. i heard tim couch was hiring at his used car lot, holcomb details cars there, coach palmer greats at the door, jeff garcia, charlie frye, dorsey all are salesmen…. im sure theres positions open for some more “talent”

  11. mangoldbond says:
    Jan 10, 2011 5:54 PM
    They should become garbagemen. You think im kidding…it’ll keep from goin out late most nights, they can stay in shape, and it doesnt require much experience in anything.

    DO IT.


    Union garbagemen make about as much as NFL players anyway. At least in New York.

  12. Realistically there is probably 30-33% who probably would need an off season job (guys in first 1-3 years who were undrafted and 3rd string etc). Maybe a few more who didn’t save. Everyone else can survive or play in the UFL or CFL. I still think a deal will be reached by March. No one wants to kill the Platinum Goose!!!!!

  13. Players have been out of touch with OUR reality for years. Many years ago, Washington DE uttered words that still ring in my ears when the team offered him $469,000. “How am I supposed to provide for my family on $469,000?”

    With that kind of money, I’m pretty sure I could find a way!

  14. Driving a snowplow should keep them busy thru April, or just long enough to know whether they’re locked out or not.

  15. even the lowest paid players make more in a season than I would make in 5 years,that is if I still had a job. so pardon me if I don’t feel sorry for anybody who is not smart enough to manage that much that they need to go get a job.besides it’s not like any of them would be doing maual labor like thier working class fans anyway.

  16. If these players didnt live so extravagant lifestyles and support every single person they know.they would be able to not work after football.Learn how to invest and save!

  17. I respect those who are planning ahead, but I’d rather see available jobs go to those who’ve been out of work for months or years and who don’t have athletic careers to fall back on once labor problems are over. I’d hate to think a football player could jump to the head of the line because he could get the boss tickets once teams are playing again.

    Football helps take my mind off real-life struggles. So I wish the NFL’s multi-billionaire owners would stop trying to nickel and dime their employees and wrap up the CBA so we can stop hearing their threats of work stoppages.

  18. I hear Wendy’s is hiring. Probably about what the average NFL player is prepared for after a few years of basketweaving 101 in college.

  19. So the NFL millionaire players are going to go out and get jobs and they aren’t picky about what they are due to a possible lockout. But 99 weeks unemployment money isn’t enough for the rest of the nation so the Government gave them another 13 months at a cost of 30 billion plus. hummmmmm.

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