Hasselbeck says absence of Briggs keyed Seahawks’ win at Chicago

Matt Hasselbeck had one of his biggest games of the season in Week 6, when the Seahawks went to Chicago and beat the Bears. But Hasselbeck says he’s not counting on having such an easy time of it when the teams meet again on Sunday.

The difference, Hasselbeck says, is that first Seahawks-Bears meeting was the only game Bears linebacker Lance Briggs missed this year.

“For us to sit back and say, ‘Oh, hey, we beat them at their place. We can do it again,’ that would be a dangerous way to feel because Lance Briggs did not play in that [first] game,” Hasselbeck said.

With Briggs sidelined by a sprained ankle, Hasselbeck went 25-of-40 for 242 yards, with a touchdown and no interceptions.

“Going into that game, we fully expected him to play,” Hasselbeck said. “He didn’t play, and that was a big deal. He’s huge. I think he’s arguably one of the best defensive players in the game. He is a big, big-time difference maker and a great football player. So as hard as this game is going to be, the fact that he’s back takes it up to a whole other level.”

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  1. Am i the only one that thinks Marshawn Lynch won’t go over 50 rushing yards when Seattle plays the Bears?

    That run in the wild-card game was more of a testament to how bad the Saints defense is rather than the skills of Marshawn. Nice run either way. I’m glad Tracy Porterpotty was abused.

  2. Hasselhock knows that they got lucky last time. Not only did they not have Briggs, but the weather was considerably more tolerable.
    Not to mention the fact that it’s EXTREMELY difficult to beat the same team twice in a row, no matter the opponent.
    Seahawk fans need to look no further than the regular season Saints game to find proof of that.

  3. As much as I enjoyed seeing the Saints lose the Hawks impressive run is about to end. Beat the Bears when they were trying to pass first and run when it was convienient.
    Being the game right after the Giants game, Cutler being sacked 16 times in two weeks screwed him up.
    O line is back in good shape, still shaky but much better and the Bears are running the ball better than ever.
    Looking forward to Packers rematch at Soldier field and Pats rematch in Dallas.

  4. Anything can happen in the playoffs and I think Lynch’s “miracle run” is testament to that. From what I’ve read, his stats aren’t great for the season but he’s been important to the Hawks all the same.

    This Bears team isn’t the same that Seattle faced earlier this year, but Seattle has confidence and momentum right now. The Bears have been off for a few weeks which takes away a certain amount of momentum. But if the real Cutler will please show up and our D line plays like we know they can, there’s no question that CHI will send the Hawks back to the West Coast!

  5. Hass must be remembering the impact Briggs had the last time these teams met in the playoffs. Briggs was an absolute hammer stopping Shaun Alexander on two short yardage run attempts late in the game, one being on a fourth down where Briggs split the middle of the o-line and got Alexander for a loss to preserve the victory.

  6. @beastofeden

    What did Tracy Porter ever do to garner your disdain?

    Feel free not to answer if you’re a Vikings or Colts fan.

  7. “Looking forward to Packers rematch at Soldier field and Pats rematch in Dallas”

    I see Bears fans are no smarter than…Someone actually thinks they can overlook the Falcons.

  8. all the saints gambled they could arm tackle blingmouth on that run.

    just tackle the sumbiotch.

  9. Matt is showing he is a good leader. Knowing the strength of the team is its defense and helping his teammates focus on the great talent they must stop from controling the game. The Bears could be facing a tougher opponent than many fans think. Pete has the team working hard at just the right time.

  10. Matt is a smart dude. I would take him as a QB coach for the Seahawks after his retirement, any day.

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