Wild-card games dominate TV week

Last week, we learned that NBC’s Sunday Night Football was the highest-rated show on television from the moment the 2010-11 season began through Week 17.  This week, we’re learning that the four wild-card playoff games were the four most viewed shows of the seven-day period that began January 3 and that ended January 9.

Packers-Eagles on FOX generated 39.3 million viewers, making it the highest-rated show of the season.  In second place was NBC’s Jets-Colts game, which reeled in 33.4 million viewers.

Ravens-Chiefs on CBS drew 28.5 million viewers, and Saints-Seahawks attracted 28.4 million.

The fifth show on the list for the week — Two and a Half Men on CBS — had only 15.4 million viewers.  (We were tempted to call it “30.8 million eyeballs,” but we don’t want to underestimate the Cyclops demographic.)

Though the numbers demonstrate that the owners and the union are taking a huge risk by potentially undertaking a work stoppage, the staggering ratings also may trigger hubris on the part of some who would conclude that the NFL wouldn’t miss a beat, even if it misses a full season.

3 responses to “Wild-card games dominate TV week

  1. Someway, somehow, the idiot owners who think they’re geniuses will find a way to screw it up. Running and owning a football team is way different than anything they’ve ever done before. It will come down to Labor day weekend before anything really happens, maybe a late season start and with the addition of two more games they might still get in a 15-16 game regular season.

  2. “(We were tempted to call it “30.8 million eyeballs,” but we don’t want to underestimate the Cyclops demographic.)”

    Even a blind cat will find a meal
    – Ray Lewis

    You made me chuckle, Mike F.

  3. The owners still get all that TV money, games or no games…They hold all the cards….When the players give in, then we will have football…When?..Who knows

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