Vernon Davis: “I’d love to catch passes from Donovan McNabb”

We know the 49ers’ quarterback of the future isn’t presently on the roster.  Could he be on the Redskins roster?

“Oh man – I’d love to catch some passes from Donovan McNabb,” tight end Vernon Davis said on Tuesday’s T.Ocho Show, which continues to air despite being ignored by the Golden Globes.

“I saw some of the things he did with you when you were playing with him, and he did a great job getting you the ball,” Davis told Owens via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.

T.O. may not agree with Davis’ last point, but the speculation actually makes some sense.  McNabb’s has played his whole career in the West Coast offense, even if he’s a better vertical passer than a true timing thrower.

Barrows points out that the 49ers could have gone after McNabb last offseason, but decided not to.   McNabb’s play in Washington certainly hasn’t helped his market value.

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  1. McNabb isn’t the answer for any team. The guy is washed up. Hey Vernon, I hope you like going for balls thrown at your feet.

  2. You mean when McNabb lost his job to Rex Grossman…

    Woahhh I just past 10,000 skins fans on the side of BW Pkwy jumping on the Ravens bandwagon.

  3. Good post Samuel. I was just going to say that I think VY is the QB the 49ers need. If Harbaugh truly is a great instructor for QB’s, he could get the most out of Young’s talents. The smart money says to make a play for Kyle Orton. The guy borders on elite when he’s healthy, and he’s a proven game manager who can sling the ball at times.

    Either VY or Kyle Orton will be playing for the 49ers next year. Possibly both. Harbaugh isn’t going to let his first impression rest on the shoulders of Donnie Check-down…

  4. Jason Campbell was 8-5 the games he started this year for the Raiders.

    49ers have a decent rushing game…..they got rid of Shaun Hill to give Alex Smith his chance.

    Troy Smith kinda didn’t appreciate the opportunity.

    Donavan McNabb doesn’t have anything to prove at this point and is simply milking the money.

    Niners need a guy that wants to prove something, with the skills to back it up.

    Who is the best backup in the league right now?

    Is a backup doomed?

  5. @vicktater…extremely funny and most ‘Skins fans exact sentiments. To paraphrase Dr. Seuss: “Marvin K. McNabb, will you please go now!”

    @Omar Comin: you must know a bandwagon fan when you see one…mayber you have hitched a ride or two yourself? I’m now pulling for the NFC teams and for GOOD FOOTBALL… while still sportin’ my ‘Skins stuff and license plate….in the home territory of ’49ers and Oakland near Tahoe. Oh, and PLEASE don’t send McNap to the ’49ers…they might just be on to something great again with new coach.

  6. Samuel says:

    I watched it last night and he also mentioned Vince Young.
    Young, McNabb. I see a pattern here. We all know what’s up with that.

  7. Oh well, everyone else already said about Donovan “Hall-of-Fame-Throw-it-at-the-ankles” McNabb what I was going to say………..Please take him outta DC, San Fran..Please…….He stinks, he always stank, and this year he stunk.
    By the way, Mr. Snyder, please don’t sign Orton, Young, or Hasselbeck.F***ing draft someone for a change, and some more linemen too

  8. he would think that, then mcnabb throws it into the dirt 5 yards in front of him/15 yards over his head. trust me vernon, stick with troy or alex.

  9. With the number of time VD has cried, it would behoove D Macs wife to be jealous.

    Dmac is going to AZ and Kolb will end up in SF.

  10. i would rather keep Alex Smith around than bring in McRib. they need to get Orton and then draft a rookie to learn under him for a couple years.

  11. McNabb isn’t the long term answer, but it’s the NFC West….With McNabb, 49ers have a more than favorable shot of taking the division with that roster. Meanwhile, start grooming their QB of the future. It’d be a smart play to take McNabb imo. Heck, he’s probably even a bit better than Hasselbeck and look where he’s at now with less talent.

  12. Seriously? McNabb is a good Qb when the WR is wide open. He doesn’t take chances downfield enough and hesitates to throw the ball into tight coverage. Yes, his supporting cast wasn’t as strong in Washington, but it was in Philadelphia and they let him go to a divisional rival anyway. That speaks volumes in my opinion. So McNabb can be the spark the 49er’s need in comparison to what they already had. But I personally would take Kyle Orton as a cheaper option at about the same quality at this point in their careers.

  13. whoa, careful there, Vernon!

    You’re gonna to get the good folks of PFT really pissed off and fired up. You gotta realize that all these dorks know much more about football than you do!

  14. Apparently the Redksins receivers are better catching with their feet than many are with their hands as McNabb completed a higher percentage of his passes than…


    And his passing yardage average (per comp) is better than…

    P. Manning

    Yeah I am thinking give him a running game (Gore) decent receiving threats (Crabtree and Davis) and McNabb will teach them to catch with their feet as they win the West.

  15. I think Matt Hasselbeck would be a better choice, but McNabb is a major upgrade over both Smith’s put together.

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