Vick thinks his best chance of success is in Philly

Eagles quarterback Mike Vick is slated to become an unrestricted free agent, whenever the next league year commences.  Barring a new deal, the Eagles undoubtedly will restrict his ability to leave via the franchise tag.

But even if Vick could leave, he seems to realize that the first question is whether he should leave.  It could be in his best interests to remains in Philly, working with coach Andy Reid.

“[I]t’s funny because I thought about that last week,” Vick told Howard Eskin and Ike Reese of WIP radio, via, as to whether he would perform as well under a different head coach.  “Honestly, I really don’t think so.  The way he stays on top of you is like having a dad on you every day.  There’s really no margin for error, we’ve got an open and honest relationship, and me not wanting to disappoint him and what he demands of the quarterback position.  And I told him [Monday] when we were talking, he just has a way of bringing out the best in me.  I don’t know what it is, but he does it.  And I’m grateful for that and I’m thankful.  And I think that’s the big reason to why I had the success that I had this year.”

Though the admission gives the team added leverage when negotiating a contract with Vick, the Eagles likely are smart enough not to take advantage of it.  The more daunting challenge comes from applying a value to Vick in light of his off-field issues.  He remains on federal probation, and one false move could get him thrown in jail and/or kicked out of the league.  Vick may not be willing to agree to contract terms that take this risk into account.

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  1. Tremendous athlete and it’s obvious that Andy Reid has been able to get more out of him on the field. I wish him the best and hope that he keeps up the good work on and off the field.

  2. I’m an Eagles fan. I know the way to win is with a throw first QB, running the ball, and great D. But with Andy Reid I don’t think the first two are as neccesary. I’ll take these close to great season instead of what Lions and Bengals fans have to go through. Kolb would be better with a different team. I gotta go smash a Packers car now…

  3. The last time he was kicked out of the league, and thrown in jail, didn’t he forfeit millions back to the Falcons?

    His deal just needs to be set up with low base salary ‘guarantees’ and loaded up heavy with fair, reachable incentives. 3000 yards? 1mil. 25 Tds? 1mil. Take 80% of the snaps for 2011 season? 1.5 mil. Make the playoffs? 2 mil. Make NFC championship? 2 mil. Make superbowl? 2 mil. Win Superbowl? 2 mil. Base salary guaranteed for injury and skill? 5 mil. He’d make 16 million by playing most of the season and winning the SB…

    And actually, that’s how EVERY QB contract should be structured, now that I think about it.

  4. But should Reid be there? It seems that getting rid of McNabb didn’t stop failure in the postseason.

  5. The same Eskin and Reese who were slamming you last week? Saying you have never been in an NFL locker room in your life? And your opinion doesn”t matter….Gotcha

  6. If the Eagles are smart they’ll resign him to a long term deal.Vick is the reason the Eagles made the playoffs this year and with some more help and another year in the offense Vick and the Eagles can do really great things.With Kolb at QB this team would have been 5-11.

  7. The Eagles should make no move to negotiate a long term deal with Vick. They have no reason to.

    Unless something changes radically in the new CBA, the franchise tag will remain (I could quote places I found that, but do your own research). The Eagles should use it.

    As much as everyone wants to anoint Vick a completely changed and rehabilitated man, the record still says he has 18 clean months against 7 years of being a sadistic criminal.

    Vick may in fact turn out to be what everyone seems to want him to be, though I still have my doubts. Either way, the Eagles have no reason to risk any more than the Franchise number to find out.

    In fact, Vick’s reaction to being franchised and having to wait another year to get his long term deal will be a good test of his newfound sainthood.

  8. He’s right. He’s found a situation where his inclination to swing for the fences on every play matches the coaching staff. Not saying that’s a bad thing, just saying.

  9. as a 9er fan, i think SF would seriously consider trading for Kolb. the Eagles are rumored to want 2 1st rounders for Kolb, which is nuts. they will realize this and settle for something like a few picks between rounds 2-4. SF has a couple extra picks so it works out. i expect Philly to keep both QBs, but if they decide they want to get better now, they might take the bait. sounds like many eagles fans would rahter part with Kolb now if it will make them stronger next year. cant really blame that line of thought with a team that can be a SB contender like Philly. Philly is a big dog in the NFC but with the COwboys looking to bounce back, i think Philly should try and shore up some holes they have now. (OL, CB)

  10. Unless Cap’n Fathead gets a lobotomy or blows an aorta between now and next season, Vick will be back – and he’ll suffer the same consequences next season.

    If the Fatman would only commit to run the ball (other than Vick scrambles and the too-occasional McCoy carry), the Eagles have a legit SB caliber O, and Vick would stay healthy enough to be killer in the playoffs. McCoy and Harrison are a great 1-2 punch, if Himself, the offensive genius, would only use it.

    But, obvious as all this is, Andy won’t do it. Vick will thus get nailed early and often, play about 11 1/2 games (maybe 4 at full effectiveness), and heck, may well be hobbling around with a cane by the time he’s 50. The Eagles will flame out early in the playoffs, or miss them altogether.

    And Fat Andy will console himself with a prime rib or 2. And the certainty that he will never be canned by Joey and Jeffy as long as he makes the playoffs every other year or so, and the team continue to reap the geld.

    Say – what was the name of that trophy again?

  11. As a Packers fan, I would like to see him return next year. Although the schedule won’t allow the Pack to bookend the season with losses in 2011, it would be an interesting match-up in the post-season. Hopefully at Lambeau. If the D remains the same, or improves, coupled with crowd noise, I like to see how well Vick would do doing his fancy dance. There is cetainly room for improvement against Dom Capers and Co.

  12. The Eagles should sign Vick to 3 or 4 years. Reid will coach for two more years, than the Eagles can hire a new HC who rides on Vick for year or two while finding the next Eagles franchise QB.

    At least that’s how it plays out in my dreams.

  13. You guys who want Reid to go are probably too young to remember the miserable two and three win seasons. Note my handle “Bobby Hoying?” How did that strong arm work out for the Birds? Kind of like Norm Snead?

  14. um…i need to do a better job at putting the players in the position to make those plays…. we as a coaching staff need to do a better job at preparing for gameday…..uh, i have to go back and look at the film before i comment on that…..WOW, 12 years of hearing the same reasons why the eagles dont win a superbowl, big red is the worst gameday coach ever!!!! he never makes adjustments thats why they lose!!!!

  15. They can sign him on the cheap. Most teams won’t touch a sociopath ex-con whose hobby was torturing his pets. He’s found the right team and the right town.

  16. canadianvikingfaniii says:
    Jan 12, 2011 2:53 PM
    Pretty easy when your receiver only has to run a go route to beat defenders.

    Really? I’m pretty sure you’re forgetting about Maclin, who is a great routerunner, and statistically our best receiver. Also Avant, who may have the best hands in the league.

  17. Oh and if ANY team out there feels that Kolb is worth anything above a mid second rounder,, be my guest.

    the guy can’t feel pressure, read a scheme , hit a receiver he doesnt stare down from the snapp, & cant throw over 55 yds..

    hes like a young bad Pennington

  18. Give it a rest already. He killed some dogs and served his time. Leonard Little killed a guy while drunk driving and did 90 days in the clink. Stallworth did the same thing and only served 20.

    Dogs not people…dogs!

  19. superbengalfan says: Jan 12, 2011 4:11 PM

    Wow. Talk about cutting off your own knees in terms of being a good negotiator.

    No one ever said that Vick was smart.
    You know… Forrest Gump could run too.

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