Seahawks quarterbacks coach heads back to college

We don’t know whether Matt Hasselbeck will be back in Seattle next year, but his quarterbacks coach is definitely moving on.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Seahawks quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch has accepted the accepted the offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach job at the University of Miami.  Fisch used to be the coordinator at the University of Minnesota.

The timing of this news is curious, although we assume Fisch will continue his duties through the end of the playoffs.   Fisch becomes the thirdcoach from Pete Carroll’s original staff to bail.   Defensive line coach Dan Quinn is headed to Florida and offensive line coach Alex Gibbs left before the season started.

Who knows, perhaps Fisch and Charlie Weis will face off next January . . . for all the Tostitos.   (Suddenly Weis’ decision to return to college makes more sense.)

8 responses to “Seahawks quarterbacks coach heads back to college

  1. Why does some QB coach in Seattle that 99% of fans couldn’t pick out of a lineup accepting a coordinator’s position in college make Weiss’s decision more sensible?

    Weiss’s move is at best lateral, position wise and a step back level wise.

    Fisch is taking a coordinator’s position, which is unquestionably a step up in responsibility.

    So yeah…… that was kind of a reach.

  2. Because he knows the future!!!

    Seriously, how hard is it to pick against an underdog?

    They are supposed to lose, duh.

    Give me a point spread, and analysis as to why, then if you are right, you have all the bragging ammo you need.

    Otherwise your just another fan, calling the game the same way 99% of the rest of the country is.

    Sooooooo amazing….

  3. yashraba says:
    Jan 13, 2011 11:57 AM
    realitypolice- i believe it was a joke in reference to facing off for “all the tostitos”. you know, cause Weiss is fat? yeah, still a reach

    I totally missed that. That was definitely where he was going with that. Good call.

    In my defense, it wasn’t that funny.

  4. Fisch was horrible as the OC with the Gophers – lack of playable talent aside. Good luck with that, ‘Canes.

  5. Nobody will be playing for all the Tostitos next year (except, perhaps the Big XII champ in the Fiesta Bowl.) Allstate gets to sponsor the title game at the Superdome. So instead they’ll be playing for all the insurance, or perhaps, all the coverage.

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