Steelers pull out epic win at Heinz Field

For a while, it appeared that the Ravens would run away with the rubber match at Heinz Field.  For a while, it appeared that the Steelers would erase a 14-point deficit and win by 14 or more.

For a while, it appeared that we’d see the first overtime game played under the new postseason overtime rules.

But then Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, harassed all day and facing third down and 19, connected on a 58-yard pass to receiver Antonio Brown, who somehow got behind a dime-plus defensive alignment and finished the play by pinning the ball against his helmet, David Tyree style.

Rashard Mendenhall finished the drive five plays later, with a stop-and-start effort on third and goal.

The Ravens received hope, via a 15-yard penalty from guard Chris Kemoeatu’s late hit after the touchdown.  But the Ravens couldn’t move the ball (and T.J. Houshmandzadeh couldn’t catch it on fourth down), and the Steelers stopped them on downs before running out the clock.

Final score?  A very un-Ravens-Steelers-like 31-24.

The loss drops the Ravens to a still-respectable 4-3 on the road in the playoffs since 2008, but quarterback Joe Flacco is now 0-6 against the Steelers when quarterback Ben Roethlisberger plays.

Pittsburgh now awaits the winner of the Jets-Patriots game.  If New York wins, the Steelers host the AFC championship.  If New England wins, Pittsburgh heads to Foxboro.

170 responses to “Steelers pull out epic win at Heinz Field

  1. Steel Dawn. What else is new? Flacco folded like oragami. Anquan Boldin dropped a key score, and a 55 yard punt return by Ladarius Webb got called back on an idiotic holding call. Congrats Steelers.

  2. pervyharvin says: Jan 15, 2011 3:11 PM

    Bears and Pats win for sure. Other games a bit trickier but I see the Falcon crowd carrying the Falcons to victory and the Steelers winning a tight one right down to the last minutes.
    As you see, I am football Yoda.1 for 4 will soon be 4 for 4. My gift to you football betters!

  3. Flako is who we thought he was.
    I cannot wait until the biggest crybaby coach in the NFL lets it all out. For sure he will cry long and loud about this one.
    For what it is worth Suggs was a beast today. Flako was not.

  4. The 3-man rush on the 3rd and 19 was a bad bad call by Baltimore.

    The correct way to handle it is to blitz everyone so the receivers do not have the time to get down the field.

  5. So much for all the posts doubting the Steelers at halftime. Give a hand to Ben and the Defense. Way to go men.

    Roll in the excuses, Raisins fans…

  6. I wonder who the NFL will help out (cheat for) more next week – New England or Pitt???

    Baltimore won this game on the punt return for touch down.

  7. It was also an epic choke job by the ravens!! Dropped passes kill in the playoffs. It was a great game but in the end, Boldin and Housh couldnt make the routine catches, while some steeler I’ve never heard of catches balls on his helmet a la David Tyree. Gotta make the routine plays routine boys!

  8. Oh well, painful loss but a good game b both sides. No one better gripe about penalties, there were plenty missed on both sides. Ravens just couldn’t come through in the clutch and had to many mistakes, but I’d be saying the same thing about the steelers if Baltimore won. Til next season

  9. Can’t believe how many fools decided the game was over at the half with only a 14-point difference. Didn’t Vick score twice that in less than two minutes to turn a game around? It’s not over ’til the final whistle blows!

    Great game, Ravens!


  10. Sorry, but Ravens got jobbed. That punt return TD should have counted, it was a clear flop on the “holding” call.

    And that’s from a Skins fan whos supposed to hate the Ravens.

  11. What a slugfest! Both defenses, despite the scores, played smash-mouth football, and while neither QB can claim a great performance, there were some memorable plays.

    The Steelers won chiefly because no one will ever confuse Joe Flacco with Joe Montana, and Pittsburgh fans can’t trash talk about how they kicked Baltimore’s a$$, because they DIDN’T. That was one close game.

    Great game, thoroughly enjoyed watching.

  12. Games aren’t won on one or two plays, but Boldin and Houshmandzadeh didn’t do their jobs for the Ravens when they were needed.

  13. Steelers get beneficial calls from the refs. Wow that never happens. I am shocked. SHOCKED I tell you!

  14. Early on, I thought the zebras were clearly backing the Steelers. The calls evened out and it “looks” like Triplet and his crew were actually just calling penalties that some crews let slip.

    Anyway, you can’t turn the ball over 3 times in the third quarter of a playoff game on the road and expect to win.

    Statistically the Steelers owned this game and attempted to give it to the Ravens. Baltimore gave it back.

    Damn it!

  15. Great game. Can’t blame this one on officiating, because the stripes blew calls on both sides.

    Baltimore had plenty of chances to win. If Boldin catches that ball in the EZ, different game. If Housh catches that 4th Down pass at the end, Balt. still had time. Those receivers had no one to blame but themselves.

    And I am not a fan of either team, just an impartial observer.

  16. Enjoy it tonight Pittsburgh, but NE will DESTROY you next week…and i hate the Pats, its just a fact

  17. Why are comments being deleted? Oh, that’s right. PFT is a pro Baltimore team and doesn’t like people ragging on them. Go Steelers!

  18. Pretty sloppy game, but it had some nice plays. It came down to experience…Steelers have more of it.

  19. Is it me or does T Sizzle look like Biz Markie?

    Great game, great outcome. Definitely need to clean up somethings regardless of who the opponent is next week. Having said that, there are no style points when these two team meet, a win is a win is a win.

  20. Haha Houshmandzadeh… The guy kept talking trash and complaining about not getting the ball these past years and has a chance to make a crucial first down and he drops it, wide open too.


  21. That was a complete meltdown by the Ravens in the 2nd half.

    Boldin and Houshmandzadeh get paid big bucks to catch footballs, they let their team down big time today.

  22. “epic” ?? Umm yeah this game was one horrible play after another. I think both teams are good but this game was crap. I would say Pitt. is the better team but also got really lucky the Raven decided they wanted to give the ball away. Pitt better get it together because they will not beat either the Jets or Pats next week if they are going to play like this. Also is it me or was this another awful game for the refs. Something has to be done about the bad calls, seriously “defensive holding” on a Dline man on a running play in the most important series in the game ??? wtf is that. And the holding on the punt return was a joke the guy clearly took a dive, lets make a rule that the refs can’t call holding when the player who is being held just throws his hands in the air and falls down. Its not why the Ravens lost at all but still might have atleast been better to watch if the refs could atleast try a lil harder

  23. the only thing epic about that game was the sloppiness of it. was it a good game to watch… yes. epic win? not so much..

  24. survive and advance. enjoy the offseason! GREAT GAME!!! well played…2nd half mistakes hurt more than 1st half mistakes and that really tells the story right there. HOWEVER you feel about the officiating, the game ended up coming down to the players on the field either making or not making plays when they had the opportunity…period….

    GO JETS!!!!!!!

  25. No doubt the Ravens blew it and should be blaming themselves.

    But man, was that game HORRIBLY officiated.

    The easiest two terrible calls (though there were more, these were just huge ones at the end) were:

    1. The hold on the punt return that was a td. The blocker repositioned his arm and put it back inside on the numbers of the defender. That’s not a hold. He pancaked him.

    2. The defensive holding call on the Ravens nose tackle taking on a double team. Uhhhhh


  26. The defenses lived up to the hype but the offenses scored when the other team turned the ball over. Zebra’s had too many flags in this game on both teams. This is the best matchup in the NFL

  27. Housh and Boldin dropped the ball, for real. LOL Although I hate the Ravens Suggs backed up his talk it’s just too bad he has a pedestrian offense. Hopefully everyone will now see how average Flacco is finally.

  28. Cam Cameron = FIRED!

    Ravens gave that away willingly!

    The Steelers are a great team and the Flacco ain’t ready for the limelight.

  29. I hate the Steelers more than the Pats, so I’ll be pulling for the Pats against the Jets. That way the Steelers will have to play the Pats at home.

  30. As stated before…the Steelers OWN the Ravens. All time series 21 wins and 12 losses and 3-0 in playoffs.

  31. “Steelers pull out epic win at Heinz Field”

    This actually should read:

    “Refs & Ravens hand game to Stealers”

    It would be more accurate.

  32. Alot of people have noticed the poor officiating this year and overall this game was fine but how do you call holding on that punt return? Steelers fans will whine but those among you who know football know that was a phantom call. I am not a Ravens fan and I made money on the game so i am impartial here. I just hate when when refs make bad calls at crutial moments in big games. That was blocking 101 and you all know it.

  33. OC Cam Cameron couldn’t find the holes in a Walker Texas Ranger plot let alone find the team a first down in the 3rd quarter. Seriously, that was the worst play calling I’ve seen in a long time. It was shameful!!

  34. That was better than any game this year.

    If the Steelers can avoid the penalties and play that physical next week this could be number 7.

    Is it just me or does Harbaugh need to get the crap kicked out of him? Between his pissy face and Lewis’ dancing and mouthing off it is a long day.

    Reed and Polamalu were brutal. Harrison and Hood were freaks.

    Go Jets. Let’s get a Steeler win in Pitt next week.

  35. There’s no other wide receiver in the NFL that I’d rather see drop a pass than Doushmanzedah.

    Maybe now he’ll believe in the Curse of the Terrible Towel when he disrespected the Towel several years ago as a Bungal.

  36. “Epic win”? Um, no. That was hardly “epic”. It was a sloppy game on both team’s part, and the Steelers won’t win next week if they can’t protect the ball any better than they did tonight. Then again, I’m sure the league will find a way to help them win if the Jets get past the Patriots.

  37. So much for the Ravens D and Elvis Grbacco.

    Don’t fret Ratbirds fans, The Wire is still by far the best filmed media ever made. Serious.

  38. i think its pretty safe to say that game was rigged…everytime its a crucial down the refs throw a flag just in case the steelers dont convert? it was pretty obvious…wonder how much this one cost the Rooneys? the black and white jerseys should have “SHILL” written across the back of them…

  39. Anquan Boldin and Houshmanzada should never open their mouths again. Two crucial dropped balls that killed their team. You’re paid to produce.

  40. T.J. bitched the whole time in Seattle and then drops 2 crucial passes costing Baltimore this game. Glad the Bears didn’t pick him up. Karma is a Bitch!

  41. Great game, the Steelers were down 14 points, which might as well be 40 points in a game against these two opponents. The Ravens only had 126 total yards, they were lucky to have been that close.

  42. They may be a respectable 4 and 3 in the road, but they still have those 3 losses. At the end of the day that means you are out. And Flacco, prior to today’s game, had a passer rating of 61.7 in the playoffs. In today’s game his rating was 61.1. He has only had two playoff games with a rating better than that. Joe Cool is more like Joe Fool, especially against the Steelers.

    Loved how this game ended. Flacco starts choking. Ravens D gives up a third and 19. Mendenhall is stopped at the two but then bowls his way in. And best of all? That loudmouth TJ drops a pass on the 4th and 18.

    The one Ratbird to show up today was Suggs. I am really looking forward to his retirement.

  43. Great game Ravens! These games continue to prove this is the best rivalry in all of sports.

  44. “Pittsburgh now awaits the winner of the Jets-Patriots game. If New York wins, the Steelers host the AFC championship. If New England wins, Pittsburgh heads to Foxboro.”

    Coming from a guy who hates the pats –
    see you in foxboro next week.

    Obligatory foot reference.

  45. Wow. What a game. I know it’s just the first one of the weekend, but it’ll be tough for any of the other three to top this one.

  46. Thanks for playing Purple Browns! Come back ANYTIME!

    It’s fun to beat you (even when we spot you 7 points).

    Those WRs REALLY paid off! Douchemenzada is afraid to catch the ball.

  47. Much like the third Ali-Frazier fight when no title was at stake, this game was for “The Championship of us”. What a game. What a rivalry. Every game is an epic battle to the death. The difference? We have Ben, they have Flacco. And thankfully for us Steeler fans the moment always seems just a little to big for Joe. Gonna sit back and savor this one cuz I’m afraid it’s gonna be nearly impossible to beat the Pats in NE. Go Jets! haha

  48. If the Ravens (and their fans) can’t stand the Steelers and the way they play. Just beat them and it will all go away. Until then, they’ll have to suck on that one for another off season.

  49. GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    …………..and GO HOME Ravens!!! More time for you and your fans to come up with clever things to say about the team that OWNS you during your LONG off season!!!!!!!

  50. Cue all the “Steeler won because of the officials” posts, blogs, and takes.

    Ravens fans, it came down to this:

    3rd down, Flacco hits Boldin right on the numbers and he drops it. Instead of 27-24 Baltimore it’s tied.

    4th down and 18, Flacco hits Housh on the numbers and he drops it, game over.

    You can’t have less than 200 yards of total offense and win a playoff game. But the Ravens came really, really close.

  51. Joe Slacco (dear mr fantasy) vs Ben (gamer, winner) equals Steeler victory, time for Ray Ray and Ed to retire, see you in Foxboro

  52. From this Patriots fan; great win, Steelers! Thank you for shutting up Suggs and company.

    If the unthinkable happens and the Pats lose tomorrow, I can cheer for the Steelers in the AFCCG.

  53. I thought the game was over in the second quarter with the way the Steelers were not playing and the Ravens were playing. But the Steelers came out in the second half and made some plays especially on defense. The game still came down to the last minute for the win. One heck of a game!


  54. WOW what a game. I guess you have to give Big Ben some love on bringing the Steelers back down 14 into the third quarter. Harbaugh did he even shake Tomlin’s hand after the game. Those comments about glad they broke Ben’s nose came back to haunt the Ravens as he broke there spirit in the third quarter and the last drive. All those shirts that Suggs bought and trash talk , well he’ll have a long off season to come up with some more talk with no action. Great win for the Steelers and a bad lost for Ravens. Two great teams that did not disappoint the fans. GREAT PLAYOFF GAME.

  55. Has there ever been a defensive holding penalty on a running play before? specifically a goal line situation and a dive play? that was ridiculous.

    And did the Steeler who drew the holding penalty on the punt return for a TD take a dive? it looked like he did.

    I’m not a Ravens fan, and they didn’t deserve to win, but it seemed like the refs gave a pretty big assist to the Steelers in the 4th quarter

  56. rayguyreturns says: Jan 15, 2011 8:29 PM

    “This actually should read:
    “Refs & Ravens hand game to Stealers”

    Boy, that didn’t take long.
    You Ratbird fans really have to get some new material. That whine is wearing thin.

  57. Great game. Baltimore, you had that game in your pocket. That’s gotta sting. Join us Steeler Nation. Join the NYJ Faithful as we cheer for the Jets to topple the smug Patriots. Steeler Nation is rooting for the NYJ. If they say they’re not, they’re FRAUDS!!!


    New England-19

  58. Oh, and the refs gave up that 3rd and 19 bomb too right? You know, the one that gave the Steelers the winning touchdown?

    No, it wasn’t epic by any stretch, but come on. Blaming the refs is the oldest cop out in the book.

    One only needs to look at Raider fans still whining about the tuck rule nearly 10 years later and Miami (FL) fans whining about that OSU National Championship.

    The Ravens were up 21-7. The refs didn’t cause Ray Rice to fumble. The refs didn’t tell Joe Flacco to throw a horrible pass into double coverage that got picked off. The refs didn’t hold the Ravens to under 200 yards of total offense.

  59. It’s astounding how eager people are to blame officiating while completely ignoring all of the mistakes made by the team they were hoping would win.

    This loss is squarely on the Baltimore offense for blowing it in the second half.

    Three turnovers in a half is huge.

    And the defense didn’t help by allowing that bomb on 3rd and 19 with the game tied.

    But instead people want to focus on a single questionable hold? I guess whatever makes you feel better.

  60. The sun comes out, taxes go up and the Ravens whine about the officials. Please do the country a favor and just go away….just go away.

  61. Come on,……just one more article about the Ravens D before they get on their off season plan……good news is Ed and Ray Ray will not need to call up their alternates for the PB

  62. I love how all the Steelers fans are pulling for the Jets to upset the Patriots tomorrow because they know that’s the only chance they have to make it back to the Super Bowl. Good teams don’t wish for luck, they want to beat the best so there is no doubt who the best team is.

  63. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Watch the crazy play when Ben fumbled the ball and everyone froze. A Ravens player hit Ben in the head and once again NO FLAG. Haters I dare you to watch it. That would have been a first down AND NO Ravens score.

  64. Well…get ready to cheer for the Steelers…they say that if you give Bill Bilichick a week to prepare for a team, he’ll figure them out, and over the years, that’s surely an honest assessment…but…and I do mean but, I’ve thought about it all week and I believe Rex and His Dad Buddy and his brother Rob have been working on a game plan all week…after all, blood is thicker than water; they’ve been over all the tape, they understand all the tendencies, Rex and the “family” are coming after Bill Bilichick and the Patriots! It has all the makings of a terrific battle, sideshows included! I personally think we would be much better served for the Steelers to go to Foxboro and slap Tom Terrific and his boys around, simply because we owe them for two, that’s right, two AFC Championship losses in the ‘Burgh. But on the other hand, we owe Rex and his band of Merry Men as well, so…looking for a great game in New England Sunday night and Steeler Nation is looking forward to the challenge in the AFC Championship Game, however and with who ever it pans out with! I just hope the referees don’t have an influence on the game…know what I mean?

  65. Great game except for some of the officiating… Tripplet is the worst ref in the game, just look at some of the games he’s ruined with 100-200 yards of penalties. Steelers showed how hardcore they actually are in that 2nd half.

    And this thread sounds like its full of a bunch of fans of teams not in the playoffs…..hmmmm… Bored? Hate much? It’s ok…you can be a bandwagon steeler fan this year…but only this year! Just kiddin, you all can suck it.

  66. And now a murderer goes on a 3 month vacation, while 2 people continue to rot in the ground without any justice.

    America *uck yeah!!!

  67. Jamson is correct. That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the replay: why no flag for a (two-handed) hit to the QB’s head?

    Also, did anyone catch any of the Westwood One radio broadcast? Good Lord, that was awful. Those dudes must have had some serious cash on the Steelers.

  68. @mtygringo …

    If the Jets beat the Pats, that means they are the best team, genius. Just as the Ravens can’t seem to beat the Steelers when Roethlisberger is playing, the Patriots seem to have the winning combination against LeBeau’s defense. So we’d prefer to play a team that doesn’t have that kind of record against us. That’s about strategic advantages, not about hoping to play a lesser adversary. Whichever team makes it to the Championship is the better team simply by virtue of getting there.

  69. It really

    People there is a BIG difference between a penalty that didn’t NEED to be called and a “phantom” call. You all know he grabbed his jersey and pushed him down, but that’s exactly why it didn’t NEED to be called. He grabbed him no more than anyone else does on any given play, and he pushed him away from the ballcarrier. Different then say impeding a defender as he attempts to run past you or running up on a guy from behind and latching on. There is holding on just about everytime’s play in the NFL and they don’t all get called ( we have to endure our share of no calls too). Get over it. Your team made TOO MANY MISTAKES….just be accountable for one time. Let some of you tell it, u guys have NEVER lost a game because you were outplayed. Its always a grand conspiracy against you.

  70. @rolltidenj …

    As a lifelong Tide fan, you embarrass me. Either you’re a complete idiot with the football comprehension of a Swedish gnat. Or you are such a whining bad sport that you’ll make a knee-jerk post like that without caring what actually happened on the field. Either way, you are not representing the kind of football class Bear Bryant demonstrated. Why don’t you switch your allegiance to Auburn? You’d fit right in.

  71. to pervyharvin the self proclaimed football yoda:

    you claimed the steelers were done at halftime and the falcons are getting whipped.Good call Yoda

  72. Suggs talks a lot, but backs it up, comes to play and brings it every game.

    He isn’t as good as Harrison though.

  73. here’s a crazy idea for the Ravens, PLAY BETTER!! PLAY BETTER FOR 60 MINUTES and you will win!!!!!! Officials this, drops that, play-calling this, Cam Cameron that … just play better and you will win!

  74. To all the morons and Steelers haters complaining about the refs:

    Ravens – 6 for 74 yards
    Steelers – 9 for 93 yards

    Keep crying and making excuses. Losers lament “refs screwed us”

  75. I see the Baltimore chockers and their QB Joe Chockeo lost another big game.Their defensive coordinator ought to learn how to run a defense off of Dick L because everytime it was 3rd down they only rushed 3 and dropped 8 into coverage and everyone knows if you let a great QB stand back there with no pass rush he’ll pick you apart no matter how good your coverage is.Dick L does it right he goes after the QB and never lets him get comfortable in the pocket.

  76. Football generally comes down to who as the best QB. By the end of the 3rd quarter, Flacco looked like a deer in the headlights,whereas Roethlisberger looked like a man who wanted the ball in his hands to win the game.
    All the officiating whining is nonsense, as always there were missed calls on both sides that evened out over the course of the game. Best QB and defense won.
    congrats steelers

  77. I have seen it before but didn’t want to admit it – and I agree the officiating sucked – but as a Ravens fan, the Wizard choked. I don’t care about mistakes, dropped passes, etc…but I am sick and embarrassed to have to watch our quarterback look scared like a deer in the headlights – and thats what he looked like. The game is too big for him. The play calling sucks because he can’t read defenses, he had more than enough time today, he just has no idea where the open guy was. His football IQ is non-existant. He costed us home field and a bye when he couldn’t see what 70,000 ppl saw in B-more which was Polamalu about to blitz. He couldn’t even handle a snap when it counted. Pittsburgh, you did not beat us, we beat us…but that makes you the better team because good teams don’t beat themselves. We are not good. We played 30 minutes of football per week all year. BUT…you better pray your asses off the Jets do the impossible, because you have 0 chance in New England. They wiped their asses with you in Pittsburgh and they will do it again – easily

  78. zone44blitz says: Jan 15, 2011 8:24 PM

    Anyone have anything to say about the officials helping the Steelers win?

    I didn’t think so.

    Ha ha.. this was posted *after* about 30 posts that pointed out the completely fictitious holding call that robbed the Ravens of a TD- and conveniently, that turned out to be the difference in the final score.

    Might wanna get your smartass comments in a little faster, son.

  79. C’mon Slickster35, Ray Lewis was never convicted for a crime…just as Ben was never even “charged” with a crime let alone convicted for anything. All you knuckleheads need to get over your ignorance, your blind allegiance and your idiotic mentalities. Maybe they should have a method of determining your IQ when you sign up to post a comment and redirect all the morons and low lifes that have no intelligent comments or suggestions to a web site where you can post your idiotic Ben “Rapelisberger” or “Bilicheat” or Murderer or any of your other sub-intelligent and moronic staements. You all need to get over it and give credit where credit is due. Ray Lewis has been one of the most game impacting linebackers that has ever played the game. He brings honor and respect to the position. Big Ben has torn the hearts out of many a fan base that doesn’t wear the Black & Gold because of his heroics. Both men are extremely competitive and both are “winners” simply because they play the game the way it was intended to be played! When the “Hate” or “Cheater” label is attached to any of these guys, usually it’s because they are the very best at what they do and every fan from the opposition would truly embrace them if they played for your team. It’s always a bummer that someone has to lose between the true warriors but losing is part of life. Thanks again Baltimore Ravens for an awesome rivalry and though I hope we, the Steeler Nation, continues to win aainst you, you’re still in my book an awesome organization. Thanks.
    Pappy Joe

  80. bonniebengal says:

    I hate the Steelers more than the Pats, so I’ll be pulling for the Pats against the Jets. That way the Steelers will have to play the Pats at home.


    Thanks for your insight Bonnie!

    Nothing more interesting than a Bengal fan breaking down playoff football.

  81. BooHoo, I don’t get the ball… Hey Houschmadoinkhands, nice catch lmao. I remember the days when us Steeler fans feared seeing you in Cincinnati, you used to torch the Steelers. Now I see why Pete Carrol cut you in Seattle *DOINK*.

    Seriously, I am so over people bitching about the refs because they lose. Understand this, the refs suck PERIOD. They miss calls, make phantom calls and all-in-all blow donkey dong. In this game they sucked for both teams!

  82. @iggles20

    Didn’t the Steelers end Brady and that Pats streak not too long ago? I think he has a good record against the Steelers, but he’s been in the same league and conference too long to have never lost once.

  83. Are you guys even serious…….refs didnt lose this game, Shane Falco did if anyone. At least no Ray Lewis didnt murder anyone tonight…yet! CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE feel sorry for the ratbirds defense for having Choke Flaco as a QB…..CHOKE

  84. Huge Ravens fan. Here’s my take. Steelers are a better TEAM. Period. They deserved to win, any way you sliced it. Congrats Steelers fans.

    The Ravens can sign as many all-stars as they want, but until they play like a team like Pittsburgh, they will continue to be second class.

  85. pappyjoe69 says:
    Jan 15, 2011 9:34 PM
    Well…get ready to cheer for the Steelers…they say that if you give Bill Bilichick a week to prepare for a team, he’ll figure them out, and over the years, that’s surely an honest assessment…but…and I do mean but, I’ve thought about it all week and I believe Rex and His Dad Buddy and his brother Rob have been working on a game plan all week…after all, blood is thicker than water; they’ve been over all the tape, they understand all the tendencies, Rex and the “family” are coming after Bill Bilichick and the Patriots! It has all the makings of a terrific battle, sideshows included! I personally think we would be much better served for the Steelers to go to Foxboro and slap Tom Terrific and his boys around, simply because we owe them for two, that’s right, two AFC Championship losses in the ‘Burgh. But on the other hand, we owe Rex and his band of Merry Men as well, so…looking for a great game in New England Sunday night and Steeler Nation is looking forward to the challenge in the AFC Championship Game, however and with who ever it pans out with! I just hope the referees don’t have an influence on the game…know what I mean?


    Get some medicine for your diarrhea of the mouth…

    And funny as it may seem, the Three RyanTards equal the same number of SB wins as Belichick… Check back tomorrow to let us know how that gameplan worked out…

    Pats 31
    Yets 17

  86. Let’s get something straight. Steelers played a great game. As I give credit to the Steelers, they must give credit that it wasn’t Joe’s fault that his receivers dropped a touchdown and a first down. PERFECT throws by Joe. The pick was a bad throw but under pressure Joe looked fine to me.

  87. LOSER whine about the refs when they lose. Champions win.

    Ever wonder why Rod Woodson considers himself a Steeler and went into the hall “as” a Steeler?

    Enjoy next season Ravens fans. 17 free agents, a bad WR group, Mason and Reed retiring……

  88. Congrats Steelers Fans!
    Great second half.
    Hopefully NE can make a trend out of talkingbacks losing tomorrow and your guys can bring it to Foxboro, PIT-NE is always a great game.

  89. I recall TJ who’s your mama talking about seeing the seahawks in the playoffs. too bad you were thiking about what migh have been instead of catching the ball you punk. I bet you’re looking for your next team next year. !!!

  90. Wow. 126 total yards for the Ravens. If not for their defense scoring and setting up TDs in the 2nd qtr, they get blown out.

    Steeler defense is playing at a level unlike no other in the playoffs so far.

  91. Big Ben…2 superbowl rings…9-2 postseason record….best regular season record in history,next to Tom Brady at this stage in his career…..

    All you experts with your so called ”ELITE QUARTERBACKS” you know that same old list that leaves Ben behind Brady,Manning,Brees,and now Rivers,Rodgers,blah ,blah,blah!!!….TAKE YOUR LIST AND STICK IT!!!!

    Oh,by the way,Roethlisberger has never lost a road postseason game!!!….All you idiots with your clever 3rd grade names….RAPISTBERGER,FAT BEN,,,,yeah,you wish morons!!!…You wish this guy was pullin the trigger for your team….

    All this ,with an injured .patchwork offensive line that is adequate on its best days….Once again today ,Ben gets smacked around and abused for 2 hours…and then gathers himself, and stuns the Ravens with 24 second half points,throwing a perfect 58 yard strike to Antonio Brown to break the Ravens back in crunch time

    5 AFC championship games in 10 years….This quarterback 9-2 in post season games,with 2 super bowl rings,and the NFL’S BEST DEFENSE…..just sayin…stay tuned!!!

  92. As far as Steelers fans rooting for the Jets, it has more to do with a home field AFC championship game than fear of the Patriots. Also, as a Steelers fan, I’m glad we got to face the Ravens a third time. If we don’t make it past the next level, at least we can say we beat the Ratbirds two out of three times instead of splitting our two games! Go Steelers!

  93. swervinmervin said: “Baltimore won this game on the punt return for touch down.”


    Had the holding penalty not been called on the punt return, it would have put the Ravens up 28-24.

    After that, the Steelers scored a touchdown which would have made the score 31-28.

    On the following drive, the Ravens managed -8 yards, 4 and out.

    Seems to me it’s very likely the score would have been 31-28 if that holding penalty wasn’t called.

  94. Thank you Steelers for doing your talking on the field and dispatching those blowhards. We hope to see you next week in Foxboro. A NE-PIT AFC championship always brings out the best in both teams.

  95. Did t.sizzle back up his talk with his performance hell yeah he probably was the most feared Raven out there 3 or 4 sacks not to shabby, but you have to give the Steelers credit for gutting it out

  96. Browns WILL BE BACK and we got our brown eye staring your city down, so enjoy your victories over ex-Cleve teams until the pure bomb rises over your city again, Pitts. (No comments, please; can’t stand the humiliation)

  97. Like I continue to say about Joe Flacco, he is waht he is, a solid not special quarterback. He just doesn’t have the IT factor or the leadership qualities to ever led a team to a Superbowl victory. Sorry Ravens fans, see around 2020ish when the Ravnes finally have decided to move on from Flacco! Well, hopefully we are all still around by then. Damn those Mayans for freaking everybody out!


    I LOVE IT!

    *singing* We’re from the town with the great football team….we are the Pittsburgh Steelers!


  99. Ravens fans, quit whining about the officials! The Steelers were flagged 3 times more than the Ravens were!

    Blame your offense. The fact is that you couldn’t move the ball the entire night! 35 yards rushing. 126 passing. You were pathetic.

    What about your inability to stop the Steelers on 3 & 19? What about Boldin dropping a td? What about T.J Whosyourmomma dropping a first down pass? Were those the officials screwing you??? You got your butts kicked, plain and simple.

    By the way Steeler fans, T.J Whosmazilla has been cursed since shining his shoes with a Terrible Towel back in 2005 at Heinz Field, and then proclaiming that the AFC North had been passed on to the Bengals. How’s that working out for you T.J??? 2 Lombardi’s later and working on a 3rd…….

  100. I still don’t know how Ben pulled it off. I know at halftime the Steelers said there wasn’t really any motivational speech, just that they knew what had to happen to win. Whatever it was, it worked. This is why I love being a Steelers fan, because of the rollercoaster-rides seasons, games, and individual plays; we never know what to expect sometimes (minus BA’s play calls). What I mean is the players, not enough is said about the veteran leadership some of these guys bring to the team, like Hines and James Farrior. It’s remarkable that Farrior hasn’t missed a down in the past five years. But I could mention each and every one of these guys; they all contribute to the Steelers’ success in some fashion, and that’s what makes the team so special. It was another great outing for this team last night, and it all starts at the top, with the Rooneys. These guys know how to put together a solid, above-average organization. And what better way to send your rivals packing than at home in front of Steeler Nation, on national TV, with Ben engineering everso crushing drives for the Ravens, and the Defense doing what they do best–winning football games.

    What a great win for such a classy organization.

  101. Steelers won. By not giving up, the Defense making plays, the Offensive executing, and Ben somehow delivering some big passes when it mattered most.

    I’m astounded that anyone would attempt to point out the Refs – helping the Steelers??!!??
    IN that game Steelers 9 calls for 93 yards and Balt. 6 calls for 74 yards.

    Early on in the game the Refs pinned the Steelers back near their own goal line with calls on the kick-offs. That came into play especially when Suggs sacked Ben – and Redding returned the ‘fumble’ for a TD.

    What about the ridiculous call on Hines for the Personal Foul ..???? What was that? Along with Keomatu getting flagged for the Personal Foul as the Steelers finally pulled ahead late.

    Ravens get the ball at 50 yard line with 1:33 left and some of you are going to blame the Refs for Steelers winning. COME ON Man – Ravens didn’t get it done with the time they had …Flacco as good as he has been didn’t deliver – neither did the WR’s make the clutch catches when it was necessary.

    At one point during this season the Refs were averaging 10 calls for 105 yards when the Steelers played. That was over a 5 or 6 game stretch. The Refs don’t help the Steelers – Shut It with that argument. Please give it a rest.

  102. iggles20 says:
    Jan 15, 2011 9:02 PM
    Steelers better hope that the Jets win since I don’t think Brady has ever lost to the Steelers…

    False, the Steelers spanked Brady and the Pats back in ’04, Roethlisberger’s first year. Can’t remember the score offhand, something like 40-24, but wasn’t even that close as the Pats scored in garbage time. I do remember Tommy getting picked off, eating the turf and doing a lot of crying to the refs. The Steelers ended New England’s long unbeaten streak that day.

  103. @trickbunny
    fictitious? so…..that wasnt two handfuls of jersey protruding from dude’s jersey? was that a jedi mind trick? and before you go getting your panties in a bunch, check out my posted comment about the penalty…i would’ve been ok with a no call, but you know like i know that he was holding his jersey

  104. @trickbunny …

    Trouble in the Cleveland public schools? You appear to be struggling with math. That called-back return TD would not have given the game to the Ravens. They wound up with a field goal on that drive. If they hadn’t been flagged on the return, the final score would have been 31-28 instead of 31-24. Either way … a Steelers win.

  105. TrickBunny It was a hold. Please grow up.

    Where are the but now the Steelers have to go play the Pats posters? What is that saying about counting your toes I mean chickens before they are hatched?

  106. Are you sure it wasn’t a hold on the punt return? Take a look at this picture from the return and remember that this is what the ref that threw the flag would have seen:

  107. Congrats on the latest Super Bowl win, Steelers fans. I’m saying that relatively early I know.

    Fact is, payoffs and other arrangements for the latest Steelers championship have almost certainly already been made. So, let me be the first to congratulate you.

  108. @blitzburgh

    That picture is worth a thousand words. Or a thousand tissues for Ravens fans.

    @Beer Cheese Soup

    Yeah, one of the most penalized teams in the league who also happened to have their starting QB suspended for FOUR GAMES this season because of dropped charges is definitely getting TONS of advantages from the league. It has nothing to do with their #2 overall defense, or top 15 rushing/ passing offense at all.. (enter sarcasm here). Since you must be a 11 year old girl for making such a post, Ill teach you how to argue do to feeling bad. FACTS, use them. They come in handy sometimes as you get older.

    Great game, Ravens. Theres always next year! (oh wait…)

  109. I’m not sure what game some of you were watching, but that was not just a hold on the punt return, but a fine tackle at that. The refs were disgusting with the flags every other play on both sides and really takes from the enjoyment of the games.
    It was a good game (except for all the flags) to watch and although I rag on Suggs, he is a beast, just wish he played for the Steelers. I know it hurts Ravens fans, but your team has nothing to be ashamed of. If they played in the AFC west they would be the champs every year, but you have two great teams in the same conference just like the Pats and the Jets.

  110. Epic win? Ha! Not so much. The only thing that pathetic excuse for a game could be called was an epic implosion by the Ravens. What a joke!

    Hopefully everyone will finally see that Flacco is not the elite quarterback the analysts want us to believe. He is nothing but a below average quarterback surrounded by slightly above average players.

  111. @blitzburgh – GREAT picture.

    Anybody want to say that wasn’t a ‘hold’ …? Huh anyone – like many Steeler fans I’ve had to endure watching game after game where James Harrison is held or hooked or yanked by O linemen without the benefit of it being called many many times.

    SO it was justice to see that even on such a good punt return – an obvious hold was flagged.

    @phoenix – Steelers D has a history of making Flacco look pedestrian.

    And on that ‘hold’ during the punt. I was in a bar up here in New England. I could tell instantly that the Steeler had been held …I pointed and said out loud just as the Raven got into the end zone ….”there was a hold – that was a hold” … at least 4 Pat’s fans …”no way” – “shut up” …”whatever” …”ha ha ha – that a TD” ……

    Who is laughing now??! It couldn’t be a better morning here in Massachusetts in my view. Pittsburgh is hosting AFC Championship game, and New England is out. I will check back here and await the obvious Patriot fan comment –
    oh you’re lucky not to be playing the Pat’s this week ….etc etc. blah blah blah

  112. Congratulations Pittsburgh. You won.

    Very disappointed a few more of my Raven brethern have not at least appeared.

    You played bigger when it counted. We played small when we needed it most. No complaints about officials, that is for losers. I don’t want to be confused with which team I root for either.

    Let’s dispell a few things in defeat. Ray Lewis showed up for interviews after the game. Terrell Suggs played a hell of a game, no matter how much he ran he mouth. Joe is no Ben, probably will never be. Unforced errors will kill you in a game like this. Maryland is still a better place to live!

    Best of luck to all the remaining teams.

  113. @Beer Cheese …

    So nice to be on a Steelers thread with sane people and no longer on a thread with the degenerate lunatics who populate your world. To Packer fans sportsmanship is something everyone should bow down and extend to them. But when that characteristic was being doled out, they were all mysteriously absent.

    When your players are accused of rape after romping with hookers and slapping them around while their wives are giving birth, we’re supposed to quickly forget it … while your bottom dwellers continue to eviscerate our QB long after the proscecutor explains he was falsely accused. And when you beat your arch-rivals and get into the playoffs because–as the NFL acknowledged the officials hand you a win you didn’t merit, well, we’ll just hear no more about it … but you’ll continue to spin idiotic conspiracy theories years after sports reliable sports experts have analyzed Super Bowl XL and said the Steelers earned their win. I finally cracked and gave back some of what you fine, classy fans have dished to the rest of us for months, then thought better of wallowing in the dirt and apologized. But you sanctimonious, self-righteous hypocrites just keep piling on. And here you are, still harassing Steelers fans about your crackpot notions. Wow … what a surprise! 🙄

    Mark my words … what goes around comes around. One way or the other. It may be later rather than sooner. But what goes around comes around.

  114. I wouldn’t call that an epic game, for God’s sakes, the Ravens handed the ball to the Steelers three times, in one quarter, on the Ravens side of the field. I don’t think either team looked that good. And another thing – how many times have the Ravens had TD’s called back? I guess it’s okay to head butt the opposition, or clear a pile out four seconds after the play, but God forbid you should block through a defender and knock him down. I think last year, perhaps the year before, they had at least two called back in one game at Heinz Field. I do enjoy watching those two teams play. But does it matter in the end? – “no” – Green Bay has gotten smokin’ hot at the right time.

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