Bart Scott is fired up

Some players offer cliched soundbites in their post-game interviews, serving up canned responses about how both teams played hard and now it’s time to get ready for a good game next week.

Jets linebacker Bart Scott is not one of those players.

When ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio caught up with Scott on the field after the Jets beat the Patriots, Scott launched into a tirade about how the win was “poetic justice” that showed “what kind of defense, what kind of team this was.” Scott warned anyone who’s going to “talk crap about us” that they’ll play for it.

The amusing video is here.

44 responses to “Bart Scott is fired up

  1. Enjoy it now Barty because the party ends in Pittsburgh. Yet again the bridesmaid but never the bride.

  2. Congrats to Bart Scott. His team managed to do something the Browns did earlier in the season.

    That’s certainly something to get fired up about……

  3. You’d think the Jets just won the Super Bowl or something. Of course, if they want to celebrate their win for a couple of days, you won’t hear any complaints from me!

  4. Ask my wife…for year if there is one guy that talks smacks and I can not is this guy…what a joke…hope the Steelers do him like they did so many times….No one talks more than Bart…and few cry more…

  5. Here a stat for Bart….$11.5 million salary….1 sack, 1 FF, 0 INTs….so there you go….

    No one cashes checks for doing nothing like Bart Scott…way to go big mouth..

  6. Amazing! The Jets really did outplay the Patriots, and they won the game in all three phases of the game… barely. The one consolation for us Pats fans is that the Jets made this a Superbowl or Bust season – buying every big name free agent and trading for more. This was a rebuilding year for the Pats. Go figure…

  7. I think he has lost his mind. Bart is another example of a defensive player leaving the Ravens and doing sh*t. with that rant and his history with Ward, I’d be shocked if he keeps his mouth shut this week!

  8. Hines Ward is going to blow up half this defense, and Cromartie won’t be able to cover a thing. So Bart Scott can spew his crap all offseason. And watch the Super Bowl from his couch.

  9. love it he is so right no respect no respect. Who had the jets this game on any radio any tv analyst nobody everybody had the pats. Why Why ??????? they did lose jim 3 days before that game come on. Think about it all the hatters out there

  10. Are you people kidding me? 99% of the “experts” were crowning the pats kings and assumed they would win the Super bowl.
    Now the Jets beat em, and they weren’t any good? Please…
    As far as Bart Scott, that is the typical “us against the world” attitude that half the players in the NFL have. And he makes plays. If you say otherwise, your not watching.
    And lastly, didn’t the Jets already beat the Steelers?

  11. Funny, don’t remember him doing much during the game. Rex coached a great game and deserves a week + of talking, don’t know why Bart think he deserves anything.

  12. I love Jets fans…just because you win a football game does not mean you can be a classless jerk. The Jets have some good guys like their QB who play the game right..then we have total tools like Bart the Blowhard….he has always talked about “killing players” and “ending lives”. NFL needs to fine this guy…

    Be like your QB and show some class..not like your teammate who yells at people for respect when he does not even know his own kids names……so yeah…father of the year…

  13. by the way…..the Patriots aren’t playing next week…..because they lost… yep… they lost…the Jets and the Steelers play next week…..not the Patriots…….not Brady…the Jets……..and and the Steelers….not Manning….not Brady…….The Steelers….the Jets……not Brady…..could have used Randy Moss tonight!

  14. It amazes me how much these guys use what the media says about them as motivation, this is the highest level of football and these guys need to use the media’s opinion as motivation? Playing pro football should be motivation in itself

  15. typical steeler fans .. you all must have amnesia or short term memory loss considering the steelers already lost to the jets, and that was a struggling jets team that beat them, now they’re back in playoff form oh noes ..that short term memory loss is good for some things though .. like forgetting your heroe quarterback raped 2 women in the past 2 offseasons .. will the memory loss be refreshed and will there be a 3rd this offseason?

  16. The pats were crowned and now they’re thrown down from the throne ..cry all you pricks that masturbate to tom brady head shots.

    Bring on rapelisberger so they can lose a 2nd time this season.

  17. bostonbias-
    Are you implying that the Jets show clas?? That’s a first
    Like what Rex said; you’re damn right same old Jets…we’re going back to the AFCG

  18. The true tough guys let their play do all the talking.

    jetshorty says:
    And lastly, didn’t the Jets already beat the Steelers?

    Yeah regular season wins are so important when it comes to playoff match-ups . Good logic for that prediction though man.

  19. And lastly, didn’t the Jets already beat the Steelers?


    And obviously that means about as much as the Pats 45-3 rout of the Jets a few weeks ago. The Steelers tend to loose when Polamalu doesnt play, as in the earlier meeting with the Jets. Both he and Heath Miller will play this weekend. Congrats on a well deserved win, but next week is a different ball game.

  20. Here we go again. Talk about classless? How about not knowing how to eat your crow!
    You Jet haters make this win even sweeter. Now your trying to wiggle out of your early predictions of doom by the hand of the Pats. Most of you used the in season beat down we got as proof. Now you ignore how we just went into Pitt and beat them to say we will get our butts beat yet again. Pitt had a bunch of injuries against the Ravens no less.
    Bart is responding to the media more than anyone else. Sure he can be a blow hard as can Ryan.
    Jet fans deserve this week of bliss. So eat your crow with class. I predict a hard fought game next week. Jets 20 – Pitt 17

  21. They’ve talked trash since being in the playoffs which is fine, but if all of a sudden they get quit, it will prove they’re scared of the steelers.

  22. I see he’s just as much of a toolbag as he was when he was with the Ravens. Also, he needs to be on some type of psychotropic medication.

    If Vernon Gholston played inside he’d have this idiot’s job. Bart Scott talks more than any below average player I’ve ever seen.

  23. non of you clowns know football. bart scott’s role on the jets cant be measured in his stats. stats are overrated, especially when it comes to defense. i bet you idiots think revis stinks too because he doesnt have great stats.

    bart scott is the best in the NFL at taking on lead blockers and blowing up plays, so guys like david harris can come in untouched and clean up. as someone who has watched every single jets game the past two years i will tell you that bart scott is playing much better this year than he did last season.

  24. For those of you who say Scott doesnt do anything…Guess you dont watch the game to closely..He does plenty..he has been rock steady on defense ALL YEAR. Good job Bart!..GREAT job D!!

  25. Does this guy NEVER shut up? Dude, you thoroughly outplayed New England last night, the Jets finally did their talking on the field. Can you feel confident enough now to shut the hell up, and focus on the task ahead?

    And people wonder why New England fans can’t stand the Jets. They’re like that yappy little neighbor’s dog that you always want to punt into the street.

  26. The Jets defensive success more lies in the scheme and not individual stats….

    Not one Jet defensive player has had standout stats in the last two years…but yet, they are ranked near the top of the NFL as a unit.

    Bart Scott plays a vital role in what the Jets do defensively.

    The people that say…”WHAT DOES BART SCOTT DO?”….DO NOT KNOW D#*K ABOUT PLAYING ORGANIZED FOOTBALL, just watching and commenting.

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