Arrest warrant sought for still-unnamed Lions player

The Detroit Lions celebrated their season-ending four-game winning streak with an outing at a Plymouth, Michigan club.  At least one Lions player celebrated a little too zealously.  Allegedly.

Reports arose earlier this month that an unnamed Lion was under investigation for inappropriate contact.  Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press now reports that police are seeking an arrest warrant for the unnamed player.  The request was made of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday.

“They have their protocols to follow, of interviewing the victim before authorizing or denying the warrant,” Detective Lt. Jamie Grabowski told Birkett.  “I cannot speak to how soon the warrant will be reviewed.”

The player has denied any inappropriate conduct.

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  1. From

    The owner of IronWood Grill isn’t talking and he asked his staff not to say anything about this. If Raiola pays this girl off, the full story might never go public. The bar was packed but only a handful
    people actually witnessed Raiola lift the shirt up and most of them were probably his team mates or friends. That cook must be a crazy ****** to go after a group of Lions players when just about everyone knows that many football players carry guns and are reckless! At least he was smart enough to jump the smallest Lions player. Iron Wood Grill has over 10 cameras covering every angle of the place,three other Lions players were their . it was definitely Raiola who lifted the womans shirt up.

  2. The player has denied any inappropriate conduct.
    That statement implies that you are aware of the player’s identity since you didn’t quote anyone. Why not let us know who the article refers to? Allegations have been levied against many a player without any attempt by PFT to hide the names of those involved. Why the change in this case?

  3. When are other NFCN fans going to stop being so sympathetic toward the Lions and hold them accountable for their actions?

    I’m sick of the Vikings being so “pathetic” and so “terrible”, yet the Lions, the only franchise in league history to go 0-16, have won 1 playoff game, and have been the whipping boys of the entire league for decades, are given a free pass?

    The same thing happens with the Buffalo Bills.

  4. @coachstram …

    Why not Mark Sanchez, Brandon Underwood and six Packers teammates, Eric Foster of the Colts? They’re all players I know off the top of my head have been arrested or sued for rape. But I’m sure there are more in the league. It’s a shame an idiot like you has taken the name of a good coach like Hank Stram.

  5. @Deb

    Why am I an idiot?

    Stay on topic.

    Would you still be irrational and frantic if I referred to Brett Farve?

    Stay in the shallow end.

  6. brewcityitalian posted: “If Raiola pays this girl off, the full story might never go public. The bar was packed but only a handful of people actually witnessed Raiola lift the shirt up…”

    That obviously points to center Dominic Raiola as the player in question.

  7. @coachstram …

    Stay on topic? And you’re calling me irrational? Maybe you should up your Alzheimer’s meds.

    You’re the “shallow” idiot–yes, idiot–who took an article about an arrest warrant being issued for a Lions player and vomited up yet another tired Roethlisberger joke. Gee, we’ve never heard that before. 🙄 All I did was point out the truth: Many NFL players have been accused of assault.

    Anything frantic about my post is in your head … clanking around with other tired, old rape jokes. No wonder you’re so confused.

    Stram was one of the league’s classier coaches. It just doesn’t seem to be a fitting moniker for a class clown.

  8. brewcityitalian:

    Please let it be Raiola. That would be an early present for me. I’ve been asking for this idiot not to be a Lions for any longer and now it might actually be a good reason to say good bye. He’s not a good center, he talks all the time, and now this. Perfect, and see ya later. I don’t want talkers and trash players on the team as we move forward to building a good team.

  9. “their”= belonging to them
    “they’re”=they are
    “your”=belonging to you
    “you’re”=you are
    Sorry, boys, have to do this. That done, LOVE this site…there is some funny s!@t here! Must send a shout out to COMMANDER CORNPONE, TOMBRADY’SWIG and STANKLEPOOT…couldn’t quote anything you’ve said, but names make me laugh…especially the COMMANDER who is now a part of my marital conversations….we both are southern-born and bred. Keep it up…you all rule, no matter what team you root for. Oh, BTW, don’t get personal…come back with a better, more clever post than the rude one.

  10. @coachstram …

    I went through a real rape … the kind where someone violently attacks you when you weren’t wearing a “down to f***” pin and crawling all over him all night. I’ve spent years with dozens of other women ranging in age from 5 to 80 who’ve been through similar experiences. So I get a little tired of attention- and/or money-seeking women who invent rape stories. Would assume from the moniker that your a KC fan, but a similar thing happened to Charlie Batch when he played for Detroit.

    The Georgia woman’s medical exam showed she didn’t even have sex that night, so no one raped her–as the prosecutor said when explaining why no arrest was made. The woman in Nevada texted people that she couldn’t wait to see Ben again. I’d call that consent. The jokes get old. And no, I wouldn’t be okay with it … that’s why I did the research.

    @tominmilwaukee …

    Actually, I love men. But I don’t encounter many on PFT. Do you think the way you and coachstram are talking to a woman make you sound like men in the true sense of the word?

  11. From the Freep: The attorney, Michael Jaafar of the Jaafar and Mahdi Law Group in Dearborn, said Tuesday that he had decided to file a civil suit against the player but was waiting to see “how his attorneys handle it.”


    Sounds like she’s seeking a settlement against Raiola, and if he really did pull her shirt up then he deserves what he’s getting. The fratboy atmosphere in the NFL is pretty lame.

  12. @Deb

    LOL……. You are funny……. If being “accused” of rape TWICE makes someone a man, then i am just a little boy…….. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire…..

    As far as how i talking to you, get over yourself…… I am not being rude or disrespectful…. I am simply stating an opinion…. You seem like a decent enough person from your posts that i have seen this past year…But you get you too offended when someone states their opinion on your boy Benny……

    It is what it is……

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