No practice for Polamalu, several other Steelers

When the Jets beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh last month, Steelers safety Troy Polamalu didn’t play, due to an ankle injury.  As they prepare for a postseason rematch, Polamalu is still dealing a lower leg injury.

Polamalu missed practice on Wednesday, according to the first official injury report of Championship Week.  But now the injured area is his Achilles’ tendon.

Also out for the Steelers on Wednesday were safety Will Allen (knee), receiver Arnaz Battle (illness), and cornerback Bryant McFadden (abdomen).

Practicing on a limited basis was defensive end Aaron Smith, who suffered a triceps injury during the regular season, and who has missed 11 total games with the injury.

For the Jets, linebacker Jason Taylor sat out with a concussion.  Coach Rex Ryan said, in comments distributed by the team, that Taylor has been cleared, and that he’s expected to practice on Thursday.

Practicing on a limited basis were cornerback Drew Coleman (knee), safety James Ihedigbo (knee, ankle), cornerback Darrelle Revis (hamstring), and receiver Brad Smith (groin).  Smith missed the division-round game against the Patriots due to the groin injury, which he suffered in the wild-card game against the Colts.

Fully participating in practice were cornerback Antonio Cromartie (groin), defensive tackle Mike Devito (neck), receiver Santonio Holmes (quadricep), center Nick Mangold (shoulder), defensive tackle Sione Pouha (back), and quarterback Mark Sanchez (right shoulder).

20 responses to “No practice for Polamalu, several other Steelers

  1. I noticed last game that Polamalu was hardly in the box at all, and it seemed to me that he was protecting his legs while in traffic.

  2. he will play in the game, but he wont be 100%. he sure didnt look like it when ray rice trucked him on saturday. i dont think i’ve ever seen polamalu get owned like that.

  3. .
    PLEASE!!! brad smith re-injure yourself for the sake of the team.

    the sem in ole is a failure stop running it and causing 3-8.

    Play this game to WIN, dont play it so u can use the sem in ole every time u have the ball.

  4. @jetsarestacked …

    Happens to even the best occasionally. But Troy’s miss on Rice didn’t help Rice’s game overall … or the Ravens’.

  5. Man, I sure hope you’re right Deb, the steelers need Troy at 100%. The steeler fans need him even more so they have someone to pump some loads into their terrible towels to when their getting spanked by the Jets. . You gotta admit he kinda looks like a Kardashian from behind.

  6. the Polamolecules must be all in alignment for the Steelers to dominate. Tough to do with an Achilles injury. But probably not so tough that they can keep Rex Rant from winning.

  7. Polamalu (like many of the team’s vets) sits out almost every Wednesday practice, Mikey.

    He will be playing.

  8. First of all, does anybody EVER proof your work before it goes live??

    Second, Troy hasn’t practiced on Weds. and most Thursdays for the last 2 months. I’m sure you knew this. It has always been an Achilles injury. I’m sure you knew that as well.

    SEVERAL Steelers??? Really? Really?

    I can’t wait until the Steelers are in the Super Bowl. What are you gonna have to make up to get people to read then?

  9. Nothing unordinary. Troy will play, and will make a huge difference.

    With all due respect to Aaron Smith, I’d rather have Ziggy resume the starter for the rest of the postseason. I know Tomlin would love to add the tool to the tool box even in limited reps, but Ziggy has played consistently on a high level.

    Just my preference; I think either player will get the job done at a high level, though.

  10. You really just prove how much of a hater you are by saying the steelers are gonna kill the jets. They may win, but I seriously doubt they’ll blow the jets out or dominate the game. Gonna be a close one!

  11. ya just don’t know how the game will end up…

    could be a blow out, could be close…

    i will say in these games, i would say the team that turns the ball over (the most) will lose.

    Cold bad weather will make catching the ball very very touchy, possibly making interceptions more the thing, along with fumbles from running.
    The coaches that preach hold on to the ball will win.

    Will be interesting if ‘we’ get the biggest TV audience which I think we will as ‘America’ will tune in to see who plays the Pack.

    and finally… GO STEELERS… GO TROY
    I think Rex should give him a foot massage before the game… that would make a great photo op

  12. Seems like every Thursday we read about Troy P. not practicing. I am noticing a pattern. I am amazed that the media is not!

  13. PRACTICE?! PRACTICE?! We talkin’ bout PRACTICE?!

    NOT a GAME, not a game, but PRACTICE!

    he rarely practices on wednesdays. mostly because he doesnt need it, but also because THATS WHAT HIS HEAD COACH DECIDES. and something he (tomlin) DECIDES to do with ALL of his vets on any given day.

  14. thetooloftools says:
    Jan 19, 2011 10:01 PM
    This is the week The Jets get their SHUTUPANCE !

    The only thing you have right is your name

  15. he never practices on Wednesday article is pointless.the guy is the heart and soul of the D and knows all the plays..and the injury was started at the achilles,so nothing new there either..

    Hines Ward dont practice half the week either….same with a couple other deal.write about something more important..dont get the Jets hopes too high cause it not gonna save them

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