Chris Kemoeatu fined $12,500


Twice last week against the Ravens, Steelers guard Chris Kemoeatu dove onto a pile well after a play was over so that he could do a little extra damage.

He was only penalized once, but the league noticed both manuevers and fined him $12,500 Friday for unnecessary roughness, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Reports out of New York and New England indicate there were no fines in the Pats-Jets game.

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  1. That seems a little silly. I wanted to slap the fire out of him the first time he did it and was livid the second time when he drew the flag. But that’s what flags are for. If he’d been flagged the first time as he should have been, he probably wouldn’t have done it again. And certainly Tomlin should have been all over him after the game. But what good does fining do? Get your officials to do their jobs!

    It’s like the NFL has set up a small-town speed trap to raise revenues.

  2. He deserves it, that was a stupid move.

    Ravens ended up with the ball in Steelers territory because of kicking off from their 15 (that horrible squib didn’t help either).

    Kemo’s lucky TJ dropped that 4th down pass. He could’ve been a huge goat if the Ravens get that game to OT.

  3. I would hope that the Steelers fine him more than that (perhaps indirectly) for giving BAL 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff.

  4. Hmmm. Mixed feelings on this one, but not too mixed. Still wondering how he can be fined when he wasn’t penalized (although he deserved to be on both plays), although that notion has pretty much gone down the toilet this season. On the other hand, good. Maybe it will get his attention, even though he probably has that much money between his couch cushions, and he won’t be an idiot like last game and cost the Steelers 15 yards (that followed by the crappy kickoff put the Ravens in great field position). The O-line has enough problems, moronic PF penalties are the last thing they need.

  5. Just read my own post, and yes, I know he was penalized on the 2nd play, before anyone misreads and thinks I don’t know.

  6. Deserved, it was pretty obvious. he has to know they’re looking closer at them before he does this crap.

  7. @joetoronto …

    For that move? Stupid is a better word. He looked like a five-year-old diving into the bed at a sleepover.

    Most players pull some kind of crap. To me, dirty players are the ones pulling crap that can cause serious injury–like chop blocks and hitting below the knees (the worst are usually o-linemen). I wasn’t keen on getting Flozell after seeing his tripping moves with Dallas–especially the move he put on Tuck. But haven’t seen him do that stuff with us.

    And if it’s Steelers fans on this board, I don’t know why they’re giving me thumbs down for saying Kemo should have been flagged for late hits. The rules apply to us just like everyone else. Clark should have been called for deliberately spearing with his helmet, too. We’re lucky he didn’t knock Ike out of the game.

  8. @ Deb

    It’s good to see someone who can honestly tell it like it is. Being honest about our team is big! Like my teams’ (Ravens) offensive line and play calling sucks. I could go on but I don’t have enough time, I’m at work!

  9. joetoronto says: Jan 21, 2011 5:51 PM

    “Kemoeatu keeps doing crap like this, he’s obviously a dirty player.”

    Name another time he’s ever been fined, for anything.

    Just one.

  10. SteelTown6
    Name another time he’s ever been fined, for anything.”

    Uh, since when did being “fined” become a requirement for being dirty? That’s like saying “I never got a speeding ticket so I must not speed” C’mon, you’re smarter than that….

  11. He deserves this fine. Bad officiating throughout though and I tend to agree that if he were flagged the first time, he wouldn’t have done it again. Regardless, Kemo deserves the fine.

  12. Good analogy Deb! Small town speed trap! Even though one of the calls was “textbook” late, we’re talking 2 / 3 seconds, stupid if nothing else, the NFL has certainly distinguished themselves as Judge-Jury-Executioner the like that’s never seen before in professional sports!

  13. Hmmmmmm Interesting. No fines or flags on the helmet to helmet hit on WW in Foxborough. Goodell has turned this whole player safety thing into a joke.. Man I wish someone would give the commish a concussion….. Maybe he already has one?

  14. Lets hope its not pitt fans that think kemoeatu’s getting screwed and lets not hope pitt fans don’t think they get preferential treatment from the nfl and officials

    lets think back to superbowl vs seattle, dolphins game this year when refs blew it in your favor, holding call on punt return for td against baltimore in divisional playoffs, etc, etc, etc

    Rememeber everybody, pitt is like the yankees, red sox and duke basketball. They are getting calls and non calls and they have all there drama (big ben) swept under the rug

  15. The hit was late and he should be penalized. Having said that the fines for any player are to make Goodell look good. And looking good is what Roger Goodell is all about. The Steelers and their style of play are the antithesis of Roger Goodell’s Pasteurized Football.

    Fire Goodell.

  16. @bravin4evr … Thanks!

    @mzigg35 ..

    Since you can’t be bothered to capitalize or punctuate, it shouldn’t be surprising that you can’t be bothered to read or pay attention.

    Steelers fans aren’t saying the Steelers were screwed. We’re saying Kemoeatu should be flagged during the game–you know, when it would have hurt us–instead of fined afterward when it only hurts him.

    Think back to SBXL? Okay. We won 21-10, and responsible analysts have been over that game call by call. We won.

    Think back to the Dolphins game? Okay. End zone camera showed Roethlisberger as the last w/the ball before the pileup. If refs hadn’t told him we’d scored, he’d have held on and it could as easily been a Steelers TD as a Dolphins touchback. They got the ball w/2 and 1/2 minutes needing a FG. Went 3 and out. Refs didn’t keep them out of FG range. Steeler D did.

    Think back to hold call against Ravens? Okay. Do you know what a hold looks like?

    Roethlisberger “drama” was swept under the rug? As the prosecutor explained, the medical exam showed the woman wasn’t raped and made a false accusation. Goodell said in his letter he wasn’t contradicting the authorities but was going to suspend Ben ANYWAY. We lost our QB for 25 percent of the season … because he had too much to drink in public. 🙄

    Now you can return to your shift at Idiots R Us.

  17. Deb – While I believe that Ben did NOT rape the girl in Georgia, I don’t believe the prosecutor came out and said it was a false accusation like the state of NC did in the Duke lacrosse case..he just couldn’t prosecute it with what he had..

    “Q: You say something did happen, but you just can’t prove it. Would that be accurate?

    A: I can’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, a crime. If I did, I would do so, and I’m admitting to you I can’t. Something may have happened, but that’s not a conviction.

    Q: Was there any evidence or lack of evidence that swayed your decision one way or the other?

    A: The crime of rape has three elements: sexual intercourse, which requires penetration, forcibly, and against her will. All three elements, I’ve got a problem proving all three of those. It’s not the DNA. It was human. We can tell it came from a male. And we can tell it’s DNA. But that’s all they can tell you. It’s such a minute sample they said ‘Don’t waste your time sending Mr. Roethlisberger’s or anybody’s DNA here. It will just sit in a bag. We can’t profile it, compare it, to anybody.’ DNA we can get through a search warrant, but there was no need to compare it to anything here.”

  18. Sorry Deb. Thanks for correcting my grammar. Don’t take it personal that your hero qb is a sexual predator and can’t keep it in his pants when boozing it up in Podunk USA. Ha ha. Please get back to me if I misspelled anything.

    P.S. Keep your qb away from my little sis

  19. No question — Kemo went a little overboard on the two torpedo shots in the Ravens game. And I must admit the fine he received is hard to argue with.

    That stated, I love Kemo. As a football player, he’s a bit top heavy and can get caught lunging off balance.

    But he’s a horse with a mean streak. Kemo is not a talker — but he walks the walk. Aggressive and physical. Speaks softly and carries a big stick.

    And Kemo *always* is the first (along with Pouncey, Ward and Colon [when he’s healthy]) to arrive to cover another Steeler’s back in a dust-up.

    Kemo is a football player.

    Kemo has heart and plays with a nasty mentality that his teammates (and I) really appreciate. He is a solid Pittsburgh Steeler.

  20. stufad says: Jan 21, 2011 8:59 PM

    Hmmmmmm Interesting. No fines or flags on the helmet to helmet hit on WW in Foxborough.
    I’m stunned that wasn’t a fine. When I saw it in replay that was the first thing I thought…dude will be getting a letter via FedEx. Looked like a bunch of other hits that WERE fined this year. The fact that none of us can figure out what is or isn’t a legal hit anymore tells me that they need to revisit the whole topic.

  21. @mrssmith …

    No, Fred Bright didn’t speak with the clarity of prosecutors in North Carolina. But bear in mind that arrests were made in the Duke Lacrosse case, charges were filed, the names and photos of the young men were heavily publicized, reputations were shattered … and in the end, Prosecutor Mike Nifong was disbarred and some of the Lacrosse players sued the prosecutor’s office. So yes, it was necessary that everything was handled with utmost clarity.

    Bright’s press conference lasted 71-minutes, most of which was omitted from the network airings–and some of which was excluded from the transcripts you’re quoting. I’m familiar with Bright. He’s a highly experience prosecutor and an ethical man. But he’s not the most articulate guy in front of the cameras. Because it’s easier than writing a book on every thread, I just say the prosecutors explained that Ben didn’t do it. I know someone who worked the case, and I know that if you spoke to anyone in Bright’s office or with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation who participated in this investigation, they’d tell you the women fabricated the story. But my assertion that prosecutors “explained” Ben’s innocence comes from combining several comments Bright made as well as a study of the DNA results.

    The medical exam found no semen, pubic hair, saliva, sweat–nothing except two degraded samples of male DNA too small to be identified even though they used PCR testing, the most effective method for amplifying DNA samples. Understand that DNA is not semen. DNA is the genetic substance found in semen. To get enough DNA for genetic identification, they would have needed only a pindrop of semen. It is impossible for a couple to have unprotected sex–especially in such a sloppy, drunken state–and leave behind not one pindrop of semen or a single pubic hair. Based on its condition, the degraded male DNA likely came from an earlier sexual encounter. Asked if she’d had sex with anyone else that day, the DA said he could not violate her privacy by commenting.

    When the DA said rape is comprised of penetration, forcibly, and against her will yet he could prove none of that, he was saying he had no evidence of a crime. Later in the discussion, he said he didn’t have enough evidence even for probable cause–which is the reasonable assumption a crime occurred. On another occasion, he said he believed the accusation was alcohol-fueled and that he hoped the accuser and her sorority sisters had learned their lesson. He said if Ben were his son, he’d tell him to grow up. Asked if Ben were welcome back in Milledgeville, he laughed and said sure, as long as he behaves.

    Taken together, it’s obvious the man did not think a rapist was getting away for lack of evidence. A seasoned prosecutor wouldn’t laugh and invite the guy back, he wouldn’t say he hoped the accuser had learned her lesson. He wouldn’t tell the “rapist” to grow up. Back when the case was fresh I used to explain all this, but it’s too time-consuming to keep going over it. Ben has been a jackass. But with my own history, if I weren’t absolutely sure he didn’t rape anyone, I wouldn’t keep saying he’s innocent. This isn’t unique to Ben, by the way. Falsely accusing men of rape has become a bizarre phenomenon and some of the back stories are mind-blowing.

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