NFL says no false start on Steelers’ touchdown vs. Ravens

Almost immediately after Rashard Mendenhall scored his decisive two-yard touchdown run against the Ravens, we started hearing from folks who thought Steelers tight end David Johnson should have been flagged for a false start on the play.

But the NFL disagrees.

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Ravens sent the play to the NFL for review, and the NFL backed referee Jeff Triplette and his crew. The league says that although Johnson appeared to flinch, that flinch came just as the ball was being snapped. So no false start.

Not that it would have been much consolation to the Ravens anyway.

30 responses to “NFL says no false start on Steelers’ touchdown vs. Ravens

  1. Who cares? The officiating has been terrible this year for all teams. Too many no calls because the refs are scared to blow the whistle and too many quick calls on hits that we legal. Hopefully the league addresses it in the off season. Too many apology letters were sent out this year after the games were over. It doesn’t mean much a week later.

  2. Loser city, loser coaches and loser fans – always looking to blame something on the outside rather than look inwards.

    This is why Baltimore will NEVER win the big one again. They will always focus outwards and never learn to improve within.

    Why make any effort to improve if all you need are better calls from the Refs?

  3. As you watched the game, Ravens coach did nothing but want calls. He has shown again what a sour loser he has become. Mendenhall ran left and then right in the middle of the Ravens strongest part of defense and he scored. Maybe he should review that part of the film.

  4. Nothing would console Ravens fans. They always blame the officials no matter what and would never concede defeat. Flacco sucks.

  5. What? The zebras siding with the Steelers, despite everyone else and their mother seeing something different? I’m shocked! 🙂

  6. No wonder the Ravens fans complain about every single officiating call that goes against them. Their organization can’t accept losing without trying to blame something, other than just accepting they are just not to the level of the Patriots, Colts and Steelers.

    Or even the Jets. (And yes, they beat them in Week 1. They would not beat them now).

  7. Harbaugh has quickly transformed into a snotty punk. Anyone who joyfully proclaimed that he was glad they broke Ben’s nose (on an illegal hit to a QB’s head) and then submit film after a loss is a POS.

  8. Coaches and teams submit plays to the league office all the time. Who can forget the former Black and Yellow coach Cowher runnung off the field at halftime sticking a photo in a refs pocket going off the field. I guess it was just a picture of his kids! Just a guess, but I bet he was complaining about something.

    You all call it whining if its not your team. When its your team its passion, justice, or whatever BS you want to call it.

    Make no mistake, the Steelers won fair and square. Personally, I did not see the issue with this play at all. But don’t act like teams don’t send in plays to the league offices all the time. You’re naive if you think otherwise.

  9. a lot of you dont seem to realize that after every game every team sends plays to the nfl to get looked at. its not “the ravens complaining” its just how the nfl works. and the steelers always get the calls…go back and watch super bowl 40

  10. bunkmcnulty said: “Who can forget the former Black and Yellow coach Cowher runnung off the field at halftime sticking a photo in a refs pocket going off the field. I guess it was just a picture of his kids! Just a guess, but I bet he was complaining about something.”

    This is a very good point.

    The most common theme about Cowher’s great teams during this time was they never made the plays when it mattered. They choked away numerous AFCC games at home, choked in a SB appearance, and Cowher was always happy to play the victim and point out injustices.

    It wasn’t until the end of Cowher’s career in Pittsburgh when he finally learned the message you send to your team when you pull this kind of crap.

    In 2005, on the sidelines after Polamalu intercepted Manning and while the play was under review, he told the defense that they can’t control what will happen and to get ready to get back on the field. The call was overturned, and the Steelers defense ended up posting 2 huge stops to overcome and win the game.

  11. Christ, something tells me that if Baltimore won, no one would be posting stories about how Woodley was raped on plays during Baltimore’s scoring drives–every play, that is.

  12. A casual observation.

    Steeler fans have come out defending calls even when no one from Baltimore was complaining. I do believe from a psychological standpoint, they know they benefited from calls and have taken the approach the best defense is a smack talk offense. (Conscience getting the best of them)

    It’s ok. We know you know the truth. We won’t tell anybody.

  13. kevo126 says:
    Jan 23, 2011 2:53 PM
    a lot of you dont seem to realize that after every game every team sends plays to the nfl to get looked at. its not “the ravens complaining” its just how the nfl works. and the steelers always get the calls…go back and watch super bowl 40


    … and you’ll see that all of the “controversial” calls that people complain about were correctly called except for the low block.

    The more people moan about Super Bowl 40, the better the win feels. No one can accept that the 6th seed won. Deal with it.

  14. @bunkmcnulty …

    The difference is the photo in Cowher’s hand showed that the refs missed the call. So the league changed the rules to make too many men on the field reviewable … it’s nicknamed “The Cowher Rule.”

    As for the rest of your bunk … nice try LOL The sad truth is that I’ve always respected the Ravens and am shocked to realize they’re such Wendy Whiners. Poor Babies 😥

  15. bunkmcnulty –

    The reason some fans including myself bring up certain plays called or not called that should have benefited the Steelers is not to complain but rather to show the calls and non-calls go both ways. Je*ks like you love to only point out the ones that benefit your point of view.

    Tell me why Ben was hit in the head twice by the Ravens in the game when he broke his nose and there were no flags? Also why so many holds not called when James Harrison is being held flagrantly? Why are the Jets allowed to hold our receivers with no flags? Why do idio*s like yourself challenge a TD that obviously broke the plane? Oh I know. LOSERS.

  16. @Deb
    While I respect you, your group of fans is one of the biggest group of whiners there is. Most lack any objectivity at all, which I know you possess.

    Hey, all teams submit calls for review. You think with Harrison’s issues this year the Steelers didn’t submit things all year about them? Or, I am also willing to bet after Steelers Ravens Game 2 you all submitted a few gripes about non-calls in that game. Don’t ya think? Come on about the whining crap.

    I am personally on the record all over PFT saying you all won, fair and square, no gripes about calls. Very few Raven fans have shown to even take their lumps. Your brethern keep getting ticked at the mere presence of these PFT headlines. That is not the Ravens fault.

    Don’t tell me you are losing your objectivity also. My hope for one last sane Steeler fan is waning. But then there is that Joey Porter thing that made me have my doubts anyway.

    You need to reconsider the psychological approach I mentioned about your fan base. It has definte merit.

  17. @bunkmcnulty …

    Aw, you’re not gonna hold that Joey thing against me, are you?? Still don’t understand that. “Love me, love my snarling, loudmouth, smacktalking ex-linebacker” … weird. 🙂

    Don’t mind me, I’m just knee-jerking. You’re right … these guys love to wind us up. What I’d really like, though, is for the league to ditch the challenge system and shift to the NCAA booth-review system so every play can be checked in real time … when it counts.

  18. Jamson64,

    First I think you can write “jerks” out. I can take it. I have been called worse.

    What individual call did I say went against the Ravens? I must have missed which one. Why? Because I did not point to one.

    Before you roast me just because I am the enemy, you should read all my posts. I have stated time and again whining about calls and pointing to stats are for losers. The point is you have to win anyway. And we did not. A Steeler fan said (and I agree) you have to overcome getting a bad call. We did not get past them.

    The point of my post in this category is all teams submit plays and video to the league pointing out issues. It is the only formal avenue they have. If you complain outwardly, you get fined. My point in pointing out the situation with Cowher is showing your team too has complained. Ok, so he was right (happy Deb!). He still whined. You all complained after the “no calls” in the 2nd game Ravens Steelers game this year. And to your team’s credit, you all made a play at the end and won despite the missed calls.

    You all are so quick to pounce on anything that puts your beloved team in a negative light. You all have a nice team and a wonderful track record. But if you want to use the word “jerk”, you could look at your own fans for the best examples. If my team had your team’s track record, I would be so above all the chirping you all do. That’s called class! You all have the track record and the wins, but no class. Too bad.

  19. @buckmcnulty …

    Did you see the AFC pregame show? Missed the first part because of the NFC game. But would you think it was another example of pouncing if said I’d like to shove a spoonful of Cheerios in that ETrade baby’s mouth? Blind squirrel … pfftt 😉

  20. Deb,

    was in a different room, but heard it. I am probably the only one that has hated those stupid commercials since they started. I am sure Pburgh folks hated that. Maybe a hood case of SIDS could finish that baby! (opps…did I say that!)

  21. there are bad calls and non calls in every game.. good teams overcome them.. E.G. the play before Ben’s fumble that was run in for a ravens touchdown – Suggs hit Ben in the knee, no call.. the actual fumble/touchdown/play, Suggs hits Ben in the head with both hands, no call..

  22. And if you look at Suggs forced fumble by Ben, he clearly hits Ben in the Head not once, but TWICE.
    No call. If they had called it right, Steeler ball on the 15 and a 1st down instead of a Raven TD.
    “If if’s and buts were candy and nuts, everyday would be Christmas”.
    In the earlier meeting (in Baltimore) Suggs is hitting Ben in the Head, as Ben keeps him at bay and ultimately throws the ball away.
    Sick of Ravens always having an excuse. Teach Houshmensada and Bouldin how to catch and quit belly achin’.

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