Brad Childress won’t join the Bengals

Bengals owner Mike Brown made it clear Monday he has no intention of letting go of Carson Palmer.   Brown also doesn’t plan on bringing in Brad Childress, according to the team’s website.

Coach Marvin Lewis dined with Childress in Cincinnati last week, but Brown confirmed Childress won’t join the team’s staff.

As for Palmer, Brown didn’t take offense to his franchise quarterback’s trade request.

“[He] didn’t finger anyone or anything,” Brown said via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.   “He’s a great player and equally a fine person.”

Brown says the team just isn’t in a position to deal Palmer.

“He is key to our plans, he’s central to us,” Brown said. “He was told that and that we count on him going forward.”

22 responses to “Brad Childress won’t join the Bengals

  1. Childress was never qualified to be an offensive cordinator let alone a head coach.

    Go back and look at his career. He wasn’t even a real O cord. in Philly, play calls were Andy Reid’s job back then. he never trusted Brad to be anything but a glorified QB coach.

    I always found it funny how the media made him a hot coaching canidate. That was a cruel joke for poor Viking’s fans.

  2. Anybody want to trade a team President for a G.M.? Older model, good financial guy, but football brain is barely used, many good years left. Perfect fit if your team is actually winning and would prefer a higher draft choice.

  3. Yeah. We don’t need to make any changes cause we got some draft choices in the NFL. Wins and Losses don’t matter. . . . Oops. Time for my meds. Help us in Cincy NFL. We have been hijacked by a mad man (Mikey Brown).

  4. Mike Brown thinks the old saying goes:

    “If I ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

    The guy will never change as ong as he can lose and still make money.

  5. laxer37 says: Jan 24, 2011 12:41 PM

    Mike Brown thinks the old saying goes:

    “If I ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

    The guy will never change as ong as he can lose and still make money.


    Actually, Mike Brown’s philosophy is:

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it is broke, fix it with duct tape.”

  6. Brown can say what he wants now about Palmer, but if Palmer does seriously consider retiring, he might be forced to trade him to at least get something for him (most likely a second rounder).

  7. You guys just caught a lucky break.
    Childress would have set your team back 2-3 years, like he did the Vikings.
    Of course one added benefit would have been his incredible wit and humor, not to mention his cross-dressing act.

  8. doesn’t matter who they bring in, only who goes out! obviously none that’s why they stink and will in the future! marvin lewis are you kidding me, the guy is a joke for a coach!!

  9. Maybe Childress can get a job shuttling the players to and from the airport. He’s got experience.

  10. How anyone could even think that Childress is a real coach is beyond me? True enough that he was a head coach for nearly 5 years but that was the Vikings so its not like he was coaching a real NFL team.

  11. Lucky break for Chilly.

    Thats like reading a headline that says “Childress not jumping into a shark tank covered in blood”

    Marvin Lewis needs his head examined.

  12. Mike Brown and Al Davis are the worse. There should be some clause in ownership that if your impaired, have dementia, or have borderline mental retardation that you should forfeit your ownership rights.

  13. Childress would rather sit at home and collect his checks from Zygi Wilf. God only knows why anyone would want to hire this joke anyway.

  14. I love how all of you think that Chilly would be a DOWNgrade from the current O.C. Do *any* of you watch the Cincinnati Bengals on anything resembling a regular basis?

    Seriously, the Bengals could call Dave Shula tomorrow and offer him $20 million to close his damn restaurant and return to be the O.C. And it would be an upgrade.

    Criteria to be an upgrade for the Bengals? Not have the name of Bob Bratkowski. Have that going for you, and you’ve met the minimum requirements.

  15. “[He] didn’t finger anyone or anything,” Brown said via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “He’s a great player and equally a fine person.”

    This is Mike Brown’s way of saying: “See, its not me, he didn’t say it was anyone. Why are you blaming me for making money and sucking as a franchise.”

    Dear Mike Brown, expect my season ticket renewal form to come back to PBS marked RETURN TO SENDER, NO FANS LIVE HERE!

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