49ers could make call on Carson Palmer

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Bengals owner Mike Brown says he’s going to keep Carson Palmer, and there’s no reason to really doubt him.   (When Mike Brown decides on something, he usually sticks with something.)

If Brown did change his mind, Mike Lombardi of NFL Network says that the 49ers are a team to watch.  Lombardi believes the 49ers at least could make a phone call to Brown.   The 49ers need a veteran quarterback, and members of their front office are represented by David Dunn, who is also Palmer’s agent and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh’s agent.

We tend to give this report more credence than your normal speculation because Lombardi is close with Harbaugh and nearly wound up working for him in San Francisco.

The NFC West certainly looks like a possible landing spot for any quarterback on the move this offseason.   San Francisco, Arizona, and Seattle should all be looking for signal callers.

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  1. San Fran is the best place for him to go. They really are more talented than I think people realize. I’ll get roasted for saying this, but Carson is still an elite QB, but no one can be consistently successful in the Bengals’ organization. Get him out and watch him flourish.

  2. Don’t know about Palmer still being an elite QB but it doesn’t even matter because he’d be a major upgrade in San Francisco

  3. Im tired of people guessing whats wrong with Carson Palmer. You people really think Mike Brown is what’s wrong with him?

    Check the police blotter. Palmers wife has been harassed. His home has been vandalized “several” times per the cincy enquirer.

    Don’t you think that might have something to do with it? His wife is in labor as we speak, expecting at any time. That’s why Carson has made no statement. He’s not hiding behind his agent.

    Carson can still an elite QB, to that I agree with. I also agree chad and T.O held Carson down because he tried too hard to appease them by getting them the ball, and it resulted in picks. They also ran bad routes which also resulted in picks.

    They are gone. Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis will talk to Carson. If they can make him happy, he can flourish once again without those two other guys around.

    If they cannot make him happy, then the only logical solution is to trade him, but with the CBA where it is right now, it really seems unlikely.

    Mike Brown respects Carson. He won’t let him retire, he will trade him out of respect if that’s what it comes down to. Carson is no Chad Ocho… he’s not gonna hit the press and twitter and make a scene.

    If Bratkowski is Carson’s issue, well then get in line. That one hasn’t played out yet, so we’ll see what happens after the Senior Bowl.

    But if it’s the fact he’s uncomfortable in Cincinnati due to some idiot fans, there’s not much you can do about that. If Palmer feels pressured every game to do well or get his home vandalized, I don’t blame him for asking to be traded.

  4. Bengals… If you cannot make strides to be in serious contention with a QB like Palmer & this top notch offensive talent that they have had year in and year out,, what more can you do.??

    Is it terrible coaching? they dont even have a tough division.

    Palmer will do well elsewhere. (-Arizona)

  5. I don’t care if Carson Palmer is the worst qb in the league and the 49ers offer 5 first round picks for him. No Bengals fan can support this because the hatred for the 49ers has to be right up there with that of Steelers, Browns, and Ravens. After all if it wasn’t for the 49ers Bengals fans would at least have 2 Super Bowl titles to be proud of.

  6. he’s not WCO Qb, you’d be pluggin a QB into a situation where he doesn’t fit….kinda like how they’ve built our line around him now..just doesn’t fit.

  7. Good fit with what Harbaugh will want to do offensively. With how bad the division is, they would be the favorite since last season the QB position was so inconsistent.

    Palmer is still a good QB, I believe he has grown tired of the Bengals organization and wants and needs a new start. If he gets his wish he’ll look refreshed and re-energized.

    Bengals front they are in a tough position, especially if Palmer is serious about retiring. I would assume they could build thru the draft. Ryan Mallett, Blaine Gabbert, Cam Newton. Do they want to have an extra few picks is the question.

  8. “they dont even have a tough division”
    2010 NFL Playoffs
    AFCN- 3-1
    Baltimore 1-1
    Pittsburgh 2-0

    NFCE (Eagles) 0-1

  9. During his time in Cincy, Palmer has QB’d the Bengals to winning seasons exactly twice. He hasn’t been the same since the knee injury. Better than anything in San Francisco now and would probably help a team with a nice mix of offensive talent, but I doubt that you could call him elite.

  10. As a Bengal fan, I can see why Carson wants out and I believe he may do well elsewhere, but I think he has a problem with his elbow that he can either ger accuracy or speed/strength/distance, not both (notice all the floaters and slightly late passes) should of had Tommy John’s surgery 2 years ago.

    As to the comment about not having a tough division. Check your stats. In the last 6 years the AFC North has had two playoff teams 4 times and the Super Bowl winner 2 times (possible 3rd this year). So, it is a tough division, you may want to check your facts, especially considering you come from the NFC West and the stellar year they had in 2010.

  11. As a 49ers fan, doesn’t add up to me. Palmer would be a 1 year bridge, maybe 2 year tops. He’s not a WCO QB.

    Draft picks are at a premium right now because of no player movement until a new CBA. Lastly, I’m sure Harbaugh wants his own guy.

    We’ll see, but for now, I’ll call this very unlikely.

  12. File your retirement papers Carson. See what Mike Brown does then.

    Besides, we’ve ALL learned how easy it is to un-retire from the NFL (thanks Brett!).

  13. Carson is still a good, if not a top 8 qb. out of 6 seasons at starting qb most of the games, he is 48-48 with two division championships, four seasons 8-8 or better and two losing seasons. thats is good for any qb. being he is playing for a team thats set up for failure thats great. I am a bengals fan as well as a fan of the sport. And to all the people saying he isnt the same since his knee problem, pull the stats, the next year he started evey game, 8-8 with 28 tds and over 4000 yards. the next year, 26tds over 4000. hurt elbow the next year. then after that he went for over 3000 yards and 24 all purpose tds. then last year, 26tds, and 30 yards from 4000. he would dominate in another setting. so stop with the he hasnt been the same since he got hurt, thats a weak undeserving cop-out.

  14. “We tend to give this report more credence than your normal speculation because Lombardi is close with Harbaugh and nearly wound up working for him in San Francisco.”

    Give me a break, Lombardi is a tool. He should be forced to give up his last name.

  15. Palmer isnt a west coast qb??

    lol im not saying he will or should wind up in SF but please lets save the BS for something else. his college years were spent in the WCO. do you think he did alright in his time at USC? i would say he did. the bengals offense at their peak with CJ and TJ ran a WCO similar offense. Palmer is an accurate QB when he is comfortable and playing with good WRs. plus he has suffered some injuries so playing in an offense that mas a more WCO base would benefit him since he would be attempting more short throws.

  16. I seriously doubt Harbaugh is going to want to bank his immediate future on a 31 year old QB that hasn’t been particularly good the past few years, especially a QB that has never played in an offense like his.

    Harbaugh would rather spend less in trade and less in salary to get a guy that is younger, that he’s familiar with, and who has the physical ability to excel in his offense…

    The guy he wants is Tampa’s Josh Johnson. Johnson started far more games under Harbaugh than even Andrew Luck therefore Harbaugh is even more familiar with Johnson than Luck. Johnson had a 43 to 1 TD to INT ration his last season in school then he went to the pros and proved he could play. He’s got great speed, a good arm, decent size, and he’ll be 25 this upcoming year. He is a franchise QB ready to happen… Palmer on the other hand, is in decline and doesn’t have the requisite abilities Harbaugh wants to spend time developing.

  17. Hey, that’s great. Alex Smith had an 82.1 rating last season while Carson Palmer had a spectacular 82.4. So that’s… progress?

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