Mankins doesn’t close door on returning to Pats

Pro Bowl offensive lineman Logan Mankins will become a free agent, whenever free agency commences.  He said in Hawaii that he won’t necessarily be leaving New England.

There are 32 teams in play,” Mankins told Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald.  “Whatever one I feel is the best situation for me.”

And the Patriots could be the one.

“There’s always a possibility,” Mankins said.  “But to tell you the truth, I haven’t given it much thought right now.  If there was a CBA, I’m sure I’d be thinking about it a lot more.’’

One potential impediment arises from any potentially lingering animosity arising from Mankins’ holdout, which lingered into the 2010 regular season.  Mankins said some things about Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and a long-term deal between player and team reportedly was prevented when Mankins refused to make public a private apology to the man who signs the checks.

“Well, everyone knows I apologized to Mr. Kraft,” Mankins said.  “He told everyone.”

Hey, at least there are 31 other teams in play.

30 responses to “Mankins doesn’t close door on returning to Pats

  1. Ummm is he serious… Hey Mankins be the next Samuels.. go sign a huge deal, be a star player.. and watch the Superbowl with the rest of us… Never get bigger than the team.. Just ask Ocho Ohh Nooo

  2. The Pats will pay him… the line got much nastier once he returned to the team, and he was a big part of our offensive success this year. As disappointed as I was in Logan’s earliest comments, things seemed to have settled down and I expect reason to prevail.

    If reason doesn’t prevail, I would also not be surprised to see the Pats slap the Franchise tag on him (if it exists)… they can still do that, and it would keep leverage with the team.

    To Bob and Jonathan Kraft… just let the old situation go, and pay the man what he wants; he’s worth it. And given Light’s departure and Neal’s possible retirement, we need the stability up front.

  3. Why would any free agent trying to get the maximum amount of money want to lose any leverage by eliminating a team? Especially a team that will be one of the favorites for the Super Bowl.

  4. they should franchise tag him and then use the leverage from that to sign him to a reasonable long term deal…there is no arguing how much the pats improved with him back, and all that nonsense between him and Kraft is water under the bridge…

  5. “Well, everyone knows I apologized to Mr. Kraft,” Mankins said. “He told everyone.”

    Too funny. It makes me think the apology went something like, “I’m sorry you are such a cheap son of a bitch. I’m sorry the CBA isn’t finalized so I could flip you off on the way out of here. I’m sorry that norelco guy ever sold you this team. I’m sorry I have to apologize for you being who you are.”

  6. The Patriots should re-sign as many of their players as possible.

    Three straight playoff disasters should assure the hoodie and Kraft that these are the players to build your next dynasty around.

  7. Lovie wants this guy bad. I remember before the Patriots game when he giving him a heap of compliments. They even have the same agent. I’d look for the Bears to at least try and go after him, especially with an offensive line that gave up 50+ sacks.

  8. Best Guard in football. Pats will get him back because he is their third most important offensive player. This man enjoys the simple pleasures of life and does not worship of money. He is a real cowboy.

  9. Settle down folks…he ain’t going to your team…he ain’t goin nowhere.

    I’m still trying to find Bart Scott….come out come out where ever you are……I know there is no use in checking the pro bowl for him.

  10. Seems like he’s got a sense of humor about his holdout

    These guys know its business… Mankins stepped back in with Kraft, Belichick, Brady and the rest of the offensive line and didn’t miss a beat

    All things being equal (that is, the money) I expect he’ll stay where he is now

  11. Mankins will be playing in Dallas next year. Jerry will make sure of it. Welcome to the Cowboys!!

  12. Sounds like LoLo is still a bit ticked off that Kraft made that apology public since he didn’t want to say anything publicly about the apology unless he got re-signed. To me the fact he’s still ticked that DOESN’T bode well for his staying. I would still like to know why he came back before he had to. He won’t tell the reason for that either…just that he “had his reasons”.

    I could see him ending up in Chi, yes.
    I think there’s not a really good chance he stays in NE.

  13. Ummm is he serious… Hey Mankins be the next Samuels.. go sign a huge deal, be a star player.. and watch the Superbowl with the rest of us… Never get bigger than the team.. Just ask Ocho Ohh Nooo


    ummm, yeah, Pats fan here. See, we kinda haven’t been back to the super bowl since Samuel left. You need Jimmies and Joes, not just X’s and O’s.

  14. I’d say there’s a good chance he’s going to the Bears seeing as they’ve already tampered with him extensively.

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