Hines Ward evasive about retirement

Last year, Steelers receiver Hines Ward said that if he won a third Super Bowl ring, he’d go out on top and retire. So does that mean Ward could have just one more game remaining in his NFL career?

Ward says he’s not going to think about that right now.

“My mom asked me that the other day. I really haven’t thought about it, to be honest,” Ward said, per the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I don’t want to make an emotional decision based off that.”

Ward noted that his former teammate Jerome Bettis had one of the most celebrated farewells in NFL history when he went out a Super Bowl champion.

“I know Jerome went out on top and stuff like that,” Ward said. “I really haven’t thought about it. I just want to be singly focused on winning this ballgame and figure out what is going to happen after that.”

Ward will turn 35 in March, so he’s getting long in the tooth for a wide receiver. But he’s still a competitor who loves to play, and he’s still a major contributor to the Steelers. It’s tough to believe he won’t be back in 2011.

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  1. I think he’ll probably retire especially if they win. He’s had a great career and he sees the young group of receivers coming into their own on the team and knows they can play.

    There will probably never be another player like Hines Ward though. He really is one of a kind and a great Steeler!

  2. wow 35 and still better than 90% of the recievers in the league go out like the bus bro not like the diva in minnesota you are one of the best

  3. In addition to his ability to make the tough catches, he is the best blocking WR in the league, for years. He has most DBs so distracted and worried about his blocking that they refer to him as dirty because they don’t want to have to worry about him smacking them into next week. Morons that don’t watch every Steeler game and call him a cheat shot artist are not capable of discusing Hine’s generally outstanding blocking abilities; they just act like lemmings.

    When he retires, he will be truly missed but greatly honored by all Steeler fans. And the oppenents’ DBs will be happy too.


  4. He can come back and surpass 1,000 receptions and 12,000 yards…if he so chooses.

    That said, it looks like he’s lost a step, not that he had the step to lose to begin with.

    Hines is one of the all time great Steelers, I hope he comes back and continues to teach Wallace, Sanders, and Brown the tricks of the trade.

  5. calloustongue says:
    Jan 27, 2011 10:47 AM
    He’s not getting a ring, so I wouldn’t be too worried Steelers fans.
    He already has two rings.

  6. Jerome wasnt in the shape Ward is still in either. …Id HATE to see him go just as i did the Bus..I think those young guys need Wards mentoring still.

  7. If and when Hines resigns himself to the reality that it’s time to hang up his cleats, then I would expect him to do so gracefully and without fanfare (like Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison), instead of the hemming and hawing we were accustomed to hearing from Brett Favre.

  8. He’ll likely come back – he’s only 46 receptions from 1,000 for his career, and only 300 yards from 12,000. He gets those numbers plus another Super Bowl ring to go with his Super Bowl MVP, and he’ll be a lock for first ballot Hall of Fame

  9. Regardless of what he says, In my opinion the most impressive wr for his time in the league. Unfortunately, now that every player is judged by “Fantasy Sports Fantasies” Some say he wont go into the HOF. I think we can all agree that his style of play throughout his career can not be compared with the majority of the WRs of his generation.

    With how physical his play was, and still is. I think he is a lock, for HOF, especially if he got three rings. I think more players are aware of his body of work, than most fans and the media.

    If, he were to decide to retire regardless if they win, I would not be one bit upset if he retired. Had a great career and should enjoy retirement. He will be remembered as one of the greatest to the Steeler Nation

  10. it is about time the biggest cheap shot artist in the NFL retired. he is the king of the huge hit down field way away from the play.

    Still a very good blocking WR. Has lost more than one step in terms of speed. Claim to fame – cheap shot artist. He’ll be remembered as the Conrad Dobler of his generation.

  11. worldsgreatest says:
    Jan 27, 2011 11:18 AM
    Baltimore will sweep the Steelers next year. Fact.

    There you go. Nice to see you’re already looking forward to next year. How are those mock drafts shaking out for you?

  12. This guy is barely part of the offense anymore. The Steelers wouldn’t miss a beat if he retired. With Mike Wallace, Heath Miller, Emmanual Sanders, and Antonio Brown they are set at their reciever positions.

  13. worldsgreatest says: Jan 27, 2011 11:18 AM

    Baltimore will sweep the Steelers next year. Fact.
    …………………………………………………………………………………..I think you wingless Ravens say that every year..and always same end results lol

    you cannot deny he is by far one of the best receivers to watch play..he puts everything into the game..he is probably the best blocking receiver in all of football..can still catch,already has 2 rings possibly a 3rd,what is not to like about him,,,

  14. Does it matter right now? Not to me. And it shouldn’t matter to anyone on the team, including Hines. These questions aren’t asked because they’re relevant. They’re asked because reporters have to fill two weeks of space between the championships and the Super Bowl.

  15. He is a shoe in for the HoF, he has nothing to prove at this point in his career. If he does get the 3rd ring
    it will just add to his legacy. I think you will see him as a coach in some capacity down the road.

  16. I’m hoping much more that Lamar Woodley join the long line of Steeler LBs to leave for more $$$ than that the now irrelevant, but sure HOF, cheap-shot receiver Hines Ward retires. Both would be nice. Dick LeBeau has earned his retirement as well.

  17. I was wondering what some Ravens fans are doing now, since the Steelers pushed the Ravens out of the playoffs, again. It appears that msw is dreaming about the Steelers losing key people so the Ravens have a better chance to finally top them. Have fun, msw, it’s a long time until training camp opens.


  18. mswravens says:
    Jan 27, 2011 12:21 PM
    I’m hoping much more that Lamar Woodley join the long line of Steeler LBs to leave for more $$$ than that the now irrelevant, but sure HOF, cheap-shot receiver Hines Ward retires. Both would be nice. Dick LeBeau has earned his retirement as well.
    i bet you are, if they lose enough players might make your pathetic team relevant again. go work on your mock draft and leave the football chat to the teams still involved.

  19. @ andyprough

    I don’t care how many rings he gets or how many balls he catches, Hines is not a first ballot HOFer. Do you realize the company that would put him in? Outside of Jerry Rice I can’t even think of a WR that got voted in first ballot in recent memory.

  20. worldsgreatest says: Baltimore will sweep the Steelers next year. Fact.

    Not if Ben is playing. Fact.

  21. He may be a cheapshot artist……ok……he IS a cheapshot artist……..but at least he didn’t hump big ben on the ground………wonder how much of that goes on behind closed doors in Pittsburgh locker room………just sayin

  22. @sterilizecromartie

    prove your theory.why wouldnt he be he holds just about every steeler record,and there are steelers WR in hall already that he leads..one of the best blockers and i dotn see why not

  23. Come on Steelernation1, I love Ward, right up there with my favorite players of all-time, but he has no shot at being a first ballot HOF’er. As someone mentioned earlier, other than Jerry Rice, who’s the last WR to go in his first year of eligibility?

  24. You have a great receiver that blocks and hits like a linebacker and for that he is labled a cheepshot artist. Get a life losers.
    He may not be catching as many balls, but he blocks downfield for the other receivers and backs and you never hear him whining if the balls not thrown his way. Team comes first for Hines and not me, me, me like some of the other losers on other teams.

  25. um i never said first year eligible.maybe u guys need to learn to read,even experts say he will get in someday

    @urworstnitemare58 he is not a cheapshot artist.he has every right to block..its of for defensive players to hit lik ethat?shut up and know what u r saying before u type

  26. There is a big difference between being a great blocker and a cheap shot artist. Ward manages to be both. His down field blocking is awesome. But he also will nail someone 40 yards from the play when their head is turned. call me and the others losers all you like, but this isn’t a low blow it’s a fact.

    for all the pissing and moaning about Ray and Suggs and Reed, one thing you have never heard was the accusation that they were cheap shot artists. this tag has followed ward throughout his career. There is fire there in all that smoke.

    i believe that Ward will be a HOFer. He was the complete package as a WR. Not a game changer like Randy Moss, but he did much more. The only thing that takes away from his legacy is the cheap shot stuff. He needs to retire. He hasn’t really been effective for the past couple of years

  27. steelernation said “um i never said first year eligible.maybe u guys need to learn to read,even experts say he will get in someday”


    I said he will not be a FIRST BALLOT Hall of Famer. You told me to prove my threory. So basically, you were arguing that he is a first ballot hall of famer. Maybe you need to learn how to read.

  28. @ppdoc13 …

    Disagree on Ward’s effectiveness. He’s had the best stats of his career within the last three years. No, he’s not going to be the guy who runs downfield like Mike Wallace and pulls in that 50-yard pass. But he’s still great on short-yardage plays. Losing him at the beginning of the Pats game had a chilling effect on our short-yardage passing game–particularly when we got down around the goal line. As someone else posted, he’s a great mentor to our stable of young receivers, and he one of the top motivators on the team … certainly on offense. And he’s still a most effective blocker. Just ask Ed 😉

  29. This is for all of you ignorant people who run their mouths without knowing what you are talking about. Hines was second on the team in receiving. He had 1 less reception than Mike Wallace, 2nd on the team in yards, had 14 plays of 20+ yards, 755yds in reception and had the 2nd longest play from scrimmage with 43yds. Oh and 1 pancake block on Ed Reed inthe divisional playoff game.

  30. Hard to believe he is this age, after seeing him in the playoffs and a couple games showed in our area, he still makes plays. He may not be a receivng star with the young core the Steelers have but he still has the fire to get that catch in a key time. If has been a top receiver for this organization and really fits what the fans like in Pittsburgh. Hats off to Ward to reach his third Super Bowl.

  31. go back 10 years…If u are going to pick players to start on ur dream team this guy should be everybody’s starting WR. He dosent complain when balls arent throne his way. A great WR may touch the ball 5 times per game if he is lucky. Hines made himself a factor everytime the ball was snapped. Its rare that a 35 year old receiver actually gets to retire on his own terms. Think about marvin harrison, randy moss, TO, these guys will probably leave the game because no one will want them anymore. Hines has the rare chance to leave the game on his own terms and if he does I wish him all the best.

  32. him beign first ballot depends on who is up for nomination,and whoever said Ward isnt effective is delusional.its obvious you havent seen his stats the last few years.the guy has over 11000 yards receiving and 83 TD’s and can still play at his age.not including 2 rings possibly 3.4 time pro bowl selection
    186 games with at least 1 reception..the list goes on so yea possibly a candidate

  33. With contemporaries like Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Marvin Harrison, Torry Holt, Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald, I think Hines will have a tough time making the Hall of Fame. He has not been a “dominant” wide receiver like the others.

    He has led the Steelers in receptions every year since become a starter (1999) except this year (Wallace had 1 rec more), which is impressive for such a run oriented team. I suspect that the Steelers had more rushing attempts in every year of Ward’s career than the teams those other guys played for.

    He makes tough catches across the middle and defenses are forced to account for him, but four Pro Bowls are not really enough against this crowd. He is the only SB MVP in this crowd (so far) but that was almost by default. Every player in SB XL turned in a mediocre performance.

    He made his mark when he wasn’t catching the ball. He set the modern standard for blocking at the WR position both down the field and at the line of scrimmage. His tenacity in this aspect of his game forced the league to change the rules on blocking (blocking for crying out loud!).

    It just depends what the voters are valuing at the time he is eligible and who else is eligible at the same time.

  34. Admittedly I forgot the 186-game reception streak. That clearly sets him apart from the rest of the field.

  35. @steelernation1, Yea u misunderstood and apoligy accepted. I get tired of people calling him a dirty player and cheepshot artist. The guy changed the wide receiver posistion the way he blocks. You don’t see other receivers block like this guy. They either hold, or just do nothing if the balls not thrown their way.
    The guy is a great team player also as you don’t see acting like a child or hear him complaining to the media if the balls not thrown his way. His catches are going down because they have alot of good receivers to throw to now and Hines knows this and he also knows its about the team winning and not his personal stats.

  36. lawboy2000 said a mouthful.he set the modern standard for blocking at the wr. position both downfield and at the line of scrimmage.so hines contributed to more than just the steelers.he set a standard for the whole nfl.when you make the nfl make rule changes for your style of play isnt that just as big as being a dominant wr?they didnt change rules for randy moss.what standard did moss set?hines ward changed the way wr. help out there team without just catching the ball and with his stats, to me that is enough for consideration for first ballot hall of fame.

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