Pouncey has broken bone in ankle

The ankle injury suffered by Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey in the AFC Championship Game may have been even more severe than previously realized.

Gerry Dulac and Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette report that Pouncey has a broken bone in his left ankle in addition to the high ankle sprain that had previously been reported.

The Steelers haven’t ruled Pouncey out of Super Bowl XLV, but Steelers players have said they expect to be without him. Pouncey is currently on crutches and his ankle is in a cast.

Assuming Pouncey is out, Doug Legursky will start at center against the Packers. Legursky struggled after Pouncey got hurt against the Jets, and he would seem to be a very bad matchup with Packers nose tackle B.J. Raji.

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  1. “Legursky struggled after Pouncey got hurt against the Jets, and he would seem to be a very bad matchup with Packers nose tackle B.J. Raji.”

    Sure MDS, the standard is the standard in Pittsburgh and Legursky didn’t really live up to it. You are right.

    But haven’t you heard of “next man up” and “rising to the occasion?” Doug has no choice but to do that, and I’m sure he will.

    Or else Trai Essex will play center in place of him.

  2. When they first showed him trying to come off the field after the injury, he looked as though he’d broken something. Most regret it for him because he’s played so well and no player is ever guaranteed a second shot at a Super Bowl. When I saw him go down, thought it was the worst loss we could suffer other than Roethlisberger. But it is what it is. Or as Tomlin says, The standard is the standard.

  3. That’s a real shame for Maurkice “There’s A Superbowl Party In My Mouth And My Brother’s Invited” Pouncey.

  4. Must have missed Legursky struggling when Mendenhall ran for 95 yards in the first half without Pouncey.

    B. J. Raji is great…..too bad he’s the second best nose tackle in this game.

  5. I completely disagree that Legursky struggled. The running game kept on moving even after Pouncey left the game. He had two bad snaps, which is not unusual for a new center coming in cold.

    If it weren’t for the fact that Legursky can play any O-line position and is needed for depth, he would be starting over Foster or Scott easily.

  6. I guess it depends on which bone is broken but it sounds unlikely he will be able to play. Terrible news since he deserved a chance to play in the Super Bowl, particularly with the way he played this year. But I suspect that, with the probable length of his career, he will have a number of other chances to play in the Super Bowl. The Steelers ought to get there several more times in the next 10 or so years.

    Dealing with adversity is not new for the Steelers and their OL this year, and no one will use this as an excuse. Doug will step in and play his best. He will get 2 weeks of all the snaps in practice. And other than a couple bad snaps, I thought he did pretty well against the Jets and their tough defense.

    But, I wonder what people will say if Raji doesn’t do anything special in the game?


  7. Legursky can even play any position on th O line he is even a long snapper (center) they have used him as a fullback a few times and they didn’t lose anything after all Mendenhall ran all those yards and he was taking care of linebackers. Raji jjust might be in for a surprise come super bowl time. Hwe even has good hands and catch the ball he usually warms up with Ben on catching the ball. He the strongest one on the O line he out benches the rest of the team. Does anyone know howmuch weight he can bench

  8. Legursky struggled? Did you even watch more than the live broadcast of the game MDS? Didn’t think so. He played well, especially for the Steelers #9 lineman. Rajii scored a TD, so what? He isn’t close to Casey Hampton, yet.

  9. “the strongest lineman”…..but he sits on the bench while a rookie starts…….Whats that tell ya genius…

  10. lol @ Hampton being better than Raji!!

    (still laughing)

    Better overall career maybe but Raji is top 3 at his position.

  11. Don’t expect the Packers care one way or another. If there’s a team that understands next man up, it’s Green Bay.

  12. Doesn’t the center typically call blocking assignments for the line as he reads the D?

    I’m guessing that might be the larger issue with Legursky. GB’s damned good at disguising their blitzes.

    Legursky not only is going to have to handle Raji – he’s gonna have to set the tone for his line.

    There’s a reason he’s 2nd string and it’s not because he’s better than Pouncey.

    And yes – Raji is damned good. 6.5 sacks as a NT in the 3-4 is exceptional.

  13. Eric Ghuciac is probobly available, please god let them sign him. As a bengals fan, Id love to see him start for the steelers. Heck, im just glad their center is out. Funny how he was cheating the week before with moving the ball forward 3 times, now he gets hurt. About time the cheating steelers got what they deserved. Remember, they never would have won that 2005 superbowl if they hadnt gone low on carson palmer.

  14. Yes he indeed had two bad snaps against the jets, one inwhich he short armed that led to a safety due to trying to shoot his hands under the 2 gab nose tackle to quickly. However, if u review the tape of the game over and chart his overall play; for as little physical preparation that he had during that week of practice. He played very well. He had no problem getting to the 2nd level, he cut off the back side all game long and he made all the correct presnap checks at the line.

    Even though pouncey maybe the better of the two by a wide magian, Doug will more than hold his own next Sunday. Do the film study! There is a reason why he is on this 53 man roster. There is also a reason why there is limited talk coming from the scouting department from Greenbay about this being a major advantage for them. Remember when u look back at last weeks game that Doug had all mental reps at center with the majority of his physical reps at guard. Also make note that this is the same guy who generated trade intrests from more than 20 teams during the first quarter of the season after it became evident that Pouncey was going to be special. Also, there is a reason why the steelers let go of a center this past camp who had started for them the past three years not to mention won a super bowl as their starting center.

    To cut my post short…..Raji and the packers know that this guy is no bum and he better be ready to play or he might be the target to a lot of finger pointing if the steelers run wild like they did against the jets behind Legursky. It’s tough when you play behind a rookie that not only a pro bowler but also all pro.

  15. both teams have dealt with a great deal of adversity this season and came out on top. both are playing their best football right now and it looks like a great matchup.

    my gut says the Packers are a bit hungrier knocking off the #1, #2 and #3 seeds on the road. this Defense is really balling right now.

    Steelers 16
    Packers 27

  16. I assume you mean the bad snaps. I hope he struggles that bad in the Super Bowl. If Mendenhall duplicates what he did against the Jets then the Steelers would be very happy with that. Not too mention the Jets only got to Ben what twice? Ill take 2 sacks and 125 rushing in a heartbeat.

  17. I don’t think Pouncey will play. As much as I’d love to see him play, a broken bone in the ankle is very painful. Even if it is a non-weight barring bone, it’ll still have an effect on his positioning and technique. I recently broke a bone in my left ankle and it required a surgical operation. Let’s hope that it isn’t that serious for Mr. Pouncey. Raji is a good NT and may beat Legursky a few times but don’t count Doug out. He knows what will be expected of him. The Standard is the Standard. I hope “Big Snack” is reading the stuff about Raji being better and adding extra fuel to an already burning fire.

  18. Well this Packer fan says that sucks. You don’t wanna see anyone hurt. Hope he doesn’t try to play when he shouldn’t and risks permanent damage. The kid has a great career ahead of him and I’m sure he’ll get another shot to play in the SB.

    All the best kid!

  19. “Assuming Pouncey is out, Doug Legursky will start at center against the Packers. Legursky struggled after Pouncey got hurt against the Jets, and he would seem to be a very bad matchup with Packers nose tackle B.J. Raji.

    Actually, even Dick the Bruiser would be a very bad matchup with B.J. Raji!

  20. luthargusky is going to get smoked by raji!! if you think big ben is getting away and making those plays against green bay i want what your smoking! 34-24 pack not even close

  21. @itsmebobd …

    You’re assuming the Bengals would have won if Palmer wasn’t injured. I wasn’t worried about the Bengals in 05. Nothing against Palmer, but has he ever won a playoff game? Brady tore his ACL and had the Pats back on top of the division the following year. You guys are still blaming a five-year-old injury to Chad for your shortcomings.

    And Kimo–Chad’s former Bengal teammate–did not go low on him. He rolled into him. It appeared on film to be accidental. Palmer said after viewing it that he was sure it was an accident. Some teams are so accustomed to squealing “You cheated!” and “The refs did it!” after all their losses, they either forget what they saw or never bother to watch the play in the first place.

    Yeah … Pouncey is the only NFL center who’s ever moved the ball forward. Bad Pouncey!! Try watching a few centers on film, too.

  22. Too bad. Remember Pittsburgh. Second place is just the first loser. Good luck against GB with a make shift line, and a backup center. You haven’t played 60 minutes yet in the playoffs. GB should embarrass you.

  23. Despite all the rhetoric from Green Bay fans on here, this is going to be a close game. Both teams are pretty even with the main differences being the Steelers having the edge in the running game and perhaps at the tight end position. The Packers have the edge in their secondary and perhaps on their O-line. While the only big name (Pouncey) will probably be out for the Steelers, the Packers do not have any big names at all, but they are starters at least. I think the difference in this one is the Steelers’ experience. Ben has two super bowl rings and has been there before. Rodgers has his Insight Bowl ring… Steelers 31 – Packers 24 in a great game.

  24. Whats with these score predictions? Packer fans really think your gonna score that many points? Really? Just because you scored one less point than us LAST year?

    The standard is the standard. If Bronco has to go, he will and he’s a lot better than you think.

  25. Okay the Steelers have to again plug a hole in offensive line. How come there no discussion on a third string Chicago QB scoring on the vaunted Green Bay defense? Calm the guy down and he doesn’t throw two interceptions and its Pittsburgh playing Chicago.

  26. I feel bad as heck for Pouncey, work this hard to get to the big dance and…

    I gotta say, lotta love for you die hard Steeler fans. I’m a Pack fan, but I really love the way you guys keep referencing “the standard”.

    Gotta respect a club that doesn’t make excuses and roots for the next guy as much as the guy that went down. Stay classy Steeler fans.

  27. look even if Pouncey cant play and this so calle dRaji gets through there is no way he will bring Ben to the ground.Ben is too good at getting away,and he is a lot stronger than u stinky cheese heads know.

    also you guys are forgetting that Packers rushing is horrible 24th in the league..if they cant run the ball,Rodgers is in big trouble.the outside linebackers will be on him all day..and Farrior and Timmons will just drop back into coverage and that will be it for Packers,then they can hop on that big jet and pout all the way home,

    the key to winning against the Steelers is being able to run the be well.and to be honest i havent seen any team be able to have much success at it is several years ..and oi doubt Packers will be able to stop RM from running.regardless who is at center..

    steelers 27-packers 21

  28. somebody said Raji is licking his chops. I don’t think so, anything getting that close to his mouth he ate. Baltimore and New Yorks defense couldn’t handle all the the time they spent on the field. Pittsburgh offense will control the ball and Raji will need CPR about the 10 minute mark in the 2nd quarter.

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