Ralph Wilson says Bills won’t reach for a quarterback

We noted yesterday that Bills G.M. Buddy Nix thinks the Bills need to add a quarterback in this year’s NFL draft.

But Bills owner Ralph Wilson says his team, which owns the No. 3 overall pick, is only going to take a quarterback in the first round if a quarterback is the best player available.

“If there is not a quarterback at No. 3 we like, we’re not going to reach and take him,” Wilson said. “We’re going to take the player we like best.”

Both Wilson and Nix have been asked about Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, and Nix acknowledged that Newton is a player the Bills are considering at No. 3. But Nix says it’s way too early to talk about whether Newton is the “franchise impact player” that Nix says the team will take in the first round.

“We’ve done some work on him,” Nix said. “We’ve got two more months to go, and that’ll answer all the questions.”

We’ve actually got three more months — three more months of speculation about whether the Bills will draft a quarterback at No. 3.

34 responses to “Ralph Wilson says Bills won’t reach for a quarterback

  1. The main problem here is that Ralph Wilson has a say at this point. Sure he owns the team, but what good has his input done the team lately?

  2. We need a Defensive Lineman that can be a game changer. We have not had one since Bruce Smith left. The only Quarterback worth taking in the top 5 was Luck.

  3. Newton won’t get past the Raiders in round one. Which is a shame because he really should be drafted later so he’d be given a chance to develop. If he’s a 1st round pick and forced to start right away, he’ll be ruined. He nowhere close to being NFL-ready.

  4. The Bills should not even be contemplating the possibility of taking a QB at #3.

    Not Newton, not Gabbard, not Locker, not anybody. Even if QB was their number one need, none of those guys, IMHO, is worth that pick.

    Listen, Ryan Fitzpatrick is no Tom Brady, but 21 td’s, 11 int’s and an 85 rating in 11 starts is a lot better than many teams can claim from their starter.

    There are three great DL prospects at the top of the board, the Bills should get one of them.

  5. All this might mean is that they would possibly sign or try to trade for an upgrade at QB. Makes more sense to try and make that defense better through the draft.

  6. I have a feeling they will pick Patrick Peterson with the 3rd overall pick in the 2011 Draft. He is a great player, but NOT our biggest need, which is DL, LB, OL, Franchise QB, TE. This assuming they can resign their FA’s in the D secondary… Then (when his first 4-5 contract expires) they won’t want to pay Peterson and will let him go. In my opinion, this team is stuck in the mud until RWjr is in a 6′ deep hole covered with mud. The man pimps home games out to Toronto all in the name of greed, doesn’t sell naming rights to his home stadium out of ego, falls Well below the salary cap year-in, year-out, etc… I anticipate the “big change,” when Jim Kelly & Terry Pegula take ownership.

  7. realitypolice says:
    Jan 27, 2011 12:37 PM

    Listen, Ryan Fitzpatrick is no Tom Brady, but 21 td’s, 11 int’s and an 85 rating in 11 starts is a lot better than many teams can claim from their starter.


    This right here. Give Fitzpatrick a chance. He had some great plays and throws this year. I think he has a lot of potential.

  8. Crazy Legs Fitzpatrick in my opinion deserves another few seasons. His performance this past seasons wasn’t anything to sneeze at. Plugging in drafted “franchise QB” is only going to set this team back. If anything the Bills should focus primarily on OL.

  9. I predict they will pick Cam Newton with the 3rd pick overall and convert him to a Defensive Tackle. Kill 2 birds with one stone, get the QB they need and fill a hole in the DL.

  10. I believe Fairley and Peterson will be the first two players chosen, so I think A.J. Green, the WR from Georgia, would be a good pick for the Bills. Also Marcel Dareus from Alabama would be a good DE in their 3-4 scheme. I think Bowers is more a 4-3 DE. If Peterson is there at the #3 pick, you could see the Bills trade down. The Bills have a lot of holes to fill and Peterson is the type of CB that a lot of teams covet.

  11. Buffalo needs a lot more than a QB. especially when the crop coming out is lack luster.
    They should trade down from that #3 spot to gain more quality picks. I doubt the one guy they get @3 will resurect their franchise.

    They should trade down and get two or three quality OL from the top of this years’ OT heavy draft.
    Sure up the OL so you can protect Andrew luck in 2012

  12. Fitzpatrick is an average QB in the NFL. But, he does WANT to play for the Buffalo Bills. If the Bills have an average QB on their roster who will condone playing in sub-zero temperature and doesn’t mind living in Buffalo NY while playing for a losing team… they should hold onto him for dear life.

    I’ll say this right now… if Cam Newton got drafted by the Bills #3 he would be dejected, not excited. I would even go as far to say he would refuse to sign or demand a trade a la Eli Manning.

  13. Fitzpatrick really isn’t that bad. They should build the rest of the team and worry about a QB later. Fitz may not win you a championship, but with the right supporting cast, he could get them to the playoffs, and that’s all they can really hope for this decade.

  14. Dear Ralph,

    We’ll send you Henne & Thigpen for Ryan Fitzpatrick. And as a thank you we will send you a complimentary gift named Chad Pennington. We don’t know if he’s healthy enough to play, but he has great coaching instincts. But then again we don’t even know if he wants to coach. But hey, its a thank you present so enjoy it.

    Jeff Ireland
    Miami Dolphins

  15. i believe that ralph wilson saying they “won’t reach” for a QB is his way of saying “we aren’t taking a QB at #3”

    c’mon people, read between the lines a little bit.

  16. If the Bills do what they usually do during this decade of depression, they’ll take a little guy: either a running back, db or wr. They need linebackers and d-linemen desperately. Please Buddy and Ralph, no more little guys. Take the best big guy available. Period.

  17. If you think Fitz is capable of beating out the Jets and Pats for a playoff spot in the near future you are crazy. This team is far away and needs a franchise QB in the worst way. Fitz is a nice stop gap for a bad team, that is all.

  18. ORrrrrr…..

    You can trade that pick get a 1st and a 2nd… wait for a good spot where you want to pick a qb – trade your 1st and a 3rd and get him….

  19. @travishenryskid

    I do think Fitz can lead this team to victory over the Jets and Patriots. He needs more talent around him. Yes, that is a very common excuse for a struggling QB, but its true here in Buffalo. I would love for either Chan Gailey or Buddy Nix to come out, and publicly state what the Bills want to do next season. This team needs an identity, are we a Smashmouth, run you over and beat you up on defense team? Or are we a finesse team, where we rely on playmakers on both sides of the ball to make big plays? I would like it to be the latter, simply because we have the pieces in tact now to be that type of team. We NEED a solid OT, and a front 7 defensive playmaker. In Fitz I Trust.

  20. Fitz had a good season 23 TD/15 Int, yes a lot of prevent in between, but that was in 14 games. He’s only 28, they should wait a year and see what he has to offer. This QB draft class blows.

  21. Now if Andrew Luck was out there, then without a doubt draft the guy. But since he isn’t, I can’t see drafting a QB with the third overall pick. There are higher needs for the Bills than at QB. Fitzpatrick will do another year. I say trade the pick and grab an additional two picks plus perhaps a mid first rounder and rebuild. They could draft a high quality offensive tackle if Newton is taken before the Bills have a shot. Then with the extra picks they could find a defensive tackle/end, TE and QB if one isn’t taken in the 1st round. I like Newton a lot but he won’t step in right away like Luck would. If they draft Patrick Peterson or Georgia WR Green, I’ll puke!

  22. 1bbfan says: Jan 27, 2011 12:24 PM

    We need a Defensive Lineman that can be a game changer. We have not had one since Bruce Smith left. The only Quarterback worth taking in the top 5 was Luck.
    I’m a Pats fan so I could argue Aaron Schobel since he ALWAYS killed my team & QB..but I hear ya. 🙂

    Agree with others on Fitz…he’s pretty decent. He’s also a good guy and the other guys seem to play for him. That quality is hard to find. Maybe take a guy in lower rounds to develop behind him. He’s good enough to win with IMO if you have some better pieces around him.

  23. I’m sure Newton will go on the 1st round…but he shouldn’t. Great athlete, A LOT of development left. I’m afraid if a team takes him in round 1, his aura will result in him being thrust onto the field right away and he’ll fizzle.

    He needs to sit for a couple of years and observe/learn.

  24. with chan gailey as coach doesn’t matter what he reaches for! no season next year anyway! that owner is a joke, also al davis,jerry jones,dan snyder,ziggy wilf, etc. football is doomed!!!!

  25. Bills should keep Fitz. A smart QB is very valuable. Get some protection for him. You build a contender from the lines out. Seems the easiest way to win nowadays is to give your QB as much time as possible and force the other QB to throw as quickly as possible or get sacked. The Bills didn’t have a good year but they were far from a laughing stock…they are not far off but a decent line on both sides is necessary

  26. Either you need a QB or you don’t. Bills haven’t been masterminds in trading down for value recently.

  27. @ no1billsfan

    This story is actually showing that Ralph has his priorities straight, Buddy was wrong to say that we would draft a QB unless it was intended to increase the trade value of the 3rd overall pick……although I would typically agree that Ralph doesn’t always help the team by talking, in this case, he did help…..I’d also agree that I hate the Toronto Series……but you’re wrong about the naming rights. The stadium naming rights have nothing to do with Ralph Wilson. The stadium is owned by Erie County, not the Bills.

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