Fisher, Titans divorce could be good for both sides


While the NFL world was getting over the shock of Jeff Fisher’s firing Thursday evening, Fisher was out celebrating his daughter’s birthday in Nashville.

Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports spoke to a source close to Fisher that sounded more relieved than disappointed about how things ended.

“After all the dust settled,” the source told Silver,  “it was clear that it wasn’t going to work the way anyone thought it would.”

The timing of this move came as a surprise, but there were growing signs that Fisher and Titans owner Bud Adams could no longer co-exist.   Friction seemed to grow regarding the vacancies on Fisher’s coaching staff.

The divorce could be a smart move for both sides.   There are many recent examples of coaches in lame duck seasons (Mike Holmgren in ’08, John Fox in ’10) that didn’t work out.

If Fisher and Adams were going to part ways in 2012, perhaps its best they just got it out of the way now.

8 responses to “Fisher, Titans divorce could be good for both sides

  1. I like how everyone talks about “screwing Fisher” and how Bud Adams was so bad to him. Bud Adams gave Jeff Fisher his first head coaching job, gave him an UNHEARD of 17 years with the team, gave him full control of his staff, fired a longtime GM (Reese) after there was friction between the GM and Fisher, gave Fisher final say over personnel, and made Fisher one of the highest paid coaches in football. Ya – Bud Adams really screwed Fisher over and treated him poorly….I wish I had management like that….

  2. Back with a much better owner?! Who? Where? All of those “Fat Cats” are the same except for maybe 3-4, max. And it’s hard to get a job with those 3-4 good’uns. They are much more demanding than Bud. There’s actually nothing wrong with Bud Adams. He may be one of the good’uns. After all, he stuck with Fisher for 16 years out of loyalty. Put Fishers record with J Jones in the Big D, Kraft in NE, Rooney in Pittsburgh, G’Men in NY and ask how long would he be there. 2 years, max! Usually it’s the bad owners who keep mediocre or bad coaches way too long! Just look and Cincy and Houston!

  3. To me Jeff Fisher is (was) one of the most overrated head coach’s in the league anyway —- I mean the guy has gotten to the AFC championship game twice (TWICE)!!! — in SEVENTEEN YEARS and won one of them — OK, the guys a solid coach but hell Rex has taken the Jets there twice in two years (ok, Rex haters relax, I’m just pointing it out and the future will tell the story about Rex as a coach) — I’m just saying that if my team was hiring a coach and they ended up with Jeff Fisher I would not be very excited about that —- The guy is way overrated !!!

  4. If the Great Fisher was unhappy with Bud, why would he stay there 17 years?

    Eagles linebacker Bill Cowher broke Da Bears’ Jeff Fisher’s leg in 1983.
    Searching for a clip of that, so I can just watch and smile.

    After all the Titan cheap shots, dirty play over the years, just to watch the sob’s leg snap repeatedly would be quite satisfying.

  5. Goodjet you nailed it. When you think of teams that might get to the championship game never ,ever, never do you think or mention the titans. I dont know to much about fisher, but it got to good for the team to get new blood in there. Wow ,seventeen years now thats a stat.

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