Cecil Newton setting up media workout for Cam

At a time when the concept of the “Tiger Mom” has attracted enough attention to land on the cover of Time magazine, the dad of a former Tiger continues to hover over his son’s football career like a jump jet.

According to Bruce Feldman of ESPN The Magazine, Cecil Newton has arranged for Cam Newton to conduct a workout for the media on February 10 in San Diego.

Cam Newton has been working out with quarterback coach George Whitfield.  Currently unaffiliated with any team, Whitfield tutored Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger during his four-game suspension.

Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network recently reported that some teams are concerned about Cecil Newton’s involvement in his son’s career.  Apart from the allegations that Cecil Newton sought payment in exchange for Cam’s selection of a Division I school, NFL teams generally don’t look favorably on, for example, a player’s dad calling up the coach and complaining that his son’s not getting enough game reps.

NFL teams try to avoid such problems before they occur by, for example, not drafting players whose fathers may be inclined to be too involved in their pro careers.

We’ve got not problem with a father loving and supporting and guiding his son.  There’s a line, however, that applies once the son has become a man, especially when that son will be relied upon to quickly become the leader of 53 other grown men.

Teams don’t necessarily have to determine the contours of that line; they only need to know when the father is occupying territory on the wrong side of it.  In the aftermath of the scandal that could still rob Auburn of its recently-minted national title, Cecil Newton by all appearances continues to receive his mail there.

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  1. “There’s a line, however, that applies once the son has become a man, especially when that son will be relied upon to quickly become the leader of 53 other grown men.”

    Guess noone had a problem with Archie orchestrating a trade from SD to NY before the draft for Baby Eli. Yet Eli led 53 men to a SB victory.

    Imagine that.


  2. Yeah, we saw how that worked with Eli Manning. Archie sure discouraged teams from drafting him, and then to play nowhere near NYC, where Archie felt his kid could get endorsements, a lot of media adoration, and maybe win a Super Bowl.

  3. What about Archie? It did not seem to faze the Colts or Giants. Is it okay in that case because Archie is one of the NFL’s own? And I’m not alluding to just his experience as a player.

  4. Cam won the Heisman on his own & was part of the national championship team. I cannot see how Cecil, besides the support of his son, is a issue. A father loves his son, what a terrible idea here in the USA.

  5. I think Cecil is the fall guy for Cam’s mistakes. Cecil Sr. didn’t call up Jack Del Rio and ask JDR to play Cecil Jr. The guy never had a problem with his other kid. The problem isn’t Cecil, the problem is Cam.

  6. Wow, a black father being criticized for not being a deadbeat.

    These guys have a point. What about Archie Manning and his sons? I remember Archie Manning not wanting his son to play in San Diego.

    It is not fair to act like Cecil Newton invented the pay-for-play or being involved with his son’s career.
    I don’t agree with the approach Cecil is taking, but at the end of the day if or when Cam gets in the NFL, he’ll have to produce on the field, not Cecil.

  7. what happens when parents interfere… check out Macaulay Culkin’s career.. after Home Alone.. he’s still stuck home alone

  8. I see people comparing Archie to Cecil, that is beyond an unfair comparison. Cecil tried to cheat by getting money to encourage his son to attend a specific university. He played schools against each other in a sick and twisted way, not to mention illegal. Archie is a douche, in my opinion anyways, but he never did anything illegal. He didn’t do all he could to get the media to focus on him like this clown is doing now. Cecil is a slimy SOB who can’t be trusted due to his past transgressions. Simple enough.

  9. skoobyfl says: Jan 28, 2011 7:52 AM

    Cam won the Heisman on his own & was part of the national championship team. I cannot see how Cecil, besides the support of his son, is a issue. A father loves his son, what a terrible idea here in the USA.


    From what I can see, Cecil Newton loves him some money. I hear he’s charging the media $100 a head to view the workout.

  10. He can love his son all he wants, but don’t be a buffoon. next we’ll have to listen to “Why isn’t your son starting”? and “What do you think about the way their using your son”? And on and on and on. Does this guy have experience as an agent other than blackmailing colleges for his son’s services. Does he have coaching experience? Then he should just shut the f#*! up and we’ll see what Cam is worth when he gets to the big show. We don’t need this meddling crap from some guy using his son for money.

  11. Archie was unique and got away with it because he’s a former starting NFL quarterback, and the NFL sees the Mannings as NFL royalty. There is no such history with the Newtons. Cecil is just too visible; he should let the agent set up the workout, etc. I cannot picture West Virginia AD Oliver Luck being as much of a spotlight hound when Andrew finally comes out for the NFL.

  12. This kind of reminds me of that Miller Lite commercial where the bartender calls the dude a mommas boy because the mom is at the bar watching over her son while he drinks…..

  13. This is exactly the same as the plot of this season’s Friday Night Lights. And here I had thought the Vince character was inspired by Vince Young.

  14. When is this kid going to stand on his own two feet, As a skins fan I DO NOT WANT HIM. He and his old man will be more trouble than he is worth.

  15. Now, if my Dad “went behind my back” and sought money from colleges for my skills and nearly got me in a ton of trouble that might have sidetracked my entire football career, I would probably be pretty mad at him. I certainly wouldn’t have him involved in my football career anymore.

    Of course, if Cam was “in” on this whole thing and maybe even behind the whole play-for-pay scandal, then the guilt of having his father take the fall for him would prompt him to keep him involved in his football career.

    Too bad the NCAA can’t put 2 and 2 together that easily.

  16. Whatever team that drafts Cam better be ready for the longest hold out ever. The team not only has to agree to terms with Cam, but Cams daddy has to agree to terms also.

  17. Re Macaulay Culkin: Say what you want about his career, but he had Mila Kunis bagged for years. So life isn’t too bad for him. lol

    As for Cam Newton, I honestly don’t care if he or his dad tried to or got money from a university. As is the case with Reggie Bush, money doesn’t determine or influence how you play on the field.

    I don’t think anyone should be surprised that Cecil is back in the picture. Cam rides for his dad, so he’s going to be there for this entire process.

  18. Old Man Cecil is probably crying himself to sleep every night heartbroken that by the time his load is drafted there will be a rookie wage scale in place…….so he won’t be able to leach off his son as much as he’d hoped. If I was GM of the team that drafts Jamarcus Newton (not that I ever would draft him) i’d bar Cecil from the building and block his phone number.

  19. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Cecil during my son’s high school playing days. He seemed to be a genuine, supportive and straightforward individual.

    He gave his opinion on my son’s mechanics, his academic accomplishments, and most of all wanting to see his ability to evolve from a mama’s boy to a college man…a student athlete who was raised in a single parent household to now being surrounded by a team of wise (coaches) and maturing young (teammates) men.

    I took my conversations with Cecil and his relationship with Cameron as a blueprint on how to continue to love, guide and support my son from afar as he embark on college sports. There has been a few times where I wanted to pick up the phone, or request a meeting with the coaching staff, but quickly remember my son is evolving into a young man and he has to handle his own.

    I picked up the slack of a non father for 19 years, and I commend Cecil’s effort of being a good father to his son. As for the allegations, only a few people know what the truth is, and in the interim of the truth prevailing, I say support Cameron, as he not his father won the Heisman and was part of team who won the NCS.

    And its going to be Cameron not his father that has to prove himself in the pro’s and I believe the “Line” should be embraced as a team effort, as one may think its being crossed and another is expecting it to be hurdled.

    On a lighter note, I love the Miller Lite commercial…as being the #1 community mama, I’d just make sure there was no under age drinking, drinking and driving, and my tab was paid for ☺

  20. Cecil tried to sell his son, that’s not against the law maybe some bogus NCAA Bylaw that no longer applies to Cam ’cause now he declared himself eligible for the draft. Bye Bye ANY and ALL college sanctions.

    Most of you should be told to walk off a bridge, I’ll do it myself if we all weren’t anonymous here. Or you could find some talent instead of wasting your days commenting about a guy you’ll never meet in person. No wonder the obesity rate has gone up in this country.

  21. For all of you commenting about Archie Manning think about this.

    1. Archie already had one successful son in the league that was a proven leader.

    2. Archie knew what it was like to be a good qb on a crap team (until that point SD was a qb killer)

    3. Archie was a pro, and knows what it takes to be a pro. He also never asked for money for his son to sign anywhere in college.

  22. @houseo68

    To me it is the same thing. If Archie wants to protect his sons, then what makes it wrong for Cecil to protect his.

    Cam isn’t going to be Cecil’s only son in the NFL. Cecil Jr. currently plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    Also, Cecil played in the NFL also (not as successful as Archie) for the Dallas Cowboys.

    If you believe that Archie didn’t have any influence on where his son were going to play college ball, then you are very out of touch. He probably didn’t ask for money, but he could have asked for something else. He didn’t get caught.

    If you’re going to justify Archie, then why punish Cecil for the same behavior?

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