Pro Bowl an even bigger joke than usual


Even by Pro Bowl standards, we’re watching a dreadful game tonight.

The AFC squad has apparently decided that it doesn’t care about the $45,000 check that goes to each player on the winning side, and they’ll just collect the $22,500 losers’ checks and enjoy their Hawaiian vacations. With most of the AFC players acting like they couldn’t possibly care less, the NFC leads 42-7 at halftime.

Don’t look at that score and think the NFC guys are playing well. It’s just that the AFC guys are playing like a Pop Warner team.

Actually, scratch that: Kids on Pop Warner teams usually hustle.

I’d like to give special mention to Brian Billick, calling the game in the FOX booth, for doing his best to keep up appearances and pretend that this game actually matters. With the NFC leading 42-7 and having the ball late in the second quarter, Billick talked about the situation as if it were of life-and-death importance that the NFC manage to convert a third down.

“The NFC, they need a first down here,” Billick said. “I know it seems one-sided at 42-7, but all of a sudden you get a big return, particularly in the nature of this game, you get a shot down the field, all of a sudden it’s 42-14. That changes the complexion a little bit.”

Yes, it would be a great game if it were 42-14. But at 42-7, this game stinks.

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  1. Brian Billick is doing an outstanding job and I have the game on only to listen to him, I stopped actually looking at the TV and am surfing the internet.

    Its good to see them have the two Super Bowl quarterbacks and asked them hard hitting questions such as “Hey, you grew a beard.”

  2. Pay the winners a million each so they actually PLAY FOOTBALL.

    They can do everything they want to try and make this crap fest a must see TV event, but until the players stop acting like little girls who want nothing to do with this, no one is ever going to care.

    I pray for the day some of these guys go, “Hey, you know what? We should play this game like it’s our last of the season and actually entertain the people who are watching!” but I know it’ll never happen.

    Until they give these guys a legitimate reason to get hurt, they won’t ever take that chance.

  3. righthereisay says: Jan 30, 2011 9:01 PM

    Interesting seeing Terry talking to Ben, especially after the crap Terry said about Ben earlier this year.


    Let me fix that for you….

    “Interesting to see BEN talking to Terry, especially after the crap Terry said about earlier this year.”

  4. i changed the channel when the score wss 14-0, after seeing the half hearted effort by an afc de….on consecutive plays. Pro football is dead.

  5. I would be in favor of making it a winner take all type deal. Winner gets paid all the money and loser gets nothing.

  6. It so ridiculous, this game is garbage. Were is the challenge, but they don’t play for anything. So who cares. At least, in baseball there playing for home field advantage, for the World Series.

    The NFL doesn’t even care about this game. They thought they would get more ratings if they put it before the super bowl. No steelers and no packers. Wow what a brilliant plan.

  7. The NFL needs to take a page from the NHL (seriously) and have a pro-bowl draft.

    Let the QB’s (all of them) from both conferences draft the offense and the Middle LB’s draft the defense.

    They could televise the draft, which would be pretty cool and then the game itself would have added value for fans who wanted to see who drafted the better team.

  8. I watched all of three snaps while it was “still a game” at 14-7. Being a Browns fan, I watched Joe Thomas on all three snaps. He backed up, the defensive end (have no clue who it was) put his hands up, they basically belly-bucked (lightly) and neither did anything else except wait for the play to finish. I can’t blame the players, though. Not worth the chance of injury. The fact that they even play the thing is a complete travesty.

  9. Worse Pro Bowl Ever. The over rated over payed players go to the tropics and get pampered all week, and they give us this in return??? Hit the “Thumbs up” button if you agree next year’s Dumb Bowl should be in the Alaska. Lets see how much fun they will have in 42′ of snow…….

  10. I guess it doesn’t matter since I so rarely watch it, but why on Earth they play this POS each year is beyond me. It barely even qualifies for a football game. Get em together to play a different sport entirely like, I dunno, basketball or … curling.

  11. Comment from the Deadspin open thread: “If the Packers’ DBs were playing in this game there would be more INTs than receptions.”

  12. Here’s an idea:

    Cancel it because no one cares. Just do a weekend of football type drills and games where the players compete against each other. It’d be more entertaining than this garbage.

  13. A better idea:

    Put the pro bowlers on the sideline dressed as cheerleaders, and have the cheerleaders play football in their lingerie.

    THAT would be entertaining to watch, and no one would have to worry about their team’s start players getting injured.

  14. Is there any reason why we can’t just abolish this thing? Who actually wants to watch it?

    You can’t blame the players for phoning it in, really. Why risk injury on something that absolutely doesn’t count. Their season is over, the Super Bowl is next week, and none of the fans really care who wins or loses.

    Why not just have an award ceremony at the Aloha Bowl and pay these guys 5k apiece to sign autographs? The gate receipts should cover about cover the costs, the fans that want to go might actually have a chance to see their favorite players close up, and sports bloggers wouldn’t have to waste an afternoon watching it on TV.

    They make millions ayear and they are gona risk a injury for 45k!!!!
    I wouldnt even show up for 45k

  16. This game is so dull that the broadcasters are shouting “Nice job!” for completions on 8-yard out patterns.

    The Pro Bowl jumped the shark for good when they moved it before the Super Bowl. It’s bad enough to exclude all the players from the SB teams, but sandwiching it between three important games just underscores its irrelevance.

  17. I do find it funny that the Defensive rules for the ProBowl are designed to allow offenses to have a field day and limit hits on QB’s… The rules are you can only rush 4, no press coverage, and no blitzing…

    I think it’s even funnier that some teams apply that same basic defensive strategy during the course of an entire season (i.e. the Colts).

  18. HAHAHAA At least we don’t have to listen to Joe Buck say nothing like he always does. he has to be the WORST football guy on TV. And I love how FOX was afraid to take a commercial break there before halftime !

  19. UGH…..can’t stand Billick.

    I thought an All-Star game couldn’t get any worse than the NHL game earlier…….I was wrong. An embarrassment to two great sports.

  20. Just make it an Honor, fly them to Hawaii for the Ceremony, then Have a skills contest, and make it a fan friendly event. Do it 2 weeks after the Super Bowl, move the NFL Experience there, or have one there just for this event, meet and greets, signature options, etc…. A charity auction, for things like a round of golf with the player you win, or deep sea fishing what ever the player enjoys.
    Then no more of this making it, bowing out due to “injury,” and having the 9th string QB be a “Pro Bowler.”

  21. Dreadful – can’t believe people would pay to watch these “pro-bowlers” take a vacation. This whole farce was an incredible waste of time, money and effort. Need for a dramatic change in this venue.

  22. Please note all:

    You have these guys confused with people that give a s**t….

    AWFUL display of professional football. Why would anyone sign up up to be a sponsor for this? No one on the field CARES !!!

  23. ‘Bout time to get rid of the Pro Bowl. It’s a joke. You think the rosters are diluted now? Just wait until the NFL gets their 18-game schedule.

  24. All-Star games and other awards shows always stink, and now that they put it in before the Super Bowl, even guys that don’t make the playoffs fake an injury so they don’t have to play. And Jay Glazer is starting to look like Manuel Noriega.

  25. The reason I still enjoy football is the fact that … I have NEVER watched the “Pro Bowl.” When it becomes a REAL football game … let me know !

  26. I can’t believe I’m still watching this terrible game with 3 minutes left in the game. Can anyone tell me why they keep throwing deep to welker! He’s a freakin midget. I know Brandon Lloyd has dropped almost everything thrown to him but come on

  27. Won’t watch another one ever again. Only tuned in for SB news/chatter and even that was pathetic.

  28. This proves that Sean Taylor was a modern day Pete Rose, and the abills punter (Moorman?) was comparable to ray fosse.

  29. Not only does the game stink, but the EVENT itself is pitiful.

    And the NFL wants to throw a huge “AP Awards Gala?”

    This garbage needs a major overhaul.

    Instead of this joke, lets play / watch a game that might matter ( 18 game season ), you know, a game that might get your team into the playoffs!

    Go to Hawaii on your own dime.

  30. If the teams want to play like this, it should be a free event. I mean, come on, I sit at home and watch the game, and the most I spend is $30 for some pizza and pop. The only difference there is basically a $500 tan.

  31. Pro sports All-Star games aren’t anywhere close to what they were 30+ years ago; the players are a different breed. They used to seem to care about the fans. Even if they were pretending, today’s players could give a rat’s #@$%! about the fans, and I could give a rat’s #@$%! about watching an exhibition game to show off their “greatness.”

  32. It was impressive seeing the collection of starters but the game was pathetic. Having it before the Superbowl only highlights how abysmal the game is.

  33. Its an All-Star game with no implications in regard to the outcome….

    I’m fine with it being an uncompetitive football game. These players are on vacation. Its equivalent to getting a couple of your friends to throw a ball around. yeah, you call plays and stuff, but your ultimate goal is to just hang with your buds.

    I love the fact that browns center alex mack got a TD. thats what makes the pro bowl great. its grown men having fun, as opposed to being super pumped and aggressive.

  34. “Interesting seeing Terry talking to Ben, especially after the crap Terry said about Ben earlier this year.”

    Everything Bradshaw said about him was perfectly justifiable and Ben has only himself (and his thug friends) to blame for it.

  35. The only person that ever went hard at the pro bowl was jerry rice, ive heard stories about players getting upset that he tried too hard at pro bowls.

  36. Drop the pro bowl. Give all those elected to the pro bowl $35000.00 and dress them in tutus and be cheerleaders during the Super Bowl.

  37. Enjoy your win NFC, and enjoy your gloating fans of NFC.

    Too bad the Steelers aren’t a real AFL team.

  38. gbfanforever says:
    Jan 30, 2011 10:39 PM
    “Interesting seeing Terry talking to Ben, especially after the crap Terry said about Ben earlier this year.”

    Everything Bradshaw said about him was perfectly justifiable and Ben has only himself (and his thug friends) to blame for it.

    No, NOTHING Bradshaw said was “justifiable.” Check out Terry’s history, he’s not one to talk about morals.

    As YOU, worry about your own punk QB and that stupid wrestling belt taunt he does in the end zone. The Steelers are the greatest franchise ever, and you have no business (or clue) commenting on them.

  39. They should just have a skills contest and drop this useless game once and for all. You can tell some of the players have been dieting on chicken wings and beer for more almost a month now and have already begun the offseason conditioning.

    The NFL network had the Miami Cheerleader tryouts on at the same time which had much better and more dedicated athletes and must have killed ratings.

  40. They should just have a skills contest and drop this useless game once and for all. You can tell some of the players have been dieting on chicken wings and beer for almost a month now and have already begun the offseason conditioning.

    The NFL network had the Miami Cheerleader tryouts on at the same time which had much better and more dedicated athletes and must have killed ratings.

  41. At least the NHL All Star Game was entertaining. The Probowl (ProBlow) was like watching old people eat!! The best part was listening to the plays being called in the huddle.

  42. So why play it at all? Does the NFL need an all star game that is by all measures a laughing stock? Maybe make it more interesting by letting the team captains choose up sides like the hockey pro bowl, quarterbacks call the plays, etc. The fans hate it. The players hate it. Is the only reason they play it because the state of Hawaii wants it for tourism income? Not a good enough reason. Players don’t want to risk getting hurt in a meaningless post season exhibition. And who could blame them?

  43. I did the smart thing and watched back-to-back episodes of Little House on the Prairie on the Hallmark channel:)

  44. This game was so bad that the smell started to seep out of my television so I had to change the channel.

    The NFL needs to take action here, eliminate the game and do something, anything, in place of this.

    What a joke!

  45. So glad I stopped watching these ‘games’ a few years back. All ‘All-Star’ games in the pro ranks should be discontinued at the end of this year. Players who are elected should just have their game checks sent to the charity of their choice and have a little notation of being an ‘All-Star’ on their bio.

    And for those who actually wasted time watching it have no reason to complain about it. What did you think, you’d see a hard fought defensive struggle with a few big plays on offense?

  46. I was a little disappointed that the NHL tried to ruin the best all star game in pro sports by having a player draft, which made it hard to pull for either side. That said, it was still ten times more entertaining than the pathetic showing the NFL’s popularity contest winners gave yesterday. You could just see the lack of effort being made, and I couldn’t help but turn the channel once it was 7-0. I checked back in a few times, but couldn’t bare to even watch it for more than a minute. It’s time they tossed this game in the trash, or at least move it back to it’s post Super Bowl time slot, as it just might compel us to watch it anyway, being the last game of the year.

    Go Packers!!!!

  47. I’d rather watch paint dry then watch this crap. The idiot fan or fans that ran onto the field must have broke under boredom…. “aaaah I can’t take this game anymore!”

  48. Think Pro Bowl was a joke? How about the NHL All-Star game played just hours before on Versus? Team Lindstrom 11 Team Stahl 10.

  49. How about a lottery for fans… and 104 make the team.. they send you to Hawaii for the week u get coached by the regular NFL coaches and winners get 43,000 losers get 22,000.. shoot I would play my heart out and try to make a name for myself also so I get a shot at getting interviewed LOL

  50. It’s that low class NFC running up the score…

    Of course let’s not kid ourselves that these are the best players in football – it’s simply the best players who weren’t smart enough to weasel out of the game

  51. After watching that performance they should just do 7 on 7, no pads, no helmets and give them flags.
    If any player would of somehow stumbled and blew out a knee it would of been unforgivable.

  52. If you want to continue to have an all star game, then you have to make it worthwhile for the players to WANT to win.

    How about 250,000/player on the winning team and 10,000 for the losers? Think they might try a little harder? What’s 42k to a player who makes 3x that for a game day check? They are in Hawaii, beautiful place but not condusive to getting in the mindset of ripping someone’s head off. Hula skirted babes, warm, perfect weather, lots of love. Is that a way to treat a football team? Move the game to Riker’s Island where the only fans are the inmates and televise it.

  53. silkyjohnson937 says: Jan 30, 2011 10:43 PM

    The only person that ever went hard at the pro bowl was jerry rice, ive heard stories about players getting upset that he tried too hard at pro bowls.

    Howie Long was another. I seem to recall him trying to get other guys to run sprints with him after the game.

  54. My son’s Pop Warner team lost every game they played this year and they still played better than the players in this game. God what a waste of 10 minutes of my day.

  55. That game was truly horrible, and a great excuse to get rid of it completely.

    Take the money that would’ve been payed out to the spoiled punks that don’t care about the game anyways, and use it to pay for health care and/or continued education for the retired players. That’s almost $3M that could actually be used for something good instead of just being pocket money for the game’s superstars.

    If you figure in all the cash spent on those ridiculous uniforms, resurfacing the field, travel, hotel rooms, meals, etc, there’s a boatload of money being wasted on a meaningless game that isn’t even entertaining.

    I’m not saying that ex-players deserve handouts just because they didn’t plan for their retirement well, but I’d rather see them get some help with medical bills or continued education than watch DeSean Jackson act like a punk in Hawaii on the NFL’s dime, then get a check for the equivalent of many American’s yearly salary afterwards.

  56. Scrap the Pro Bowl, and replace it with a “minor league” All Star game. Invite NFL contract-year backups, practice squad standouts, CFL, UFL, and AFL players, and keep the payouts the same. Those guys would play their guts out for an extra $22,500 or $45,000, a vacation in Hawaii, and a chance to show off their skills for NFL scouts.

  57. The blocking has all the intensity of a kneel down.


    …and the same for the pass rushing. May as well have made it a flag football game. Not sure if I’ll ever watch the Pro Bowl again. And Peyton Manning… How much did he play? One series? Sheesh…

  58. I put this crapfest on for about a quarter and turned it off and went to bed. I guess it is useful for as a cure for insomnia, at least. What a godawful trainwreck of a game.

  59. All the pro bowl needs is a Sean Taylor-like hit on a kicker! Just one every year…in the 4th quarter so people watch most of the game!

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