The Packers really are better on turf

There are many themes that will be repeated in the buildup to the Super Bowl to the point of becoming cliches.

The Steelers have the edge in Super Bowl experience.  The Packers have the edge because the game is being played indoors.

Just because they are cliches, however, doesn’t mean they are true.  In an excellent post for, Kevin Seifert breaks down how much better the Packers offense has been indoors.

Aaron Rodgers’ Packers offense has averaged 31.8 points-per-game since 2008 indoors.  They scored over 40 in their two playoff games indoors.  Rodgers has 26 touchdowns, five interceptions, and averaged 8.6 yards-per-attempt.

The Packers played well three out of four times indoors in 2010, but they also had their worst game of the season in Detroit.  (Rodgers left in the second quarter with a concussion.)

“I mean, you go from playing in Chicago in January, late January, to Dallas and they close you inside a dome,” wide receiver Greg Jennings said. “You can’t do anything but smile. Obviously the surface is going to be perfect. The atmosphere is going to be unmatched.

“You can just smile. It’s going to be exciting. Obviously we play well inside.”

Playing inside doesn’t mean that Green Bay will win because it helps their precision passing attack so much.  But the conditions certainly don’t hurt.

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  1. The Packers are the faster team.

    Steelers will struggle in the dome against a speedy passing attack, and speedy pass rush.

    They’re going to need some great coverage and a lot of pass rush if they hope to do well.

    If Green Bay’s offensive line plays well, Rodgers will have all day to throw and will surgically dissect the Steeler’s defensive backfield.

    The Packers will force the Steelers to beat them through the air. GB has only allowed two 100 yard rushers all season. Even with a little success on the ground, the Steelers will have to air it out to keep up with Rodgers and Co. in a dome.

    I like GB’s chances.

  2. yes the pack does play well on turf, other than the detroit game. i think they got caught over looking detroit thinking about patriots. that doesn’t mean they will win, they need to stay focused on the superbowl and play ,mistake free football to win this game. should be a good game.

  3. “Didn’t the Packers score like 13 points in Atlanta in the regular season? They never faced a def like they are next week!”

    You mean like the Bears, Eagles and Jets who they all beat once and two teams twice? I wouldn’t reference Atlanta in the regular season after the playoffs, either.

  4. stairwayto7 says:
    Jan 30, 2011 5:52 PM
    Didn’t the Packers score like 13 points in Atlanta in the regular season? They never faced a def like they are next week!
    Well, 17 to be exact. also put 48 up on them the second time they played them, in the playoffs, also in Atlanta.

  5. “Playing inside doesn’t mean that Green Bay will win”…

    but the fact that Green Bay is the better team does

  6. stairwayto7 –

    Is the Pittsburgh defense anything like it was last year when the Packers scored 36 against it in Pittsburgh?

  7. I wonder how much faster Mike Wallace is going to be on turf ? Dont forget that Sanders and Brown are speedsters too . Didnt Arizona have the better offense going into SB 43 ? See how that turned out didnt you ?

  8. Yea we only scored 9 points against Atlanta . But it was with our 3rd sting qb lol . Dont think Dixon compares to Big Ben . Do you ?

  9. Steelers scored 15 without Ben vs Atl!
    Packers scored 31 at Minn, 3 in Det and 17 in Atl and 48 again in Atl in domes! So twice they were held under 17 points in a dome and LOST 2 TIMES BY AVERAGE DEFENSE! STEELERS BY 14……

  10. Who’d a thunk it? Green Bay now a dome team.

    Gotta feeling Mason Crosby is gonna be involved at the end of this one.

  11. Didn’t the Packers score 3 points against Detroit? That’s indoors.

    Aaron Rodgers played most of the first half and scored 0 points.

    Packers scored 45 on the Giants at Lambeau Field, outdoors on grass.

    It’s not the turf; it’s how well the gameplan is executed.

  12. @fat4jc

    I realize Roethlisberger was out the first four weeks. But Dixon didn’t exactly play bad in that game, as he was 18/26 for 236 yards. I was directing my comment to stairwayto7, who somehow forgot the Packers scored 48 in Atlanta. And in the game they scored 17, Rodgers threw for 344 yards.

    Also, whose fault was it that Dennis Dixon was at QB? And QB is one of 11 players on offense. Like I said, Dixon didn’t play horribly, but they scored 15 points.

  13. the conditions certainly dont hurt the steelers either. honestly who wouldnt play better indoors with no snow, rain, or wind

    Thats not really true. Conditions can favor one team more than another. Teams with a strong running game gain an advantage in wet, cold, wind (all make it tough for an aerial attack)… so yes, the steelers may play better indoors but the dome conditions actually accentuate the packers advantage in receiver speed and depth and rodgers precision and helps to marginalize the fact that Steelers have a superior running game. In any case, should be a good game. The two best teams in football this year rose to the top.

  14. for those of yunz that think the Peckers have the faster receivers, let me introduce you to Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown.

    And thats after we throw to Heath Miller and Hines Ward
    As long as James Harrison doesn’t get held like every other week, Aaron Rodgers won’t have time to find anyone open

    Steelers in a blowout, you heard it here first.

  15. It’s comical how all year long the Steelers were projected to fail with all the “experts” predicting a 8-8 season & missing the playoffs. But low & behold…the Steelers expose the experts for what they truly are, mere voice boxes to lobbyists & marketers…with thier “expertise” apparently limited to holding thier “junk” but that’s about it!!! These “experts” need to relinquesh thier microphones & pens because low & behold, the Steelers again prove they are the AFC’s most superior team. And now, again the “experts” are ready to crown thier opponent victor without the game having been played yet!!! At this point, I’m excited! Experts…PHhhhh….LOL. Yeah right!

  16. Wallace, Brown, Sanders. Meet Williams, Woodson, Shields, Peprah, and Colllins.

    Best secondary in the NFL.

  17. johngalt who says:
    Jan 30, 2011 10:02 PM
    “the dome conditions actually accentuate the packers advantage in receiver speed and depth and rodgers precision and helps to marginalize the fact that Steelers have a superior running game.”

    John my boy…you need to stop taking halucinengents! Seriously, the packers DO NOT have an advantage. First, they lost the last time these 2 teams played even when the Steelers were without Polomolu! Second, thier inflated stats have been against teams that truly weren’t very good this year. Example, they played 6 of thier 16 games against Minnesota, Detroit & Chicago (completely overated). After that, they played Philly, Buffalo, Washington, Miami, Jets, Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco, New England & the Giants. After a season against those teams, they barely made it to the playoffs. A supperior team against those should come out of it at worst 11 – 5 & truly closer to 12-4, aain…if they were a superior team!

  18. This is getting rediculous with all these stats they throw at you you when you have two (2) great football teams and anybody can win. All they want to do is sell papers and CTA


  19. No one talks about how fast Harrison and Timmons will be on turf. They’ll love the fast track and Rodgers won’t be able to out run them. I see a concussion coming.

  20. forget wins and losses explicitly now and look at average point differential

    by and large the pack is better in domes/on turf

    (in 6 games they won by an average of 10.3 points)

    than on grass in road games

    (in 5 games they won by an average of 1.2 points)

    steelers arent good on turf/at domes

    (in 3 games they lost by an average of 0.33 points)

    and are better on road grass

    (won by an average of 14.8 points in 5 games)

    rodgers would have gotten some points at detroit had he not got hurt and stayed in. flynn likely got no reps and went in cold. with reps flynn played pretty well against the pats the next week.

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