Trgovac indicates he’s staying put in Green Bay

Packers defensive line coach Mike Trgovac, who has been mentioned as a potential  defensive coordinator candidate elsewhere, indicated Sunday that he plans to be back in Green Bay.

“If it’s my choice, I will be here next year,” Trgovac told Jim Polzin of the Wisconsin State Journal Sunday.

It’s unclear if Trgovac, a former Panthers defensive coordinator, would have received interest for open positions in Arizona or Philadelphia.  But it sounds like he’d rather stay put, which is consistent with previous speculation we’ve heard on the subject.

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  1. Great news. I was very worried about other teams ransacking our coaching staff after next week. Trgovac, Greene, and Moss need to be kept around if this team is to have success going forward.

    Anyone who wants Philbin can have him though. Longtime OL coach becomes coordinator, and the OL is still the weakest spot on an otherwise elite team.

  2. great news if he does! jenkins, raji, pickett,green off the scrap heap are you kidding me! the guy deserves a big raise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Other than Howard Green, who came off the “scrap heap?” Raji and Jenkins were draft choices and Pickett was a sought after free agent. But, I agree the coach has a done a great job. See Mike Shanahan’s comments after the Redskins’/Packers’ game regarding the DL.

  4. @beedubyatoo

    Although I agree Jenkins didn’t come off the scrap heap (since he was playing well when Trgovac arrived), Jenkins was not a draft choice, but an undrafted free agent. Hopefully Jenkins gets a nice 4-year deal to stay in Green Bay like Ryan Pickett did last year.


    Only Howard Green came off the scrap heap, but every single D-Lineman has played well (at worst), and he does deserve a raise.

  5. I will be so glad if he is stays. He has turned B.J. Raji into an absolute beast as well as Cullen Jenkins. Mike Neal was playing pretty well too before he got hurt and Ryan Pickett has been pretty good as well.

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