QBs coach Whitfield discusses “Team Newton,” defends Cecil

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Auburn quarterback Cam Newton’s public workout scheduled for February 10 has drawn scrutiny as a “publicity stunt” attempting to upstage the NFL’s Scouting Combine later in the month. The perception is that Newton’s father, Cecil, played a major role in planning the workout.

NFL teams are leery of Cecil’s close and perhaps too-public association with his son’s decision making after Cecil nearly cost Cam his eligibility during the 2010 college season.

Newton’s personal quarterbacks coach, George Whitfield, is defending Cecil and insisting it was him — not Cam’s father or any member of “Team Newton,” as Whitfield calls Cam’s entourage — who was the driving force behind the workout.

“I hated that his dad’s name got stuck to that,” Whitfield told the Birmingham Press-Register. “His dad bounced it off of me, but the genesis behind that [was Whitfield]. I think Cam is ready. It will be a unique experience. The whole essence of this media workout is to unveil [Cam’s] progress.”

Whitfield has been closely associated with “Team Newton” since teaming up with Cam last Monday for pre-draft preparation and tutoring.

“It’s a very tight family,” Whitfield says.  “It’s like watching three best friends paling around the city. I feel sorry for their poor dad. They get on him with jokes and headlocks. It’s such a dynamic to see, knowing how much they’ve gone through.”

Whitfield, who worked with Ben Roethlisberger during the Super Bowl quarterback’s four-game suspension, is confident that the February 10 workout will help Newton’s draft stock.

“We’re committed to having a big test live and in public,” said Whitfield. “I’m going to push him to show not only his aptitude for the drop-back game, but his conditioning, his arm conditioning, his power, his touch.

“I don’t know a whole lot of other quarterbacks who would do this.”

18 responses to “QBs coach Whitfield discusses “Team Newton,” defends Cecil

  1. “The perception is that Newton’s father, Cecil, played a major role in panning the workout.”

    His own pops panned the workout? Bet you meant planned. Just funny typo that his own pops would pann it 😉

  2. So, this is really free marketing for Whitfield’s quarterback prep program.

    Either way, Cam is getting really bad advice. No team wants a player that brings the circus with him to practice.

  3. They have no confidence that Son Of Cecil will be able to maintain fitness until the Combine (which he will not participate in), so they want to get him on the field asap to show his stuff while he still has some semblance of “game shape” from the BCS game.

  4. “With the next pick in the NFL draft, some pitiable souls take ‘TEAM NEWTON’ from various points around the country.”.

  5. “His dad bounced it off of me”…OK, so he had nothing to do with except that he came up with the idea. Doesn’t make a lot of sense but, really, who cares?

  6. Team Newton, I think this team is driving his value down. I hope for Cam’s sake that 10 years down the road the only Newton we can remember if Fig.

  7. Cam is always more comfortable when he is the only person on the field. Eliminates needless clutter.

  8. I’m giddy with excitement to see which team makes the mistake of taking this guy as their franchise QB in the first round.

    Save the Mike Vick comparisons too, it’s taken Mike almost a decade to produce one productive season.

  9. Sounds like Newton is more trouble than he’s worth. By all accounts Cam sounds like a great kid with an exuberant (that means positive for you illiterates on PFT) attitude. The problem is, his entourage and overbearing father, who is living out his dream through his son, are going to bring him down with really bad advice.

  10. thereisalwaysnextyear:

    ”It’s like watching three best friends paling around the city. ”

    The typo you caught wasn’t the only one… I want to know what “paling” around the city means. I assume he meant “palling”… but whatever it is… the writing on this column was “appalling”.

    I can just imagine the Newton boys putting ole Cecil in a headlock and giving them a hard time… “Awww dad, you trying to pimp me out for 250K… and I said I didn’t know… what a bunch of idiots to believe that!… ha ha!”

  11. ”It’s like watching three best friends paling around the city. ”
    Paling? I think you mean “palling” unless their color was fading?

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