Steelers make roster move before final practice

There will be one final transaction this NFL season.  (Try not to get emotional.)

Pittsburgh center/guard Dorian Brooks was activated from the team’s practice squad Saturday, while center Maurkice Pouncey was placed on injured reserve.  Brooks will be ready in case of emergency on Sunday.

The Steelers finished up their practice week on Saturday at a relaxed walkthrough practice at an indoor facility at TCU.  Family members watched the practice and took pictures afterwards, according to a pool report from Calvin Watkins of

“We want to honor them of course because their love and support is the reason why these men are here,” Tomlin said about the family atmosphere.   “But also we use them to a degree because we had to get some work done today and nothing outside of the white lines was normal but let’s face it, nothing tomorrow night outside the white lines is going to be normal.

“This is a mock game for us, it represented just that. It was unique in terms of the people that were outside the field but the work we got done inside the white lines was very normal for a Saturday.”

Art and Dan Rooney watched the practice, as did Steelers greats John Stallworth and Mel Blount.  Ben Roethlisberger wore a Brett Keisel jersey during the session.

As Bill Belichick would say, “The hay is in the barn.”   Only 26 hours to go and we can watch one last football game this year.

14 responses to “Steelers make roster move before final practice

  1. Time to roll. The Terrible Smelling Urine Stained Towels will be coming out of the gym bags stuck in the far corner of the garage since 2009.

  2. What took so long? GB’s defense was eager to get a hobbled center in the game. It was Doug Legursky all the way; he played 90 percent of the Jets game and did fine.

    If the Steelers were trying to play mind games then Pouncey’s walking cast should have had blinking LED’s and a big UPMC sticker on it. The press would have talked about that for days about possible rules infractions.

  3. Thanks, Gregg. You tell me not to get emotional, and I was fine … until you reminded me “we can watch one last football game” that has to last us for six months.


  4. If you mean one of the Patriots film crews when you wrote “Family members watched the practice and took pictures” then yes they were their.


    Patriots renamed their camera crew to “Family members”

    Take your pick.

  5. Speaking of the Terrible Towel, if I were a betting man, I would say that over 50% of those in attendance at the game will be waving a Terrible Towel. Let’s see if that is true tomorrow.

    But enough of the preliminaries!!

    Steelers 24
    Packers 20


  6. You’re right Deb, Gregg is funny. But I have my own reasons for why the guys at PFT, or the moderators at least, are a funny group too, right PFT?

  7. Hey Steelers fans – update on the competing team songs Lil’Wayne for Pack & Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow”

    …I was listening to Kanye’s new album today, and he wrote a song for Steelers Nation also! It’s called “Runaway”…check it out…and here’s a toast to ya!!!

  8. @Deb

    I know you are a Steelers fan, and I am a Packer fan, but what you express is so true. Last game–and no matter what–when next Sunday rolls around we will all miss football. Hopefully it comes back next year on schedule!! I wish you well, and hope you enjoy tomorrow (this game is a treat for both fan bases and we should savor that). Of course, forgive me if I root for my squad, as you will yours. Cheers!

  9. hobartbaker says:
    Feb 5, 2011 5:10 PM

    Time to roll. The Terrible Smelling Urine Stained Towels will be coming out of the gym bags stuck in the far corner of the garage since 2009.


    Demean the Terrible Towel anyway you wish but understand this was not a product created by NFL properties. The originals were simply dish towels, dyed yellow (or black). The creator, Myron Cope, gave ownership of the Towel to Allegheny Valley School for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through the sales of all Towel products, all proceeds, more than $3,000,000 to date, have gone directly to the school.

  10. @grandsonofcoach …

    Thank you! I’ll be a nervous wreck, but just pray it’s an exciting injury-free game and that we do savor it. Getting to a championship is a precious thing. I went 16 years between championship appearances with the Steelers (26 between wins) and 17 with my Crimson Tide. We never know when we’ll pass this way again.

  11. @Deb…

    I’m joining you in the nervous wreck category. Already started drinking (lightly). Which does nothing to dispell the false myth that Packer fans are just a bunch of drunks. 🙂 Perhaps I can blame it on the Irish in me. I second the thought of a good game with no injuries.

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