Jarius Wynn is having a memorable day

Many NFL players have said that the feeling of winning a Super Bowl can only be topped by the birth of a child.

Packers reserve defensive end Jarius Wynn could experience both moments in the same day.  As noted by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Wynn stayed with his wife in the hospital overnight until they had a baby boy.

The baby’s name will be Jarius Wynn Jr. and the couple is considering “Super” as the middle name.

They’ll probably wait to see if Wynn is on the winning side of the things Sunday evening.

10 responses to “Jarius Wynn is having a memorable day

  1. Congrats on the little one, but unless Mr. Wynns’ middle name is Super, then the baby won’t be a Jr.
    That being said, I sometimes call my son Jr., but we have diff. middle names. Just sayin’

  2. A baby a consollation (consolation you jerk) prize? I have seen alot of stupid Steeler fan comments including razing the Packer Fan who was a member of the Never Miss a Super Bowl Club that couldn’t go because of sickness another calling Packer Fans baffoons (yes I know buffoons).
    I know for you Steeler fans who are the ass clowns out there having a little class is impossible but have you mental midgets ever heard of Spell Check ?!!!!!

  3. @ omegaichiban– You are correct with the Jr suffix, however those rules are ancient and have gone by the wayside. Now-a-days, it is okay to name you’re child as you wish. Many people actually now use Jr when they are naming just first & last names identical. It is now customary to use II or III or IV if the entire name is the same. For example: Jarius Jessereel Wynn, Jarius Jessereel Wynn II, Jarius Jessereel Wynn III and so on. If Jarius Jessereel Wynn wants to name his son Jarius Super Wynn Jr., then so be it. I honestly think it should be Jarius Super-Bowl Wynn Jr. Let him and his family be! Just saying…..

    Oh, and Go Pack Go!

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