Michael Oher visits “The View”

We don’t talk about The View very much here at PFT (even though Florio watches it every day), but we’ll make an exception for today’s episode, which featured a good guest spot from Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher.

Oher is one of only a handful of NFL players — and surely the only offensive lineman — famous enough to appeal to the demographic that watches The View, which doesn’t cross over much with the demographic that watches the NFL. As the man whose life story became the book and movie The Blind Side, Oher is more famous for his life off the field than for what he’s accomplished on the field, and that’s what he talked about today, as he pitches his own book about his life.

The most interesting comments were about Oher’s repeated attempts to develop a relationship with his biological mother, who has long struggled with drug addiction.

“I’ve been trying to help her for so long . . . she’s trying hard,” Oher said. “I think it’s going to turn out to be positive.”

Now that he’s a professional athlete, Oher said, he tries to use that platform to reach young people.

“You need mentors and positive people in your life,” Oher said. “Just surround yourself with a positive circle. That’s hard coming where I came from.”

It’s a message that Oher is uniquely qualified to spread, and he’s unique among NFL players in his ability to spread that message outside the traditional channels.